Wednesday, August 31, 2016

What's Up Wednesday {8.31}

I am excited to do this link up today! I haven't done it in a few months and it's always one of my favorites! 

1. What we're eating this week....
Naan pizzas are so easy and versatile. We made them Sunday night and everyone got to put their own toppings on their own naan bread. I made oven baked tacos Monday night. Thanks to Sarah posting this yummy recipe I was reminded how much I love making these and had totally forgotten. I took her recipe and added black beans. Be sure to drain the rotel fully because mine had too much liquid and the bottom of the taco shells were soggy. They were still delish! 

2. What I'm reminiscing about....
I had Graham's composite pictures made on Sunday and it got me looking back at when I had Jacks done. He was so little and such a nugget, I miss those cheeks! 

3. What I'm loving...
I am loving the few mornings we have had that have been somewhat cool. The humidity has been down and I don't automatically break into a sweat upon walking outside. Of course by 10:00 the temps and humidity are high but for that split second I am reminded of what fall will be like!

 4. What we've been up to...
We haven't been up to a lot. Gearing up for school to start and finishing out the summer! I have been trying to organize and clean out room by room.

5. What I'm dreading...
Potty training... Does anyone ever not dread this? I tried "{for a hot minute} to train Jack and at the first accident I threw the towel in. I'm just not cut out for this. I'm praying he just wakes up one day and decides he is over diapers! Wishful thinking I'm sure!

6. What I'm working on....
Getting organized! I have started writing in my planner again and hoping that it helps to keep me organized and stay organized.

7. What I'm excited about...

The start of football!! We go to the opening NC State game Thursday night and I can't wait! I plan to fully enjoy the weekend of games.

This was Jack two years ago on the opening day for NC State. It just popped up in my time hop and I wanted to cry. How was he that little just 2 years ago, It seems like yesterday but also so long ago. 

8. What I'm watching...

Bachelor in Paradise...Yall, this show is a Train. Wreck. but I love it! The drama is hilarious and the way they edit makes me laugh every show. Also..what was Carly wearing in Monday nights rose ceremony? I really have no words!

All the Real Housewives (OC, NYC, NJ)

I also can't forget my daily obsession....thank you Lifetime for helping me be so unproductive during nap time.

9. What I'm listening to...
Welcome to My House has been on repeat in my car lately. I some how just discovered this song and I love it. I'm also still loving Tyler Farr's Better in Boots!

10. What I'm wearing...
If you follow me on Insta (@threeboysandagirlblog) you saw that I posted this dress that I wore to GNO on Friday! It's so comfy and can be dressed up or down. I'm also wearing a similar style that is a swing dress. If you don't find me in one of these you can find me in my standard workout gear. You can also check out what I will be wearing this fall in my recent post. 

11.What I'm doing this weekend...
Watching football and cooking out with friends! We were going to go to the beach for Labor Day weekend but decided that we would rather just stay home. I also plan to pull out ALL my fall decs and get my house in the spirit! There is something about a decorate house that makes everything seem cozier. I plan to do a full post on all my decor soon! 

12. What I'm looking forward to next month...
I'm looking forward to cooler temps and all the things fall. The county fair comes at the end of the month and I'm excited to take the boys. Jack will have so much fun this year.! I can't wait for Saturdays spent tailgating and watching games.

and that's what's up with me! I would love to hear what you've been up to. Have a great day, Happy hump day friends!

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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Home Tour Tuesday {Kitchen and Den}

Hey y'all! So one of my favorite posts that I love reading {other than a day in the life} are home tour posts. I love getting a glimpse into everyones home and seeing the different styles that we all have. It's also fun to get ideas from other homes to incorporate into my house.

I have been wanting to do this for quite some time but lets be real...the majority of the time my house looks like a disaster. I have confessed before that I am not the most tidy person and with two small boys running {crawling} around just as soon as I put something away it's right back out.

My housekeeper comes on Tuesdays so I figured that those are the best days to actually get some photos taken where my house looks somewhat decent. I have to say that doing this post really made me realize how much I love a clean and tidy house. Maybe one day it'll look like this at all times. For now, what you are about to see is not what my house looks like 99% of the time. Maybe I'll do a "real life" house tour one of these days!

We spend the majority of the time in our kitchen and den area. We have an open floor plan with these two spaces and I love that. I am able to cook supper while my boys play and I don't have to worry about not being able to see them.

When you walk in from our garage you walk directly into our kitchen. You can see the open floor plan here. This was one of the main features that drew me to this house when we bought it 5 years ago.

I love that the cabinets are all white. The countertops are a dark granite and while it's not my absolute favorite, I do like them. I would probably have opted for something lighter if it had been up to me.

I love to hang Jacks artwork on the cabinets to our "pantry". I don't have a ton of wall space so this is about as good as it gets for hanging them. You can also see the door to our garage in the very back corner.

I love that we have double ovens. I don't use them together that often but when I do need two it's so nice and they come in handy!

This little area is what I like to refer to as "baby command station" The baby breeze is the best machine ever for mamas who are using formula. I've also got the boon drying rack which is great. I love my "happy everything" plate and switch out the tabs with each new season or holiday. Right now we've got the bookbag for the start of school but come next week I'll be putting the football on it!

I have a desk area in the kitchen as well. Until recently it has sort of been a catch all most days but I've really tried lately to keep it neat and organized. I don't have a chair for the area yet but I'm thinking of getting one and really starting to use it as a desk area. I hate that the microwave sits on it but it was the only place that we could put it.

 When we moved in I had these roman shades made. They coordinate with the upholstered kitchen table chairs I already had.

I love that our kitchen table has these big windows. I love looking out in our backyard and know that one day soon I'll be watching my boys playing out there together!

Here is a view looking back from my the den into the Kitchen

This is what I see when I am standing in my kitchen looking towards the den. Usually there are two little red heads playing on the floor and a big lab lounging around. I love the openness of the two rooms but I also like that the columns help to separate it into two defined spaces.

The fireplace has gas logs and it is a see through fireplace into my husbands office so we really never turn it on. The few times we have it doesn't emit any heat so I guess you could just say its decorative at this point.

I had these window treatments made when we moved into the house 

I love the built in shelves . They house lots of family photos and knick-nacks that I've picked up from here and there.

This is a Veitri vase that was given to us for our wedding by a very special friends of my grandmothers. She happened to have started the company and I just love the color of it!

I love this little table that sits right here. I usually try to decorate it some with each season. Pottery Barn makes the cutest chair covers so last year I started collecting them for the boys for each holiday. They button right on and add a cute little flair without getting in the way. You can also see that Grahams Jumperoo sits in the middle of the floor.  I can't get rid of all signs of kids now can I?

This painting is one of my favorites. It was given to us by my parents and it is a scene from Torch Lake, where my parents spend the summer and we visit every summer!  Also to the right of that is a needlepoint done by my mother in law. Patrick earned his Eagle Scout when he was younger and Donna made this for him. I think it's such an awesome reminder of what he did to accomplish that. 

So there you have a little tour of just two of our rooms in the house. I plan to continue with the downstairs soon and will show you the playroom, dining room and half bath. As soon as September gets here I will pull all of my fall decs out and will do another tour then. I tend to go overboard for holidays and since Fall is one of my favorites there are pumpkins everywhere!

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Friday, August 26, 2016

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! I can't believe that this is the last weekend in August. I can't say I'm sad to see August go. While I love summer I am so beyond over the heat and just ready for school to start and to begin a new season.

My top favorites from the week!

O N E //  I had the best time visiting with this sweet friend. It was a quick trip. I blinked and she was gone. But there is something for friendship that can go a year without seeing each other and picking right back up as if you never had been apart especially a friend who comes to town and is okay with wearing soft clothes and just hanging out the whole time. It took Jack a little to warm up but once he did he was glued to her! We hope you come back soon Evans!

T W O // I have been trying to figure out a way to organize all of Jacks artwork from school. I have a stack in his closet and then numerous other pieces hanging in my kitchen. Thanks to sweet Jess and her amazing DIY skills I finally have an organization system. I made boxes for both boys and can't wait to fill them up and look back through the years at each folder.

T H R E E // I've got my eye on this sweater It looks so comfy and I think it would be great with leggings! It may be my next purchase!

F O U R // This dessert. It is seriously the BOMB! It's super easy to make especially if you do a few swaps like I did.

What you need:

Graham Cracker Pie Crust (original recipe calls for homemade..I swapped for store bought)
8 oz Cream Cheese
1 cup Peanut Butter
1 cup powdered sugar
1 tsp vanilla
3/4 cup mini chocolate chips
1 tub cool whip (original recipe calls for homemade..I swapped)

 Beat the cream cheese, pb, powdered sugar and vanilla in a bowl

 Fold in the cool whip, or gently beat it in.

 Add chocolate chips and place in pie pan. Refrigerate for 3-4 hours.

Seriously it came together quick and was so delicious. It will be my go to from now on!

Jack and I are headed to defy gravity today with some friends for a little last fun before summer ends. I'm also going to dinner with some girlfriends tonight. Other than that we don't have much planned for the weekend.

Have a great weekend friends!

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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

What I'm Wearing | Fall Edition

Good morning Friends! Here we are halfway through the week! Wednesday is always a good day because in my mind it's the downhill towards the weekend. I am super excited this Wednesday because my high school bestie is coming to visit. We have been friends since 8th grade.  We don't see each other all that often anymore and in fact she has yet to meet my babes so this trip is super exciting! It's going to be a quick one but I'm excited for whatever time I get to spend with her!

I cannot believe this is the last full week of August. Hallelujah, that means we are one step closer to Fall! I really try to wait until September to pull all my decs out but they may make an appearance starting next week. I am definitely ready for all things fall. The clothes especially. I recently bought a few new things from Old Navy and Nordstrom that are perfect staples for fall and winter and wanted to share.

*Don't judge my awesome selfie taking abilities. I don't claim to be a fashion photographer 

I love a jegging. If I am not wearing leggings you can most likely find me in a jogging. {similar but so different} I have searched for the best one and have finally found it. This one is thick, looks like a jean (fake pockets and all) and also has some sort of sculpting technology so I feel like it lifts, sucks and tucks. It is perfect! Also, these booties. They have been talked about by so many bloggers since the Nordstrom Sale. They are beyond comfy and I love the way the side dips down.

This top is from Nordstrom and I'm in love. Its super soft and I like that it can be dressed up or down. The back is even cuter, the sweater has an opening so you can see the full under lay of the top!

Embroidery is really popular for fall. I am undecided on this top. I am not sure that it fits me great. It seems a little short but I think that it could be super cute and so I wanted to share it. 
I love a comfy dress thats easy to throw on and can be dressed up or down. I have been living in the old navy swing dress this summer and so I figured I'd give the long sleeve version a try. Y'all, I love it! Its so soft. I decided to pair it with both my Tieks and also my cowboy boots. I pretty much live in either my Uggs or Cowboy boots in the winter. This will be a great dress to take you from fall all the way through winter. 

Here is another staple dress. {I clearly like some black} It will be great for fall and carry into spring as well! 

This floral dress was super cute. It has a tassel tie at the neck line and was a great light weight dress.