Friday, June 24, 2016

Friday Favorites!

Happy Friday! This week has seemed to drag on for me. My favorites this week are per usual...totally random!

O N E // I ordered some canvas prints from the pictures my babysitter took of the boys. I forgot how expensive Canvas can be and thankfully found a great deal! If you are looking to purchase some definitely take advantage of this. You get two 16x20 for $46.99 which usually two would be over $200. I may or may not have bought several vouchers. I plan to hang these two in Jack's room.

T W O// We went to the pool with some friends last night. I was able to capture this picture of these three. They have been friends since they were infants. I wanted to do a side by side of them as babies and now. It's amazing that in 2 short years they have grown so much. Also how cute are Jack and Charlotte. He thinks she is the bees knees. I like to think they will pose like this at prom one day.

T H R E E// Graham can finally sit in the shopping cart! This is such a game changer. I no longer have to lug that heavy carseat into Target or the grocery store. It also frees up so much space. I am not piling groceries on top of him anymore.

F O U R// The other morning the boys were playing on the floor with some Mickey in the background. I looked over and they were both staring at the TV and Jack so sweetly had his hands on Graham's back trying to keep him from falling over. Their bond gets stronger every day.

F I V E// Graham has mastered the art of a cheesy smile and I love it! He goes to town bouncing in this jumperoo and every time he stops he looks over at me and gives this closed mouth grin. It's so cute.

S I X// I got my hair done Tuesday. Who doesn't love getting their hair done. It's one of my favorite things. I think it's the blow out and how it's always 100% better than anything I can ever do. I decided to go from being all one dark color to adding some hi lights. I usually try to lighten myself up in the summer some. {Fun Fact..something most don't know about me is that I'm a natural blonde! Like blonde, blonde. If you remember the pictures I posted from my sisters wedding with my mom and sisters they all have blonde hair and I have brown...If I were my natural color I would look just like theirs.}

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  1. How cute :) Love the canvas Chelsea @

  2. Those canvases are great! Love the photos from the pool!! So sweet. Isn't it amazing the bond that grows in siblings. I just adore watching my kiddos together. Most of the time it's nice. Ha ha. Love Graham's cheesy grin. Adorable!!!

  3. Oh man comparison pics are just the best! I love getting the kids together for such things.
    And, hooray for fresh hair!

  4. Oh my gosh. I want to see pictures of you with blonde hair! I love getting my hair done. I love the canvas photos and buy them when I get deals like that as well. Such cute photos!!! I love the cheesy grin phase!


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