Monday, July 31, 2017


Hey friends, I'm back!! We had such a wonderful vacation and I can't tell you how nice it was to take a blogging break. But I've definitely missed this little space. I need to catch up on reading my favorite blogs as well. I'm working on a full recap of our trip, it was so much fun! But for now I'm sharing with you our weekend, which was super low key but much needed after being gone for 10 days.

Over the weekend....

* My boys went to camp on Friday so that I could do all the things after being gone for 10 days.

* Patrick and I snuck away for a date night (which I didn't take any pictures of)

* the boys sat like this for 30 minutes saturday morning watching a movie. It's a miracle!

* I treated myself to a manicure and pedicure Saturday morning. Something that I don't ever do at the same time, but after being gone for 10 days a break from my children and some pampering was in order!

* Patrick worked Saturday so while I had a sitter we decided to have a kid free lunch. Something that never happens!

* Jack and I went and spent a bit of time visiting my in-laws Saturday late afternoon.

* We ordered pizza with our friends and enjoyed a Saturday night at home.

* I baked Annie's chocolate chip banana bread (but turned mine into muffins) Sunday morning.

* Sunday morning all four of us went over to my inlaws and spent through lunch over there. My MIL is extremely weak from treatments and we are trying to spend as much time as we can with them. The boys had fun playing with their grandaddy, which was just as much fun for him as it was for them!

This photo right here is what it's all about. Graham walked right in, we laid him on her lap and he just laid there for several minutes. Knowing Grhaammy you know he doesn't sit still for long. He just knew she needed some extra snuggles, and I think he needed them too! 

* Jack and I went for a bike ride around the neighborhood, well he rode and I walked. He's getting so grown up! I couldn't believe that he rode all the way down our street to the golf course and then back through the cart path to our house. I fully expected him to stop and walk about two houses away from ours haha.

* I continued binge watching Revenge. Have ya'll seen this? I have already seen all 4 seasons entirely but have decided to start them over. I am currently in the middle of the second season and I can't get enough. It helps that there is absolutely nothing on tv in the summer!

There is our weekend in a nutshell. Sorry for the total lack of photos. I took so many while we were gone I think I just decided to put my phone down for a bit this weekend! It was nothing special but a few moments away with Patrick were just what we needed. What did you do fun?

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Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Good morning! By the time you read this we will be half way to Michigan! We had a 6 am flight which means we had to leave our house at 3:30 am to drive the hour to the airport. Whew, I'm already tired just typing this out!

Like I said on Friday's post, I'm going to be taking a much needed blogging break. But, you can read my re-cap from our trip last year here.

Be sure to follow along on my instagram @threeboysandagirl for lots of fun pictures and IG Stories! See ya'll when we get back!!

Friday, July 14, 2017

Friday Favorites

Friday, I am so glad to see you! Whew its the last weekend before we head on vacation! I can't wait to be with my family for 10 days. It will be a much needed break for both Patrick and I.

On to my favorites this week...

O N E | This ottoman! If you follow me on IG then you've seen my instastories with this ottoman. I love it! We used to have a glass top coffee table, and while I loved the look of it I had visions of one of my boys head going through it at some point. I came across this tufted ottoman/coffee table and decided to bite the bullet and try it out. And at less than $150 I figured if it only holds up for a few years then it's done it's job. It has not disappointed and I love it so much!

T W O | I have been looking for some prints to hang on Jacks walls. They are quite bare and I came across this Etsy shop and they have the perfect ones. You can choose from so many. Since Jack is into anything with wheels I'm going to order  a set of 3 and frame them. I'm thinking fire truck, farm equipement, and construction equipment. She also has animals, and much more!

T H R E E | We are headed to this little slice of heaven in just a few days. I can't wait to have my toes in that water and be with my whole family. And yes, the water really is that clear/blue!

F O U R | This little red head melts my heart daily! Goodness he has me wrapped!

F I V E | Ok this is definitely not a favorite...yesterday while I was in Target someone pulled into the parking space next to me and side swiped my car, cracking the bumper and taking the paint down to the metal! The same side that I JUST had fixed not 6 months ago! Thankfully the guy tracked me down and gave me his info...there are still good people left in this world.

A random assortment of five things this week! I'll be back Monday with my $10 at Target post! Trying to spend only $10 is hard y'all...hint, I didn't make it this time!

I am going to be taking a little blogging break while we are on vacation. I have been in a slump and hope that with the time away I can come up with some fun new things to write and share about! You can always follow along with me on IG @threeboysandagirlblog I will still be posting and sharing on there while we are gone!

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Thursday, July 13, 2017

A Day In The Life {July 2017}

I am such a nosey person and I always find that day in the life posts are tops on my favorites when it comes to blogging. That and a good home tour are by far what I request/am requested to write! So I'm coming at you with a day in the life post for you. I decided to document yesterday. Now my pictures get super sparce about halfway through the  day. I just can't seem to remember to stop and take a picture of what we are doing.

My morning started at 6:25 am when I awoke to a foot in my back. At some point in the night Jack had gotten into our bed, usually I remember this happening but last night I did not. I tried to sneak out of bed without waking Jack but thanks to an awake and talking Graham the monitor woke Jack up. The two of us head downstairs to see Daddy before he leaves for work.

Graham is happily laying/playing quietly in his crib so he stays up there for awhile. Jack grabs some breakfast and takes a seat on Patricks lap.  I fix my coffee, grab my computer and plop down on the sofa to catch up on my morning blog reads.

Once Patrick leaves Jack moves to the sofa and snuggles up to me with his iPad and I continue to read on my computer/catch up on a bit of the Today show.

About 7:30 I head upstairs to get Graham but first I fix his sippy of milk and grab a bar for him. This will stop the tantrum that would happen if I waited to do this after he came downstairs.

Both boys are happily settled chilling on the sofa watching a show. We tend to have some lazy mornings around here. At least for the first hour or so, everyone is content and I finish my coffee/make a quick breakfast for myself and try to read Southern Living (that didn't happen)

Today my sitter is coming at 8:30 to keep Graham and Jack will go to camp. From about 8:15-8:45 is always hectic! Trying to get the boys dressed and ready to go plus getting my self somewhat presentable, usually ends up in me breaking out into a sweat and some form of raising my voice. This particular morning I have a hair appointment so I decide to put real clothes/makeup on as opposed to my workout clothes that usually get thrown on.

8:50 and Jack and I are out the door, I quick drop him off and then head to my 9:15 hair appointment. The hour and half that I'm at my hair appointment is like a vacation to me. No little people calling my name, no food to fix for anyone, just sitting and relaxing.

After my appointment I run a few errands and make a stop over to visit with my MIL, she was taking a rest so I got to sit on the porch with her sister and visit before heading to get Jack at 12.

Since Grammy was home with Anna I took the opportunity to take Jack out to lunch with his bestie Charlotte. Graham is at the age where he doesn't want to sit still in a restaurant and it makes it miserable for all.

While we are gone Anna and Graham play outside and she snapped this sweet picture for me! 

1:00 and we are on the way home ready for naps!  Id like to say I spent this time doing all the things, but honestly I just plopped on the sofa and watched a show. I did try and do some invoicing for some clothes I was selling. Jack got up at 3 and comedown and snuggled with me.

4:00 and the boys are awake, our friends Hudson and James come over for a little play date. It was so hot that no one wanted to be outside! It was one of those days that even the pool sounded miserable.

After they left we continued to play for a little before having leftovers for supper. I just don't feel like cooking when its 103 outside.

The boys are starting to really play with each other so after supper they had a fun time playing on the floor and making each other laugh! Jack kept saying "Grahammy lay on my tummy"

7:00 and it's time for me to take Graham up to bed. We read a few books, sing a few songs and he goes right down.  This is usually when we let Jack watch a show (power rangers is his show of choice lately) before he goes to bed at 8:00.

Most nights after the boys are in bed Patrick and I will watch a show or two before we go up to bed right at 10.

As you can see our day is nothing special, in fact it could be quite boring for most. This is what a typical day looks like for us.

What does your day look like?

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Monday, July 10, 2017

Weekend Happenings

Happy Monday! First of all, thank ya'll so much for all of your sweet comments and messages about my post on Thursday. I am behind on responding to everyone (per the norm) but I assure you I've read each one of them and appreciate all of the prayers and good wishes. I promise to respond this week!

We had a pretty good weekend, it was fairly low key and nice to not do a lot.

Let me start with Thursday night, since I didn't have a Friday favorites post I wanted to share this. Thursday evening I met up with some girlfriends at our local art studio and painted these darling pineapple door hangers. It was similar to wine and design but much more fun and they actually turned out cute vs my terrible paintings I've done in the past haha!

Friday //

We met some friends at the pool for lunch and an afternoon of swimming. I forgot to take any pictures because I was in the pool the whole time. It's way too hot not to be fully in the water!

Friday night Patrick and I went to dinner with some friends. We went to On the Square which is my favorite restaurant around here. It was so nice to get away and do something.

Saturday //

We did not do a whole lot. Saturday morning Patricks dad picked the boys and Patrick up and they went and had a boys breakfast at the doughnut shop. I enjoyed drinking my coffee and watching the Food network, something I used to always do before kids.

Saturday afternoon we spent hanging around the house. Patrick and Jack worked on fixing Jacks bed which gave me the perfect opportunity to take some picture of Jacks room, the bed was made nicely for once, and I had picked up all the toys and books on the floor.

Saturday evening Patrick and I left the boys with our sitter and went over to visit with his mom, dad and aunt. She had her first round of Chemo on Friday and came home with a 48 hour pump infusion and we didn't want to have the boys around because we weren't sure how she would be feeling. I'm happy to say that as of right now her side effects have been minimal and she's been feeling good! Please keep those prayers coming!


Well the boys decided that they would BOTH wake up at 5:30 am. This never happens, especially with Graham. So by 10:30 I remember thinking that it had to at least be 12:30 and nap time. Needless to say the boys went down for an early nap.

They stayed in their jammies until 4:00 when we took them over to see Patricks parents. Everyone was in good spirits and the boys had fun playing!

We came home and grilled burgers and the boys played in the water table on the porch. In about 5 minutes they were stripped down to their diaper and underpants.

We don't have a ton planned this week, but leave for our family trip the following week so I've got to start getting my act together with packing!

I hope you had a great weekend!

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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Thoughts for Thursday

Hey friends! Is anyone else having a hard time figuring out what day of the week it is? With Fourth of July falling on a Tuesday I feel all kinds of messed up. I don't hate that it's already Thursday and almost the weekend!

So I'm going to get real with ya'll and tell you about some stuff that has been going on with our family. I know that I have been a little MIA on the blog and my posts have been lackluster.

Ya'll have heard me talk more than once about my in-laws and just how wonderful and special they are. My MIL will drop anything to help with the boys and they have always been more than willing to keep the boys whenever needed. I have said it time and time again we would be lost without them.

Two weeks ago our entire world was rocked when we got the worst news. We found out that my sweet, precious mother in law was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. To say that the wind got knocked out of us with this news is an understatement. None of us were expecting this and it has been so hard to process and wrap our minds around it.

The first week I was a hot mess. I literally cried pretty much all day every day. Just as soon as my tears would dry up I would talk about it or think about it and they would start falling. I cried to my mom on the phone more than I've ever cried to her before. Having never been faced with something like this before I really didn't know how to react. Of course Patrick has been amazing from day one. In true Patrick form he has remained a constant rock. It would be completely understandable for him to crumble at this news but he has remained steadfast and strong and powering through.

After the first week the shock wore off, we (I) were able to get our emotions in check and really get to helping her fight this nasty beast. She is under the best care with the best doctors. She has had a second and third opinion and everyone agrees that starting chemo right away is the best decision.

Of course my MIL has been amazing throughout all of this. She is the strongest woman I know. She has not let this get her down and despite some pain and exhaustion has not let that stop her from being with our boys and generally being the wonderful woman she is!

We are prayerful that chemo will shrink this beast and surgery will follow. We find comfort in the Lord and knowing that he has a plan for this. He already knows how each one of our stories will go and this was not a surprise to him.

I have seen multiple rainbows since that day of the diagnosis and I truly believe that it is Gods way of telling us everything is going to be okay.

Please continue to keep our family in your prayers!

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Star Spangled Kids 2017

July feels like the official start of summer to me. The Fourth of July is always such a fun time and screams summer! We had a great time last night celebrating with friends. I had wanted to take Jack to see fireworks but it started pouring rain about 5:30 and it didn't stop all night..womp womp!

I absolutely love seeing everyones kids dressed in the red, white, and blue! Of course I totally dropped the ball on getting a picture of the boys together ON the Fourth. It's rare to get them to sit still long enough for a photo and for them to do it together takes a miracle!

The other day I asked my super talented babysitter to bring her camera and try and snap come pictures of the boys wearing their red, white, and blue for me. She got some great shots!

The only two pictures I got of the boys yesterday..

And just to throw back to last years Star Spangled itty babies.. ahh they grow so dang fast in a year!

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