Thursday, September 29, 2016

Birthday Wish List

Hey ya'll! Does anyone else feel like this has been a long week? I don't know what it is, maybe that it's rained several days in a row? 31st birthday is next week! Wow, that sounds so weird for me to type out. 31..I swear some days I feel like I'm still a teenager and can't believe I'm married and have 2 kids! My birthday has sort of crept up on me. Usually I am counting down the weeks and this year it's just sort of arrived!

I put together a fun wish list of things that if I had an unlimited budget or wasn't headed to NYC this weekend {more on that in a minute!} I would love to get! These are just some ideas that I would love and thought were cool!

So, I am headed to New York City tomorrow! I am meeting one of my very best friends for a quick girls weekend. I am sure we will do plenty of shopping so that will really be my present!

One | I love athleta yoga pants. I wear them to barre every time I go and often will wear them on days I don't even workout. This style is my favorite, they stay up {most important!} and are super comfy! 

Two | A good pullover is necessary in the fall/winter. I practically live in them when I'm just wearing comfy or workout clothes. 

Three | I saw these posted on a local boutique page the other day and thought they were so cute! I love my hunter rain boots but honestly they make me so hot. These are cute and functional especially during rainy/wet winter days! 

Four | Patrick and I just ordered the new iPhone and I'm in need of a case. I have one of these on my current phone and love it. I am upgrading to the plus or else I would just use what i've got! 

Five | I love this necklace! I don't have any Twine and Twig and this is one I could totally see myself wearing a lot! 

Six | This is a total splurge! I am always using my phone to take photos. I came across this on pinterest the other day and thought it was genius! I would love to see how it works and what the photos are really like! It looks awesome. 

Seven | I have been wanting the navy watch band for my Apple Watch for awhile. I had pink for summer but am ready for something darker for the winter! 

It's always fun to make a wish list of things that you would love to have! I definitely don't expect I will get any of this but a girl can dream! There's always Christmas, right? 

What's on your wish list these days? 

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  1. Happy almost birthday! ;) I hope you have a blast in NYC! Sound slike so much fun. The camera lens for the iPhone looks so cool. I'm intrigued. Such a great list.

  2. Enjoy your time in NYC! I've never been, but it is on my travel bucket list. I'd preferably like to go in the winter.

    I love your list!

  3. Yay for a trip to NYC this weekend! That will be so awesome! Those boots are super cute, they would be on my wish list, too.

  4. HBD!! I love your blog! P.s. I went to Barton :)

  5. OH my goodness, you're going to have a blast in NYC! And I didn't even know that they made lenses like that for iPhones... that is crazy!!

  6. Have so much fun this weekend!! Love you list--those boots are so cute! I have a similar pullover that I bought last year from Old Navy and I loved it all winter!

  7. Have a safe trip and happy early birthday!!! I love those boots!
    Evelina @ Fortunate House

  8. I have 2 pairs of Athleta leggings and I love them!!! I love their tops but I haven't bought any yet....yet being the key word ;)

  9. I love your birthday wish list. I love workout pants. I need to try Athleta. My sister in law loves them. I want to check out that lens too. Seems big but it is probably awesome!!!