Friday, September 2, 2016

Friday Favorites

Happy Weekend friends! Whew I am tired! I am going to make my Friday favorites quick this week. There seems to be a theme for the week and that's shopping, and fall! Two of my favorite things!

 O N E // If you follow me on Insta you already saw these first two pictures. I picked up these darling place mats and plastic plates in the Dollar spot at Target the other day! The places were $1 and the mats $5! The plates are so cute and are almost identical in size to the two that I just received from PBK that I ordered last weekend.

 T W O // I saw this the other day and it really cracked me up! I think every blogger has posted at least one thing about how excited they are for September and how much they love fall.

T H R E E // I have been looking for some dog sheets for Jacks room and happened to find these from PBK. They were a bit more expensive that I wanted to spend but over the weekend they had a 20% off coupon on most everything so I scooped them right up! (Along with 2 halloween plates and Grahams halloween costume!)

 F O U R // While running through Target the other day I stumbled on this cute jacket! It's like sweatshirt material and I thought would be perfect to throw over several different tops that I own. I plan to style it soon and post a picture!

F I V E // EEK..Back to school time! Jack finally started school Tuesday. Of course I needed a back to school shirt for him and a matching one for Graham {duh!} So I had my go to gal make them. Jack loves a school bus so he will be so excited to see this on Tuesday!

S I X // More shopping...Again, when I was at Target I came across a new kids line. Cat & Jack! It was so cute, I picked up these two outfits for Graham. The baby line only went up to 9 Months from what I could tell so I'm really hoping that these fit him. At least through the fall! They also had toddler clothes. I got Jack a pair of jeans and the Girls stuff was darling! Definitely worth a check out!

 S E V E N // Lastly, the reason I'm so tired... Football! It's back! Last night Patrick and I went to the opening NC State game. It was so much fun. The weather was great, until we got to our seats and it was like a sauna. This picture is before I started sweating and got super irritable because I was hot and felt like I was stuffed in a sardine can next to 1000's of fans.

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 I hope you have a great  Labor Day weekend! The hurricane thats battling Florida right now is headed out way and we are supposed to be pounded with rain! Hopefully it won't be a full washout and Sunday and Monday will be nice!


  1. That really is the worst feeling...being so sweaty and surrounded by other sweaty people. I would have been irritable too. PBK always has the cutest sheets...I love their transportation sheets!

  2. Love those little plates! I usually order some from PB every year but these look the part for a nicer price tag! :)

  3. Where do you get the boys special shirts? I love them and want to do things like that for my girls. Love the dog sheets. So cute. I need to start searching for my girls' Halloween costumes. Have a great weekend!!!

  4. Woo hoo go PACK! I'm a State girl myself. Those plates are so cute! I saw them yesterday at Target and didn't get any. Of course now I wish I did because I'm sure they will be gone long before October. I did get a few other items though. Love your kiddos outfit finds, very sweet! Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. #2... hilarious! I'm about to send this to my hubs. He will crack up!

    So glad that you guys had a great time at the game! I can't wait for tomorrow!! I'm so excited I can't stand it. And we're tired, too, because we stayed up late watching the Tennessee game... it was a late one!

  6. The Target goodies are too cute!! They were putting items out when I walked in yesterday. I thought I'd give them some time to get them out while I picked up my other items...big mistake! By the time I got back around things were already picked through :(. Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

  7. I bought some of the same target goodies!! The dollar spot is killing it! :) love the sheets!! PB always has such adorable stuff.


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