Friday, September 9, 2016

Friday Favorites

Woo I'm so excited it's Friday! This week flew by. Thats the best part of a 4 day week. Last weekend was the perfect weather, it finally was beginning to feel somewhat fall-ish. Ugh, not anymore. The highs this weekend are in the 90s. I'm OVER it. Give me the cool weather!

We don't have a ton planned, Jack has two birthday parties on Saturday so we will be doing the run around to try and make it to both! 

My favorites from this week..

O N E | I have been on the hunt for a new rug in our playroom. I love the look of our current one but it sheds like crazy. Any time you sit on it tiny fibers get all over you. It has driven me crazy for two years and I had yet to do anything about it. Because y'all, rugs are so expensive!! I just didn't want to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on a rug that is in a playroom and going to have things spilled on it. I finally found one that I liked and the price was decent so I hopped on it. It's from wayfair. They have tons of rugs! This one is an indoor/outdoor rug but super soft. I thought that it would be easy to clean up spills. I am really happy with it. I decided to take out the old rug and lay the new one all by myself yesterday during nap time. Whew, that is hard work! I broke out into multiple sweats and was definitely out of breath by the end. Save yourself the pain and have someone help you with area rugs! 

Focus on the rug, not the mess of the playroom.  #reallife (source)

T W O | Halloween Jammies! Carters makes cute jammies, and they are usually on sale and fairly inexpensive. I hate spending a ton of money on jams but I also want them to be cute. Jack had these halloween ones last year and they were so cute, and they glow in the dark! I just ordered a pair for both boys and thought that they would love them. Jack, especially! 

T H R E E | Did you watch Bachelor in Paradise? I was really into it this season. Its totally cheesy and so dramatic but I loved it. I thought Josh was a loser from the start and after hearing so much about the book that Andi wrote I just had to order it. It finally came this week. I can't wait to read and see what she has to say about him and their relationship. 

F O U R | Tumble. Jack started tumble last week. He is constantly flipping, and turning, and jumping and wanting to wrestle so I thought that putting him in a weekly tumble class would be great. He loves it! His teacher posted this picture yesterday and it cracked me up! 

F I V E | Sort of a random favorite but my car has been in the shop for the last few days. I mentioned a few weeks ago that someone backed into me and didn't leave a note {not cool!}. I finally took it to get fixed. I've been driving a rental car this week and its tiny! I feel like I am sitting on the road. I get my tahoe back today and I can't wait. It's amazing how much I appreciate all the space I have after driving a smaller car. I can't say I will miss Jack constantly kicking the back of my seat! 

Five random favorites of the week for you! Do you have any fun weekend plans? 

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  1. The new rug looks great! Why are rugs so expensive? We need some new ones, but have yet to decide what we like and shell out the money. Ugh! I love holiday jammies too and found really similar ones that you did for the kids. Gonna be adorable! Jack's tumble photo is awesome! :) I need to find a class for Emmy. She would love it.

  2. I've used Rugs USA in the past when buying rugs! I think I ended up paying only $50 for the runner in our entryway because it was 70% off! Rugs are so expensive that it's hard justifying several hundred dollars for something to go in a room where it could get stained. Love the one you got! And a couple of years ago, I had someone back into my car but they did leave a note, thankfully. I cried though because it was an elderly couple and I felt really bad for them thinking that their insurance might go up! So crazy, I know!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  3. Those Halloween pajamas are so cute. They will look adorable in them! And I love the playroom rug too! I hope you have a good weekend, and the weather cools down a bit! It was the hottest day since the 1800s here yesterday, and I was NOT happy! But it's supposed to cool down today, fingers crossed it does!

  4. Let me know what you think of Andi's book!! I want to know all the juicy details!! I was never a huge Josh fan on The Bachelor (he seemed to be in search of only fame and constantly reminded us he was a "pro" baseball player), but BIP made me hate him even more!! The moaning, the sweating, ewwwwwww!!!!


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