Tuesday, September 27, 2016

A Day In The Life

I have talked before about how I am such a nosey person! So naturally 'day in the life' posts come as some of my favorites! I love to see what others days are like! I started taking pictures for this post forever ago and then got halfway through the day and stopped. So this is over the course of a few days, and even still my afternoon and evening photos are lacking big time!

I took a screenshot of my phone to note that I was up at 6:28 this morning. I like to be up by about 6:30 so I have some time alone before the boys wake up but some mornings that doesn't happen.

This morning I was able to come downstairs and get my cup of coffee and sit on the sofa for a few minutes before the boys woke up!

 We had a bed visitor at some point during the night! This has been happening more often than not lately but that's a post for another day!

7 am |  This nugget is up and happy! We head downstairs for a bottle and chill time. Jack was up shortly after this. He likes to just veg on the sofa with some milk and mini pancakes first thing. He usually watches a show on his iPad while I feed Graham and try to catch the Today show.

8 am |  Its time to feed Graham breakfast. After this it's balls to the wall trying to get both boys dressed and out the door for school. Usually at some point I am begging Jack to hurry up and get in the car!

8:45 am | We are finally in the car and headed to school. I was driving a rental car this morning and Jack wasn't sure what to think about not having a TV in the car. #spoiledmuch

9 am |  We are headed into school. Jack loves school so this is always a fun drop off. He usually runs down the hall to his classroom and gets so excited when he sees his friends.

 9:15 am | I've rushed back home so that I can get Graham down for a nap. On days where Jack doesn't have school he is usually down for nap at 8:30. On this day he clearly wasn't feeling nap

 During morning nap I try to get the house organized, laundry started, figure out what I'm going to cook for dinner. If I have time I will take a minute and try and catch the rest of the news.

10 am | This sweet thing is awake and playing happily in his crib while I put laundry away and straighten up his room.

 11 am | We run out to do a few things before picking Jack up at noon.

12 -1 pm | I am rushing around trying to get everyone fed, and in the bed before any melt downs occur.

1-3 pm | Nap time! Gosh, this may be the best part of the day! I have worked hard to get both boys napping at the same time. I'd love to say that I use this time to do work around the house but honestly, I typically end up catching up on blogs, my DVR'd shows and watching Greys Anatomy reruns. Today I'm enjoying a chocolate cheesecake brownie from a place we got lunch from!

3 pm | Happy boy is awake. He is usually up before Jack so we get some one on one time to play.

4 pm | Jack had tumble today so off we went for that and then a quick stop at the store and it was home for supper.

5-6:30 pm | This is usually the worst time of day for Graham. That witching hour is real folks! I am usually feeding the boys dinner and trying to keep Graham happy and content. Daddy is home by now and we are both just going through the motions counting down the minutes until bedtime!

6:30 pm | Sweet Graham is in bed for the night!

7 -8 pm | Patrick and I finally eat supper and then we try to spend some one on one time with Jack. He loves to snuggle on the sofa and watch a Mickey with me or he will go "help" daddy in the office and do some work.

8 pm | Jack is in bed which can take anywhere from 15 min to an hour. He has started recently stalling..big time! Sometimes Patrick and I both end up frustrated which I hate but this is life with an almost 3 year old! We finally have some down time! I am usually working on a blog post and Patrick and I will watch a show or two together.

10 pm | We are heading up to bed and ready to start it all over again tomorrow!

So that is a pretty typical day for us! On the days that Jack doesn't have school we hang around in the morning while Graham naps and then try to get out of the house to run errands or meet Daddy for lunch just to go do something! If you are a SAHM are your days pretty similar? What is different? I'd  love to know if you've got any secrets to combat that witching hour{s}!

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  1. Along with pretty much everyone else, there are my favorite posts. Fun to see a day in your life!

  2. I love "day in the life" posts too! Thanks for sharing yours. I'm also happy to see that there are other moms out there who go to bed as early as I do. :) I feel like everyone is always staying up until midnight and I do NOT have the energy for that!

  3. My days are different. I homeschool my preschooler and really dislike having to leave the house more than a couple days a week. I'm a bit of a homebody anyway and we live rurally. Naps are rare for my 4 year old and my 5.5 month old hates naps. But I do get them to rest in the afternoon so I can blog, watch my shows, fold some laundry, sneak some ice cream....lol. Our days start around 7:30 for the 4 year old, the baby is all over the place still. If I make it to 10pm before I'm crawling into bed, I consider it a miracle. ;) #TuesdayTalk

  4. Love that we both did Day in the Life posts on the same day! I just love these posts so much! And yes, the witching hour is most definitely a real thing... early evening is by far when both of our kids are the crankiest! Unfortunately I have no cure for it!

  5. I'm both excited and terrified to see how our daily routine will change once we introduce baby #2 into the mix come February. Love that you took some "me" time during the day, because you know what... you deserve it! Great job Momma.

  6. Love this! I'm nosy too, so I enjoy hearing what other people do during the day. Our days look similar in so many ways. It's amazing what all gets done in a day.

  7. I love day in the life posts and I especially love those adorable little faces that fill your day! XOXO

  8. Loved seeing what your day was like! I think you are so lucky to be able to stay home with both of your boys! And yay for getting the boys to nap at the same time! Grey's is definitely a priority and you can't be interrupted during it haha!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  9. Love seeing your day unfold. Our days are very similar to yours. Especially getting the kids down to sleep. Sometimes it is a struggle. I can't wait until we can eat dinner together as a family.

  10. Our days are very similar. The witching hour is for real... For Stella I always just keep her mouth full of food, starting at about 5. ha! Wyatt isn't usually hungry until at least 6, which is nice. But Stella, I just feed, feed, feed her whatever to keep her happy. She gets so cranky and clingy.