Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Graham: 3 Month Update

holy have 3 months come and gone! Wasn't it just yesterday that my water broke at 37 weeks and we welcomed this tiny peanut into our lives. I was terrible about keeping track of Jacks monthly stats and likes/dislikes as a baby. The only baby book I have is a shutterfly photo album I made for birth-6months. Well...I skipped months 1 and 2 so better late than never to start!This month your little personality has really started to come out. You are the happiest baby. Always smiling. The way that you will light up with someone comes close to you is enough to melt me.

 I apologize for the picture over load...I just can't get enough of that smile!

Weight: He doesn't go to the Dr. until the end of the month but I'm guessing around 10.5 lbs
Height: won't know until the end of the month
Diaper Size: finally he moves to size 1 just a few weeks ago #peanut

Clothing Size: 0-3 month and some 3 month...just started packing away the NB clothes...its always so sad when I do this.
Nicknames: baby Gam, Gam, Grammy, baby G
Health: Other than some slight congestion this month he has been pretty healthy. Fingers crossed we can get through cold/flu season with nothing major!

Sleep: This month he turned a corner with his sleep. He's been a pretty decent night sleeper, only waking once a night for quite some time. However nap times were a different story. He was a great napper...but only if we were holding him. As soon as we put him in his crib he screamed after 5 minutes. After several days of working at it he has successfully started napping in his goal is to get 2 good naps in the crib but as long as he gets one in the crib I am fine with a carseat nap or even just holding him. He also has transitioned from going to bed when we do at 10 to going to bed between 8-8:30. I put him down in his crib but am still moving him to our room at 10. It's definitely more so out of laziness on my part than him. I like being able to roll over and pop a paci back in his mouth when he fusses without having to run down the hall in hopes that he doesn't fully wake up. He is usually waking once between 3-4 to eat and then back down until anywhere between 6:30-7:30. I am ready for him to drop that middle of the night feed!

Diet: I am pleasantly surprised to say that I am still exclusively pumping! By this time with Jack I had switched to all formula. While pumping is a total pain in the butt I have come up with a good schedule and can get by with pumping 4-5 times a day for the most part. My initial goal was 2 weeks...and then I said 12. Now 3 months in I am going to do it as long as I can. He has had some reflux but I think that has gotten under control. I am still unsure on a milk intolerance but am starting to lean towards no.
Loves: being held, his big brother, laying in his crib and watching the mobile, bright lights, smiling, bath time

Dislikes:being hungry,  a cold or room temperature bottle...homeboy has become so picky and we have to warm it now otherwise he will scream through the whole thing. and a wet diaper
Milestones: slept in his crib for the first time, sitting in a high chair, laughed for the first time

I seriously cannot believe that Graham is 3 months old. The newborn stage is so hard. Its exhausting and unpredictable. While in the middle of it I never think it's going to end. Now that we are on the tail end of it I look back and think about how quickly it goes by. I love it when my babies become predictable (I'm laughing even typing that out...because just as soon as I think I know what they need/want they go and change it up on me), but I always look back and miss those first days where you've got a brand new baby to snuggle and love on. I can't wait to see what month 4 holds!

We love you so much sweet Graham!

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