Thursday, June 23, 2016

Thursday Confessions

It's that time again!!

I confess...

//That swim lessons on Monday were terrible..again. Jack didn't scream the whole time but we definitely didn't get anything accomplished. I am throwing in the towel and we will try again next summer.

// That I was obnoxiously excited for the Pretty Little Liars season premier on Tuesday night. I'm not even sure if anyone watches that show anymore but I still love it. I've watched since day one so now I feel like I have to keep on with it.

// That I take multiple of the same picture on my phone when trying to get a picture of the boys and then I never go back and delete them. I really need to spend some time doing this because I have tons of duplicates but there is just no easy way unless I do it right when I snap them.

// That Jack started saying "boo-yah!" while doing a fist pump in the air the other night and it has kept us laughing constantly lately. I'm pretty sure he learned it from watching "Fuller House" on netflix...he's obsessed which is funny because I don't even think he knows what is happening on that show.

// That my plan to get up early before my boys and enjoy a cup of coffee and work on my blog or read other blogs is not working anymore. At least one if not both boys is always awake super early these days. So now I just lay in bed until 6:30 when I want to actually get them out of bed.

// That Graham is finally sitting up totally unassisted! It's taken so much practice and work but yesterday he sat on the floor for probably 30 minutes without falling over and without me sitting there holding his hand or back!

// I had a hair appointment on Tuesday and so I threw on a simple cotton dress over my usual workout clothes that morning. When my sitter walked in the door she said "wow, you got dressed up", later after my appointment I picked Jack up from camp and he said "mama, you go to church?" apparently wearing a dress and having my hair down really threw him for a loop. I guess that means I need to start putting real clothes on instead of my workout clothes {which I wear regardless of if I worked out or not}

// That sometimes blogging feels like a total popularity contest. You desperately want everyone to read and like your blog. You comment on others posts {not because you have to but because you want to}, you like their photos on instagram and try to interact with them. All for you can hopefully make new bloggy friends? When a lot of times that doesn't seem to happen. It's hard to get yourself out there in this little community. I have definitely made some sweet friends on here but I often feel like I'm the new girl sitting at the lunch table trying to get others to like me...#keepinitreal

// Last week when I posted about the naughty spray so many of y'all thought it was a good idea. Just wanted to update and say that I've only had to use it twice. I'm pretty sure he's terrified of it and just the sheer mention of it or holding of it straightens him right up! I hope that this continues..

And that my friends are my confessions for this week! What are your confessions?

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  1. PLL fan here! I have the latest episode on my DVR have not had time to watch it yet. Maybe today? I love the idea of the naughty spray I may have to try it! I totally can understand the whole blogging thing. I have the outlook that I blog for me and no one else if someone comments great if not no big deal!

  2. oh gosh Aria starts swim lessons next month, and she is a good age and all but she's never done the student teacher thing so I'm super nervous. Deep breath.
    I watched PLL on netflix and I think the newest season on there is season 6. I thought the 5 year forward leap was really odd and it kind of lost my interest. I'll probably finish it but I'm half way through that season and haven't bothered to watch anymore of it yet. I binged the first 5 seasons though, loved it!
    lol about the dress. Aria is the same way. Oh a dress, you are a beautiful princess! Yoga pants are just oh so comfy though.

  3. You should totally trust your gut, but just wanted to share my experience. Henry cried through his first 5 lessons and the teachers encouraged me to stick it out. Now he swims. Like a little fish. At 2.5. If you can handle it, its worth it. Also, private lessons are totally worth it. I'm totally paranoid and NEED them to swim, so I pushed it. Also, googles help. Good luck!

  4. I totally feel you on the blog comment. I feel that way. A lot.

    I may also be known for going to the park with gym shorts under a cotton dress. Ha! It's so comfy when it's hot.

  5. So sorry about swimming lessons. That stinks, but it's completely okay to wait. I love that everyone said you were all dressed up. Ha ha!! I completely understand about the blogging confessions. I learned when I went private that with some people since I now can't "help" them they no longer comment on my stuff even when they used to comment on every post. It really hurt, but I realized the people who follow me now and people who really want to.

  6. You know my thoughts on blogging and popularity contests. It is a tough world out there. I comment because I want to comment and hope others do too. But I love that Graham is sitting unassisted now. So cute and such a huge milestone. I love getting my hair done. So cute that Jack noticed that you looked different. I can't wait for those types of days. At least he noticed and thought you looked pretty or at least church ready. Ha.


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