Friday, February 26, 2016

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! We've made it another week! Sorry for the lack of posts this week, its been busy. Today I'm linking up for Friday Favorites and Five on Friday!

// I love decorating for a holiday. I live for Christmas so that I can get my house all decked out.  To me it just seems more cheerful with fun holiday decor. I have had a few Valentines things up this month and I've decided I'm going to pull out all my Easter decor this weekend. I am most excited about these new additions! My mom owned a smock shop before I was born. She hand smocked beautiful dresses for my sisters and both of my nieces have been fortunate to wear them. I've always had my eye on these sweet easter eggs that she smocked and luckily I caught her at the right time and was able to take them home with me when I went to visit a few weeks ago!

// Patrick and I are headed to see The Lion King tonight. I am so excited for a fun date night. I am also excited at the chance to have a full nights sleep! I hit the jackpot with in-laws. They have always been so wonderful and willing to keep the boys. Since we won't get home until late they have offered to have Graham spend the night. Usually Jack stays over night and we will pick up Graham. I can't say that I'm not looking forward to hopefully a full night of uninterrupted sleep....

// I know that I'm constantly singing Jacks praises and how well he has transitioned from being the only child to being a big brother. He really has done awesome! I have noticed that he gets a little jealous of the baby "stuff' that we pull out. When I got the high chair out he wanted to sit in it..mind you I couldn't make him sit in it when he needed to. He loves to lay on the play mat next to Graham and play. I got this cool sit-me-up chair for Graham this week and Jack had an epic melt down because he couldn't get in it. The thing is tiny and he still tries to get in it. We keep telling him no and that just creates an even larger melt down....I pulled out the bumbo for him to sit in {still too small for him but he can squeeze} nothing like a little post melt down chocolate peanut butter egg to help cure the blues.

// Speaking of chocolate peanut butter eggs...does anyone else have a thing for these. I love that they have a different one for every holiday. Pumpkins, Christmas Trees, Hearts, Eggs...I'm not going to lie. I'm a little sad that this is the last holiday for them. However, my waist line is going to thank me.

// I don't love to spend a lot of time on my skin care regime...{read- i''m lazy} I have some great Rodan and Fields that I've been using and it really helps with my dry skin. However on nights where I'm particularly lazy I love this new product. I saw another blogger post about it awhile back and when I came across it at Target I knew I wanted to try it. I love that it takes my makeup off and cleans my skin all at the same time. It leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean.

// I almost forgot that Fuller House starts this weekend! You can find me binge watching this while my kids play in their crib #mamaneedsabreak

// and just because I love these.. I leave you with two funnies {if you have toddlers}

That's it for my Friday Favs...Hope everyone has a great weekend! See You Monday for my Weekend Wrap-up

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

What's Up Wednesday 2.24.16

Wow I can't believe it's already the last Wednesday of the month! Today I'm linking up with some of my favorite bloggers and sharing whats up with me today!

1. What we're eating this week....
Last night I made a yummy pasta bake. I was going to make baked spaghetti and when I looked in my pantry I found some tube pasta and decided to go a different route. I layered the noodles with meat sauce and cheese and then baked. It was so cheesy and delicious! We have also been LOVING this granola. I've made 3 batches in probably a month. Planing on making a new one today.

2. What I'm reminiscing about....

I'm reminiscing about how tiny Graham was almost 4 months ago and how he is definitely not a newborn anymore. He is busy, busy, busy, always kicking his legs, putting his hands in his mouth and now rolling over! {when he feels like it} These days are going too fast!

3. What I'm loving...

I posted about loving this dry shampoo. I also bought the shampoo and conditioner and I am loving it. It says that it will keep your hair cleaner longer...those two words are music to my ears. I really have noticed a difference!

 4. What we've been up to...

Same old same old. A lot of nothing. Jack has been going to school and I've been home with Graham trying to stay atop the house chores. 

5. What I'm dreading...
We are supposed to get awful storms today. I am dreading the threat of tornados! They are one of my biggest fears. I'll be keeping my eye on the weather channel all day.

6. What I'm working on....
I've been working on cleaning out my house and getting rid of. Last week I packed up 6 trash bag size bags full of clothes to donate. I also got my master bathroom in tip top shape and organized our cabinet that holds medicines downstairs. I worked on the playroom books yesterday and plan to go through toys again sometimes this week!

7. What I'm excited about...
This guy and his birthday! {its today!} We are headed to Raleigh tonight to watch the State/Carolina game! Love date nights with him!

8. What I'm watching...
We are really into The People vs. O.J. Simpson I love watching what happened. I was quite young when this went on so while I remember hearing about it I never really knew what happened. Also..The Bachelor. I love this weekly drama!

9. What I'm listening to...
Jack sing...He has really gotten into singing songs. I love listening to him in the car. The other day I heard "baby bumble me. won't my mommy be so" and I couldn't think of the song and all of a sudden it dawned on me. And then I realized I've never sung that. He is learning so much at school and loves to sing all the songs they learn.

10. What I'm wearing...
Leggings and tunics with Uggs have been my winter jam! I don't care what anyone says Uggs are my favorite shoe in the winter. They are so comfy and you will find me in them 99% of the time. This target tunic is my favorite.. Ican't find it to link online though. I am also obsessed with this Old Navy sweater poncho. It's so soft and a great weight, not too heavy.

11.What I'm doing this weekend...

Friday we are going to see The Lion King! I can't wait. It's such an awesome show. I love the music and the dancing! 

12. What I'm looking forward to next month...

For Christmas I gave Patrick Garth Brooks tickets. The show is next month and to top it off one of my best friends and her husband are coming into town and going with us. I can't wait to see them and their sweet little girl!! 

and that's what's up with me! Happy hump day friends!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Happy Birthday Patrick

Tomorrow I am doing a Whats Up Wednesday link-up so today is all about this guy. Tomorrow is his birthday! To say that he is the glue that holds our family together is an understatement. We couldn't survive life without him. He is the best husband and daddy around.

Here are ten of the thousands of reasons why we love you big, Patrick!

* He makes us laugh.
* He gets down on the floor to play with Jack {we all know I confessed that I don't like doing this last week}
* He gets up in the middle of the night to feed Graham so that I can pump. He does this every. single. night. and has not complained once.
* He spends countless hours holding Graham when that is the only thing that will soothe him. He did this with Jack too. Both my boys have clearly loved their dada from the get go!

* He lets me nag him about pointless things and never says an ugly word or rebuttal back.
* He listens to me complain, whine, gripe about any and everything and then offers the sensible solution {one that I never want to hear but deep down know he is right...although I refuse to admit this during said complaining}

* He is the hardest working man I know. Leaving at 7 am to go work all day and coming home and spending the rest of the afternoon/evening helping me with the boys. Often times sitting down to finish his work after we put the boys to bed.

* He lets me take control of the remote at night and watches whatever show that I want. {Real Housewives of anything}
* He brings me Starbucks after work even though it is the complete opposite direction of our house from his shop.

* He never complains about the countless packages of children's clothes that arrive at our doorstep {inevitably all in the same day/week}

These are just a few of the many reasons why he is the best! Tomorrow we will go to Raleigh and watch the State/Carolina basketball game. Hopefully we will come away from that with a Win!

Happy Birthday Patrick! I love you tons!

Friday, February 19, 2016

Five on Friday!

Today I'm linking up with some of my favorites for five on Friday and Friday Favorites!

// I have been on a major organizational kick this week. I've done our master bathroom and purged my entire closet/dresser. 6 bags of clothes and shoes latter I am finally feeling like I've paired down my stuff. I only ever wear the same 5 things so there is no need to have a closet full of things.

// Last night I was sitting on the sofa with both boys in my lap and Jack took my hand and placed it in his. Melt. Me. Right. Now. He is the sweetest little guy. The saying is so true "boys love their mamas!"

// Graham has finally turned a corner. It has been a long 3 months. A lot of crying, and holding and walking around while crying and holding. But..this week he has started taking great naps. In. His. Crib {can I get an amen!} and is happy most all the time. Aside from the usual crying because he's hungry, wet, or just having a bit of a fussy time life is great.

// Seeing these two interact will never get old to me. Graham is now starting to recognize Jack and he can be fussing and as soon as Jack sits next to him or talks to him he quiets down and smiles. He will just stare at him for minutes. Its the sweetest thing.

// As I talked about in my post yesterday, I hate drying my hair. Therefore I love some dry shampoo. I have tried a ton of them. Most of them I don't like, they either make my hair too stiff, smell weird, or don't work. I saw that Kate from the Small things was using this dry shampoo and thought I would give it a try.  So far I love it! It smells amazing, and has just the right amount of hold {doesn't make my hair stiff}.

// I am not sure where Jack gets his funny personality from but this guy keeps up laughing. I got this picture from his MMO teacher yesterday. He loves a hat of any kind, he also loves a bow. I'm sure this is in part to his little bestie being a girl.

That's all for today...Have a wonderful weekend friends!

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Thursday Confessions

Some of my favorite blog posts to read are the ones where people share their confessions. The not so perfect part of their life.. one is perfect no matter how much they make it seem on insta or their blog. Linking up with Jessica at the newly to share some today.

* I have a complex about deleting pictures from my phone. I still have pictures from 2012 on there. They are saved on my computer, and my iCloud but for some reason I can't delete them from my actual phone. I also take way too many pictures of my kids at the same time. Ill try to get a good shot and it turns into 5-10 pics of the same thing...again...can't delete.

* I hate, hate, hate washing my hair. Loathe it! It's not so much the act of actually washing it so much as all that comes to follow. I have long curly hair and the whole process of drying it and straightening just isn't something I like to do or want to spend the time doing. Dry Shampoo is my BFF and I only wash it 2-3 times a week. Gross...i know. #noshame

* I don't make my bed every day {insert monkey face emoji convering eyes} I know this is awful. My mother is rolling her eyes right now. I want to be an every day bed maker, I really do. It just doesn't happen. Sometimes I'll feel guilty about it and when I walk into my room at 3:00 in the afternoon I'll quick spruce it up but I never put all of the shams on it unless I know someone is coming over who will be in my room {mom}.

* I do not love getting on the floor and playing with my kids. I am not one of those fun moms who spends all day playing. There I said it. I don't feel like I am Jacks playmate..I'm his mama.Now I do play with him. But not as often as I probably should.

* We let our Kids {well Jack only right now} play with his iPad {appy as he calls it} way more often that I like to admit. But, he has learned SO much from it. He isn't just playing games or watching movies. He loves the Mother Goose Club on YouTube and I swear has learned his colors, ABC's, and numbers just from watching these silly things.

* I hate changing diapers. Not that anyone likes it, but I seriously hate it. Sometimes, if I know my husband will be home within the next few minutes and I know one of my kids needs a diaper change I will wait until he gets home and then ask him to change the diaper as if I just noticed it. {now he will never change a diaper again}

There you have confessions on a Thursday.

Tomorrow is Friday {yay!}.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Getting Organized

I have a little confession... I am not an organized person. I have big hopes and dreams of being one of those people who are totally organized. As in, you open the cabinet and everything is neat and tidy and there is a spot for every little thing. not me. This is both my mom and my mother in law. These ladies have it going on.

My mom HATES {and I was always taught not to use this word} clutter. Every few months {er weeks..} she will go through and throw away. She cannot stand to have anything in the house that is not being used at that time. I strive to be like Ruth.

Whenever she comes to visit we spend the majority of the time going through and organizing any and everything that is nailed down. Last time it was my kitchen. I'll give it to her. She is good at what she does.

My goal this year was to get {and stay} organized. Yes, it's the middle of February and I had yet to even start working towards this. Toddlers, and a baby that doesn't nap have gotten in the way. Yesterday the universe was on my side! Both of my kids napped. At. The. Same. Time. {this is huge!} I spent the first half of the nap relishing in the fact that I didn't have a single person needing anything from me at that time. I cozied up on the sofa for the first time in what seems like forever and watched my trashy TV shows. Bravo...DUH! Vanderpump rules was on. Side note..if you know me well you know that anything on Bravo is my jam!  After I had a little "me time" I decided that I would get off my butt and make use of this precious time.

First up...the bathroom! We have a big cabinet in there that has become quite the catch all. Lots of half used products, samples, some hair supplies, really...just a bunch of junk that NEVER gets used.

Now...I am sitting here owning the fact that I know I am not a neat person. So don't go judging the state of this cabinet.

I have to say, this little project took no time at all. 2 trash bags of junk and 1 bag to give away later this closet is now neat and tidy. I sent my mom a before and after pic and her response "yeah! Doesn't it feel good?" Why yes Ruth, it does feel good.

My babies were still asleep so I decided to tackle under my sink...again this is a disaster area.  5 minutes and 1 trash bag full later I can now actually see what is under that sink.

I now have a neat and tidy bathroom that is clutter free! This little project took maybe 20 minutes total. I really have no excuses as to why I can't tackle something like this at least once or twice a week.

Next closet! I'm sure like most everyone, I have a closet full of clothes and wear the same 5 things every day. I am going to clean out and get rid of!

Today I am spending the day with both kiddos at home. Lets hope that the decide to have another rock start nap time!

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, February 15, 2016

life with two: sleep schedules

I hope that ya'll had a great weekend and Valentine's Day! We spent the weekend in Charlotte with my parents. We always have the best time and don't see them as often as I would like.

When Jack was born the first three... were definitely survival. By 10ish weeks I was feeling confident in my new role and was ready to get Jack on a schedule. I had always read that it was important for babies {and mama} to be on a schedule. I had seen a friend post on Facebook about Moms On Call. I quickly looked up what this was and ordered the book along with the swaddle blanket. As soon as I got that book I read it from cover to cover. I loved it. It had everything a new mom would need in one space. It talked about sickness and what to do, what to feed them and at what age, how to swaddle and much more.

My favorite part of the book focused on the schedule. Until I had Jack I never realized just how much I thrived on a routine. There is nothing routine about a newborn. They are the most unpredictable creatures ever!  The MOC schedule broke it down by age of what a typical day should look like. They told you what time you should feed, play, and sleep. I realized that this is exactly what I needed. I had no idea what time to do naps and bedtime. This was a fool proof way to ensure my baby was getting enough sleep..we all know sleep begets sleep.

Jack fell into the routine quite easily. I don't remember really struggling to get him on a good nap schedule and while he didn't fully sleep through the night until 7 months he was successfully sleeping 7-7 with a 10:00 dream feed by a few months old. I would dare say that Jack was a pretty easy/go with the flow baby.

Now, when Graham came around I felt pretty confident in what I was doing as far as sleep and getting him on a schedule. I would give myself that 10-12 week grace period of napping wherever and whenever and then I would dive in hard to get him sleeping well.

Thankfully Jack's schedule/routine really never wavered once Graham was here. He takes an awesome 2-3+ hour nap a day and goes to bed around 8.

Once I started to try and get Graham on a schedule I quickly realized it was going to be much harder than with Jack. For one thing, I had Jack to take into consideration. He goes to preschool 3 days a week and has to be there at 9. Well, this put a huge damper on my trying to get G to nap at 8:30.

Lets also take into consideration that G is a total lap baby. As in, will sleep for hours in your arms and as soon as you lay his little sleepy limp body down in his crib he will wake up screaming. Yeah..thats so fun!

I know they always say no two kids are alike and that is definitely true. I assumed that my second baby would be just as easy as my first. Jokes on me. Graham isn't a great napper by any means. I will lay him down and he will sleep 20-30 minutes just great and no sooner than I've started a workout, load of laundry, or to do the dishes does he wake up screaming.

It's been a source of frustration for me. I am not used to a baby not taking a good nap. I have turned to my different "mom groups" on Facebook to as questions. So far he has yet to master a great nap in his crib. Instead of getting frustrated by it every day I am choosing to give myself {and him} some grace. I was reminded that he is still so little and learning how to sleep. While I would love it if he took 2 naps a day for 2 hours each right now he is just not ready to do that.

So tomorrow when he wakes up after 20 minutes, instead of getting frustrated I am going to pick him up and rock him, letting him sleep in my arms. I have learned that these itty baby stages go so fast. Before I know it he will be a wild two year old on the go.

I have definitely learned so much in these past 3 months. I have learned that while I thrive on a schedule and routine, right now that is not going to be the same every single day. I am going to strive to keep things as normal as possible for Jack and to get Graham into a good groove but I will not fret when that does not happen every day.

I am still following the MOC schedule but am allowing myself some leeway. Schedules are amazing and a routine is key to keeping my house running but if Graham only takes a 45 minute nap and Jack doesn't go to bed right at 8:00 I know that life will go on. As long as my babies are happy and healthy we will make it to the next stage!

notice that none of these pictures are him sleeping in the crib!

Happy Monday friends!

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Life with two under two

Now that I've been at this whole mom of 2 for 3 months I feel like I've got a grasp on this new adventure we are on. I want to remember what these first few months were like. I apologize for the novel that is to come. Feel free to scroll through and just look at my cute babies and skip all the reading.

 When you have your first baby your entire world is rocked. The first month of Jacks life was a daze to me. I cried all the time. I had no idea what to do with a baby. I thought, before Jack, that I would be fine with a new baby. I had babysat before. I had 2 nieces and one nephew and babies were my thing. Ha..Jokes on me! Truth is I struggled. Bad. Like when my mom left after that first week I sobbed hysterically and found out she texted my husband telling him not to hesitate to call her and she would come back. I think everyone in my family was worried about me.

Fast forward a few months and I really got things going. Life dare I say it got easier. With each passing month I felt more confident in my role as a mom. After Jack turned one things really got easy. He was predictable, funny, and could start communicating. At this point I was definitely ready for a second.

 My due date with Graham was exactly 13 days after Jack turned 2. Needless to say I was a bit freaked at having two kids under 2 but I was also excited. I just prayed every day that Graham wouldn't come on Jacks birthday. Funny thing is at my 36 OB check up I once again told my Dr. I really didn't want this baby to come on Jacks birthday. She chuckled and said "Lets just set a goal for your actual due date" {I was 6 days over with Jack}. So once again...jokes on me when Graham decided to totally surprise us and come 3 weeks early. 6 days before Jack turned 2! That first week with Graham was a blur. Honestly, it is not one that I love to think back on. There were lots of tubes, and pokes, and blood draws and not a lot of snuggles and holding and loving on my precious new babe. In the back of my mind I was a little nervous about bringing Graham home. I knew how I struggled with Jack and I desperately didn't want to have those same struggles with Graham. With Jack I had both Patrick and my mom at home with me. Due to some unforeseen family things and Grahams early arrival my mom was not able to come right after Graham was born. So it was just Patrick, me, and our 2 babes. {Well..and my AWESOME in-laws!} Seriously..we couldn't have survived without them. They took Jack for a week and were/are so wonderful.

 Fast forward to month 3 with Graham and life is oh so sweet. I didn't have any of the postpartum blues that I had with Jack. While life with 2 was definitely different at first, I really felt at ease with Graham. I wasn't terrified of every noise and move he made (or didn't make). I was able to sleep {with both eyes closed} and didn't worry all night that he was not ok. Despite the crazy hormones that rage through your body after you give birth dare I say it was easy...well, easier that I thought it would be. I owe a big part of that to Patrick. He is my absolute rock. He gets up in the middle of the night to feed Graham. He spent numerous nights pacing the halls holding Graham because that was the only way he would sleep/stop crying. Seriously, Patrick is the bees knees. He is the best husband and daddy and I would not survive without him! {shoutout to good husbands!}

 Other than Patrick I have to give big props to Jack. I had heard horror stories of how toddlers can react when a new baby comes into the picture. I had visions of him wanting to knock Graham over, hitting him, and in general just hating him. This couldn't be farther from the truth. From the moment we brought Graham home he has been smitten. "hold baby gam" are 3 of my favorite words that come out of his mouth. Yes, there have been some trials but for the most part Jack has been the perfect big brother!

 Things I've learned about life with 2 kids..
*inevitable they will both cry at the same time *it is okay to let one cry..even if its your newborn
*a newborn is not as fragile as you in point- when said toddler steps on newborn
 *you will be tired...really really tired *the phrases "no don't touch your brother" "no don't hit your brother" "no you may not stand on your brother" will come out of your mouth multiple times {several times a day in come cases}
*getting your older kid to help out makes them feel important and thus...less likely to want to throw their baby brother out the window
 *there will be hard moments, hours, even days
*trying to get two kids to smile at the same time takes an act of congress
 *you will laugh a lot
*your heart will be so full
*when you see your older child loving on your baby you may feel like your heart might explode
 *the love you have for both kids is infinite

 If you made it to the end of this post without falling asleep I give you major props! I want to remember these times with my babies and writing them down is the best way to do that! Have a happy Thursday! It's almost the weekend...and I hear they may be calling for snow tomorrow{!!!}