Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Fall Fun List | 2016

Hey friends, I hope that you were able to check out my guest post yesterday. I shared five of my favorite things about fall. Including clothes, food, football and a few others! Today I am sharing our bucket list for this fall. There are so many fun things that are about to go on and I don't want to miss out on them. I focused our list on toddler activities. I think these could easily be done with any age group though!

There are several farms around where we live that have awesome pumpkin patches and activities. I fully intend on partaking in these events multiple times. The local farm in town has a fall festival with hayrides and other activities. I would love to take the boys to this. 

I don't think anything screams fall like leaves! We have never had Jack jump in them but I really think he would have fun doing this! 

I have been wanting to do a scavenger hunt outside but it's been so hot that I haven't had the energy. I am going to come up with a fun one to do with Jack one morning while Graham naps. 

Of course fall wouldn't be fall without Trick-or-Treating! I've got some darling costumes lined up for the boys and can't wait to see them in them! 

I have always wanted to have our pictures taken in a cotton field. There are tons where we live and I have decided this fall is going to be the year! 

There are plenty of other things I could have added to this list, but I wanted to be realistic with my expectations and thought that I could easily do all of these with the boys. 

have you created a bucket list to do this fall? I'd love to know what things you are doing and if there is anything I must add to our list! 

I promise that I will not post about fall every single day from here until Thanksgiving..but I just can't help myself. There is so much fun stuff and I get so excited about this season every year! Just ask my husband, or take a look inside our house. 

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  1. Share about fall all you want girl! Love your bucket list. Mine will be shared later this week. :)

  2. Fall is such a fun season! You have so many great things to do on your list, especially with your boys :) Beautifully Candid

  3. Bucket lists for any season are fun! Love your list!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  4. I love bucket lists! I'm sharing mine later this week...I think that's when I have it scheduled. haha!

    I looooove mums! We had them alternating rows at our wedding. I can't wait to get some for our porch this year.

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  6. Fall bucket lists are the best! Have a great time with yours!

  7. Fall is the most fun thing to post about =) I don't make a bucket list because I would want to put 76 things on it. It is such a fun time of year though with all the patches and fests to attend! I love it so.

  8. Such a great list! I'm patiently waiting for some cooler weather. We're headed to Northwest Arkansas this weekend and I'm hoping it's a little cooler!

  9. Ahhh pictures in a cotton field sound so neat! Happy fall!


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