Thursday, August 4, 2016

Thursday Confessions

Well hello there Thursday! This week has surprisingly gone really fast. I haven't linked up for Thursday Confessions in awhile so I'm excited to get back into it!

I confess...

// That I'm really not sure what to think about the new instagram stories. It's just another thing for me to waste my time watching. I love snap chat and I love instagram but I'm going to need to do one or the other when it comes to the stories. Also..with instagram you get everyone your "friends" with so thats going to take forever to go through! #firstworldproblems

// That I'm oddly excited for the Olympics. Opening night ceremony is my favorite. So much that I had to tell a friend  we couldn't go to the movies because it was opening ceremonies. {duh!}. I love watching swimming, gymnastics, diving and really I'll have it on nightly!

// That I have not written my recap of our trip yet. I had planned to do it this week but it hasn't happened. I'm going to do it this weekend so it'll be ready next week! I can't wait to go back through the hundreds of pictures I took and really look at them!

// That I still haven't unpacked from our trip! The boys are unpacked {thanks to my babysitter!} but I have not. Today my goal is to unpack and get laundry started.

// That I have stopped getting up before my boys do. Back in the winter I was on a really good role of getting up before them. But then they started waking up about 6:30 and I started getting lazy and waiting in bed until they would cry out enough to warrant me getting up.

// That my boys are finally back to sleeping through the night! {for the most part!} It really does my body good when I don't get woken up with a crying baby nightly...thanks to 10 days on vacation of not sleeping through the night ONCE!

// That I cannot believe Graham is NINE months old! Seriously where did the time go! I took him to his check up yesterday and he weighed in at 17 lbs 14 oz! {10%} still a tiny peanut but he did jump to the 30% for height! What a difference he is from his big brother. I've also totally slacked on the monthly posts. I couldn't get my act together and they were not getting tons of page views {although I totally was doing it for my own self!} and I just decided to stop. #momfail

// That I can't wait to see the movie Bad Moms! It looks so funny and like something I will totally relate to. After I see it I plan to do a full Bad Moms post where I confess all my "bad mom" moves!

//That Graham is finally crawling {well army crawling} and I don't love it! While I'm thrilled he's reaching milestones I liked it better when I could just sit him on the floor and walk away and know he wasn't going anywhere. Now he's so super fast I sit him down and before I can walk into the kitchen he's gone to the playroom. And lets no forget now I have to be totally on guard with whats on the floor and what he's going to find some how to put in his mouth which brings me to my final confession..

// That I have an unnatural fear of choking! I seriously clam up whenever it happens {not often thankfully!} but even if it's just a puff that Graham hasn't chewed up enough and he "chokes" I flip. Thank goodness Patrick has been around every time and he quickly does the finger sweep. I don't know why I freak out. I can easily do the finger sweep. It's like my brain stops and I just don't know what to do! Praise that it has never been a huge issue!

So there you have it..some random confessions for this week! What do you have to confess...I'd love to hear it!

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  1. I'm excited for the olympics too!! I'm super pumped for Bad Moms and was supposed to see it last night but we got so much rain yesterday things were flooding so my friend and I decided to be safe and stay home. Boo! I have a fear d choking too and Emmy dos it a lot when she was smaller and learning to eat real food.

  2. I can't wait to see Bad Moms as well. Going to be such a great movie. I love the idea of doing Bad Moms confessions. I have a fear of choking too. When one of my girls coughs because they ate too big of a bite or anything, I freak out a bit. I think they are going to choke or throw up.