Friday, September 30, 2016

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! I am off to New York City with my bestie for a girls weekend! We've got some fun things planned including 2 broadway shows! I can't wait for a weekend getaway but I'm going to miss my boys like crazy! If you follow me on insta {@threeboysandagirlblog} I'm sure I'll be posting some pics and will be sharing a recap of the whole weekend next week!

My top favorites for the week are...

O N E | I purchased this necklace from a local girl this week. She has the cutest stuff and can custom make anything! I wanted something that I could wear to NC State games and she nailed it. I love her versatile it is and Ill be able to wear it with lots of things thing fall/winter and not just to the games.  You can follow her cute shop on instagram @antlers_and_grace 

T W O | I got this nuggets composite back yesterday and it turned out even better than I thought! I can't wait to get it framed and hung next to Jacks.

T H R E E | I ordered these meal planner sheets and grocery list pad of paper from a friend on Facebook. I love how they turned out and I hope that they will make it easier for me to start meal planning and sticking with it!

F O U R | If you have not heard of Usborne books before I highly recommend finding someone who sells them. They are the cutest. Jack has been really into this sticker book lately. I love that each page is a different theme.

F I V E | Last night Jack and his Grandaddy went to listen to the symphony. Jack has a random love for Beethoven and Patricks dad wanted to take him to listen at their church. We were all taking bets on how long he would last. Regardless if it were only 10 minutes I know he had fun and its such a special memory they will have together.

This is a super short and sweet friday favorites. I've got a plane to catch and some extra kisses and snuggles to get from my boys! I hope you have a great weekend!!

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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Birthday Wish List

Hey ya'll! Does anyone else feel like this has been a long week? I don't know what it is, maybe that it's rained several days in a row? 31st birthday is next week! Wow, that sounds so weird for me to type out. 31..I swear some days I feel like I'm still a teenager and can't believe I'm married and have 2 kids! My birthday has sort of crept up on me. Usually I am counting down the weeks and this year it's just sort of arrived!

I put together a fun wish list of things that if I had an unlimited budget or wasn't headed to NYC this weekend {more on that in a minute!} I would love to get! These are just some ideas that I would love and thought were cool!

So, I am headed to New York City tomorrow! I am meeting one of my very best friends for a quick girls weekend. I am sure we will do plenty of shopping so that will really be my present!

One | I love athleta yoga pants. I wear them to barre every time I go and often will wear them on days I don't even workout. This style is my favorite, they stay up {most important!} and are super comfy! 

Two | A good pullover is necessary in the fall/winter. I practically live in them when I'm just wearing comfy or workout clothes. 

Three | I saw these posted on a local boutique page the other day and thought they were so cute! I love my hunter rain boots but honestly they make me so hot. These are cute and functional especially during rainy/wet winter days! 

Four | Patrick and I just ordered the new iPhone and I'm in need of a case. I have one of these on my current phone and love it. I am upgrading to the plus or else I would just use what i've got! 

Five | I love this necklace! I don't have any Twine and Twig and this is one I could totally see myself wearing a lot! 

Six | This is a total splurge! I am always using my phone to take photos. I came across this on pinterest the other day and thought it was genius! I would love to see how it works and what the photos are really like! It looks awesome. 

Seven | I have been wanting the navy watch band for my Apple Watch for awhile. I had pink for summer but am ready for something darker for the winter! 

It's always fun to make a wish list of things that you would love to have! I definitely don't expect I will get any of this but a girl can dream! There's always Christmas, right? 

What's on your wish list these days? 

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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

A Day In The Life

I have talked before about how I am such a nosey person! So naturally 'day in the life' posts come as some of my favorites! I love to see what others days are like! I started taking pictures for this post forever ago and then got halfway through the day and stopped. So this is over the course of a few days, and even still my afternoon and evening photos are lacking big time!

I took a screenshot of my phone to note that I was up at 6:28 this morning. I like to be up by about 6:30 so I have some time alone before the boys wake up but some mornings that doesn't happen.

This morning I was able to come downstairs and get my cup of coffee and sit on the sofa for a few minutes before the boys woke up!

 We had a bed visitor at some point during the night! This has been happening more often than not lately but that's a post for another day!

7 am |  This nugget is up and happy! We head downstairs for a bottle and chill time. Jack was up shortly after this. He likes to just veg on the sofa with some milk and mini pancakes first thing. He usually watches a show on his iPad while I feed Graham and try to catch the Today show.

8 am |  Its time to feed Graham breakfast. After this it's balls to the wall trying to get both boys dressed and out the door for school. Usually at some point I am begging Jack to hurry up and get in the car!

8:45 am | We are finally in the car and headed to school. I was driving a rental car this morning and Jack wasn't sure what to think about not having a TV in the car. #spoiledmuch

9 am |  We are headed into school. Jack loves school so this is always a fun drop off. He usually runs down the hall to his classroom and gets so excited when he sees his friends.

 9:15 am | I've rushed back home so that I can get Graham down for a nap. On days where Jack doesn't have school he is usually down for nap at 8:30. On this day he clearly wasn't feeling nap

 During morning nap I try to get the house organized, laundry started, figure out what I'm going to cook for dinner. If I have time I will take a minute and try and catch the rest of the news.

10 am | This sweet thing is awake and playing happily in his crib while I put laundry away and straighten up his room.

 11 am | We run out to do a few things before picking Jack up at noon.

12 -1 pm | I am rushing around trying to get everyone fed, and in the bed before any melt downs occur.

1-3 pm | Nap time! Gosh, this may be the best part of the day! I have worked hard to get both boys napping at the same time. I'd love to say that I use this time to do work around the house but honestly, I typically end up catching up on blogs, my DVR'd shows and watching Greys Anatomy reruns. Today I'm enjoying a chocolate cheesecake brownie from a place we got lunch from!

3 pm | Happy boy is awake. He is usually up before Jack so we get some one on one time to play.

4 pm | Jack had tumble today so off we went for that and then a quick stop at the store and it was home for supper.

5-6:30 pm | This is usually the worst time of day for Graham. That witching hour is real folks! I am usually feeding the boys dinner and trying to keep Graham happy and content. Daddy is home by now and we are both just going through the motions counting down the minutes until bedtime!

6:30 pm | Sweet Graham is in bed for the night!

7 -8 pm | Patrick and I finally eat supper and then we try to spend some one on one time with Jack. He loves to snuggle on the sofa and watch a Mickey with me or he will go "help" daddy in the office and do some work.

8 pm | Jack is in bed which can take anywhere from 15 min to an hour. He has started recently stalling..big time! Sometimes Patrick and I both end up frustrated which I hate but this is life with an almost 3 year old! We finally have some down time! I am usually working on a blog post and Patrick and I will watch a show or two together.

10 pm | We are heading up to bed and ready to start it all over again tomorrow!

So that is a pretty typical day for us! On the days that Jack doesn't have school we hang around in the morning while Graham naps and then try to get out of the house to run errands or meet Daddy for lunch just to go do something! If you are a SAHM are your days pretty similar? What is different? I'd  love to know if you've got any secrets to combat that witching hour{s}!

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Friday, September 23, 2016

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday friends! My posts have been few and far between this week. I was going to skip posting today but got my act together to share my favorites from this week!

O N E | This cookbook arrived on my doorstep on Wednesday. I had forgotten that i pre-ordered it and was so excited to get it. I love love love Shay and have been following her blog for a long time. I have gotten two of her other cookbooks and they are great. I immediately combed through this and marked the recipes that I wanted to try soon. The cookbook is broken down by month, which is genius! You have got to order it, it won't dissapoint I promise!

T W O | Jack got some new rain boots this week and it happened to rain every day. He wanted to put his boots and jacket on before heading out to tumble. His little personality really cracks me up.

T H R E E | I am so sick of summer clothes so this week I decided I was going to start wearing jeans. I have a feeling this will be my go to outfit until it gets chilly enough for sweaters. I picked up two of these tops from Target and they are amazing! I love that they aren't fitted and they are so soft!

F O U R | Graham has been such a happy baby lately, especially when you get him up from nap. Yesterday I was met with tons of smiles and giggles. I really can't believe that he's going to be one next month! 

F I V E | I made Andreas pulled pork on Monday and it was so yummy. I have struggled lately with making pulled pork. I think it was my crockpot so I tried this recipe in a new crackpot and it came out perfect! We had some leftover that we put on quesadillas too. 

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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Fall Fun List | 2016

Hey friends, I hope that you were able to check out my guest post yesterday. I shared five of my favorite things about fall. Including clothes, food, football and a few others! Today I am sharing our bucket list for this fall. There are so many fun things that are about to go on and I don't want to miss out on them. I focused our list on toddler activities. I think these could easily be done with any age group though!

There are several farms around where we live that have awesome pumpkin patches and activities. I fully intend on partaking in these events multiple times. The local farm in town has a fall festival with hayrides and other activities. I would love to take the boys to this. 

I don't think anything screams fall like leaves! We have never had Jack jump in them but I really think he would have fun doing this! 

I have been wanting to do a scavenger hunt outside but it's been so hot that I haven't had the energy. I am going to come up with a fun one to do with Jack one morning while Graham naps. 

Of course fall wouldn't be fall without Trick-or-Treating! I've got some darling costumes lined up for the boys and can't wait to see them in them! 

I have always wanted to have our pictures taken in a cotton field. There are tons where we live and I have decided this fall is going to be the year! 

There are plenty of other things I could have added to this list, but I wanted to be realistic with my expectations and thought that I could easily do all of these with the boys. 

have you created a bucket list to do this fall? I'd love to know what things you are doing and if there is anything I must add to our list! 

I promise that I will not post about fall every single day from here until Thanksgiving..but I just can't help myself. There is so much fun stuff and I get so excited about this season every year! Just ask my husband, or take a look inside our house. 

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Monday, September 19, 2016

Five Favorite Fall Things

Hey friends! I hope you had a great weekend! I went to see Bridget Jones Baby with a few girlfriends and it was so good. I highly recommend going to see it! I am guest posting on my sweet friend Danielles blog today so please head over to her page to check it out. I am sharing 5 of my favorite fall things!

Click here to see it!

Come back here tomorrow for our Fall Bucket list!

Friday, September 16, 2016

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! This week has seemed super long so I am glad that its the weekend! We've got friends coming over tonight and tomorrow we are headed to a football game!

I have been in a bit of a blogger rut this week. My creative juices just don't seem to be flowing. Ive got a day in the life post coming next week which is always a favorite and I am guest posting on one of my favorite girls page!

My favorites from this week include:

O N E | As if I couldn't be anymore #basic I'm adding fall scented candles and hand soaps to my house.  My girlfriend told me the Bath and Bodyworks candles were on sale and she also had a coupon code which allowed me to get this 4 pack of foaming hand soaps for free! Of course I had to get them, regardless of what the smelled like.

T W O | I've had my eye on this hand towel since Momfessionals posted about it. I finally ordered it last night. It's so cute and so me!

T H R E E | I shared this photo on my insta about the other day. I started this book and y'all, it's so good! I love how real it is. She tells it like it is and doesn't sugar coat what its like to have a public breakup. I can't wait to get to the juicy details on why Josh was such a jerk. I definitely didn't like him on Bachelor in Paradise! 

F O U R | I have been trying to get to the gym on Tuesdays and do some cardio. I downloaded the couch to 5K app and I really like it. I can listen to my music and it gives me the cues to run or to walk. I hope to stick with it. I'd really love to do a 5K sometime soon! 

Have a great weekend, friends! 

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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Whats In My Bag

I love reading posts about peoples lives. Getting a peek into their homes, daily life and anything else is always one of my favorite posts. I have a day in the life post in the works {its turning into multiple days in the life} and today I am going to share whats in my bag.

When I had Jack I had to have a diaper bag. I was obsessed with finding the cutest one, forget function I wanted cute. Luckily I found a great one that I loved. I carried that thing every where I went. Stuffed full with everything but the kitchen sink. Well fast forward almost 2 years to the day and I didn't even have a bag packed when Graham was born and I've pretty much been rolling with it ever since!

There are things you learn after you have your second baby that you wish you had known with your first. For instance, you don't have to take EVERY SINGLE THING when you leave the house. I have done perfectly fine leaving my house with a diaper, wipes, bottle and maybe a change of clothes {if I'm lucky I have all of these}. And you know what, we've survived! There have been no major instances where I have felt like I didn't have what I needed. Thankfully I live in a small town so if I ever did have an instance where I didn't have something I could run home if needed.

Moving on..since having Graham I have really stuck to carrying only one bag. Which happens to be the bag I carried pre Graham when I really didn't need much but a diaper and maybe a paci. I have found some new ways of storing things to make it easier, but over all I still stick to the basics. Now, I do have a backpack in the car that has extra diapers, wipes, change of clothes, and what not so if I did need it I could always take it from there.

I have the Louis Vuitton Neverfull and it is hands down the best bag I've ever had. It literally holds true to its name and never seems full. I can pile so much junk in it. I always joke that it's the Marry Poppins bag because I can just keep pulling stuff out of it.  

I always have a stash of lip gloss, my keys, sun glass case, formula container (notice, i'm missing a bottle!) random coozie, kleenex and then two bags that have other things in them. 

If you don't have the Big O key ring, you've got to get it! It's amazing and I never lose my keys. I also love that I can throw it on my wrist and grab a kid and no worry that my keys are going to go missing. 

I really needed a way to carry things for the boys without adding a ton of extra bulk. I follow Tote Savvy on instagram and have loved their products for awhile. I had been wanting to order one of the tote savvys for my bag but didn't want the big one. So when they came out with the Tote Savvy Mini I quickly jumped at ordering one. Its the perfect size to keep all the things I need for the boys but allows me to still have other things in my bag.

In the tote savvy I have at any given time, diapers/wipes, Puffs, pacis, race car for Jack, the best teether from The Teething Fairy (it hooks onto anything so that it doesn't fall on the floor), snack for Jack, and the Tote Savvy also comes with a changing pad!

 I have had this clutch for years. It is often my go to gift for family members and girlfriends, Its the perfect size to hold everything you need and can be easily thrown into any bag. It also comes with a wristlet strap and a shoulder strap that you can wear as a cross body. I keep my wallet, random gift cards, some medicine, pens, hair tie and a random footprint of Jack that I found.

As you can see, everything fits really nicely and I still have room to throw extra things in if needed. Usually I have tons of paper trash (guilty). Lists, receipts, snack wrappers, cheerio crumbs #momlife

I love being able to pull different things out when I need them. If I've got to run change a diaper I can easily pull the tote savvy out and take it with me. A lot of times if I'm just running into a store real quick I'll grab my wallet or clutch and carry that with me. I'm all about easy these days! 

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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Life Lately | In Photos

Hey ya'll! I am riding the struggle bus this week with blog posts. I am having a major creative block. So while I try and get that back and plan out my posts better I am going to show you our life lately through photos.

I am keeping it real and pulling the last 10 photos I took from my phone. If you follow me on insta (@threeboysandagirlblog)  you have seen some of these photos already.

1 and 2 | Yesterday I had a total crazy mom moment. I noticed a tick on Jack and I wasn't sure how long it has been there. We haven't really been outside so ticks have not been on my radar. I freaked and called his pediatrician. They wanted me to bring him in just to check it out. Of course they said what I already assumed. "It is fine. Just watch it". Our ped office is about 45 minutes away so I figured that we would at least make a trip out of it and head to Duck Donuts. Y'all, these are the best donuts I've ever had. You can pick your toppings and they make them right in front of you! That was Jacks face after his first bite and he said "oh man these are SO good!'

 3 | I am really trying to get into a good workout routine. I was doing barre 3 days a week this summer and I felt so good. I can't go on Wednesdays now so I really try and make the Monday and Friday class. Sometimes its so hard to force myself to go on Monday but it's definitely worth it!

4 | I snapped this of this sweet boy eating breakfast yesterday. 

5 | Lately it seems like all I take is photos of Graham. He actually smiles for me vs Jack who I practically have to do a headstand to get him to look and smile. Graham has just started crawling up on the hearth, he thinks its so funny.

6 | We {Patrick} finally hung the new light fixture above our kitchen table. I love it so much! 

7 | This rug has been in need of major cleaning. After a not so fortunate incident with our old and sweet dog last week I was fed up and rolled it up and took it outside. Patrick has been cleaning it for 3 days now. I think finally after renting a professional rug cleaner that it's clean enough to put back in the house...for now. 

8 | We had two birthday parties back to back on Saturday. The first was at the fire station. Jack loves playing on the firetrucks and it was hard to get him to leave.

 9 | I still can't get over that Graham will be one next month! He's learning to play on all kinds of new toys.

10 | I have been trying to figure out a way to hang some of Jacks artwork on a gallery wall of sorts in his bedroom. I found these floater frames at Target and really love them. If you have any other suggestions of how you hang your kids artwork please let me know! 

Well there you go! A glimpse into every day real life around here. Non edited photos and all! What have you been up to lately? 

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