Friday, January 29, 2016

Friday Favorites!

today I'm linking up with some of my favorite girls ChristinaAprilNatasha, and Darci for my top 5 things this Friday!

one of my sweet babysitters has started her own jewelry line Charles and Company . She makes such cute necklaces and bracelets. She also has an adorable line for little girls! Y'all..she is only 15 and already such an entrepreneur. I recently had her make these bracelets for the upcoming Super Bowl where our Panthers are playing! She also made me a cute necklace to wear to the NC State games we go to. You can also find her on insta at shopcharlesco.

 I still can't believe this smiley babe is 3 months old! The phrase "the days are long the years are short" rings so true for me! We are starting to try and sleep train and its not going so great for me. I have been in tears twice this week...but I know that he will learn and we will get back to being on a good schedule soon! 
I'm hoping to do a 3 month update next week. 

 I can't wait to spend some quality time with Patrick on saturday! We will be going to the State basketball game. I desperately need some adult time! 

 I love to decorate for any holiday. I can't believe that Valentines day is right around the corner and I have not pulled out my decs yet. I have had my eye on these cute chair back heart envelopes for my boys little table and keep forgetting to order....its on my to-do list for this weekend! 

 I am absolutely loving this stage that Jack is in. He is so much fun and it amazes me daily just how much he knows. If you have a toddler I highly suggest getting these matching cupcakes. He got them for christmas and they are so fun to play with and also a great learning tool. The bottom of each cupcake has a shape and you match it in the spot on the cupcake tin. Such a fun and educational toy! 

It's supposed to be in the 60's this weekend...I'm looking forward to getting outside and playing with my boys! Have a great Friday! 

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Whats Up Wednesday

Today I'm linking up with some of my favorite bloggers and sharing whats up with me today!

1. What we're eating this week....
I made these crock pot chicken burrito bowls last night and they were so good! I am really trying to clean up my diet and follow the 80/20 rule....some days its more like 30/70 but with some meal planning and prep I'm able to stick to it for the most part.

2. What I'm reminiscing about....

 how is this tiny baby who didn't even fit into newborn clothes already going to be 3 months old! The saying babies don't keep sure is running through my head right now. I'm already missing that tiny days old nugget!

3. What I'm loving...

I'm loving that the Panthers are going to the Super Bowl and that the entire state has rallied behind this team! I haven't been this excited for a football game in a lot time...and I can't wait for the parties {mainly the yummy food} that will happen!

 4. What we've been up to...
A whole lot of nothing! There has been a lot of this going on...
smiley Graham 

both my boys are so smiley lately and I can't say I don't love it! Since its cold/flu season we really have been steering clear of venturing to far from home..other than taking Jack to school and the occasional target/HT run we have been major home bodies.

5. What I'm dreading...
Jack not only came down with Pink eye on saturday but was diagnosed with an ear infection on monday. If anyone has a toddler they know that giving medicine can be torture...not just for said toddler but for the parent as well. You would think we were water boarding him with the way he screams and kicks when trying to do one single eye multiply that by 4 times a day plus two other times of liquid meds...yeah...makes for an awesome time. not

6. What I'm working on....
I'm working on trying to keep on top of the house work. Toys picked up, laundry done (one load a day)...just every day chores that I've never been the best at.

7. What I'm excited about...

Heading to watch State play on Saturday with this guy...these little dates are so fun and much needed after spending all day talking to a sweet toddler.

8. What I'm watching...

90% of the time you will find me either watching the Food Network if its during the day or Bravo if its night. I am loving Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Vanderpump Rules right now. My husband would never admit it but he likes to pretend like he's not watching but he sure knows whats going on when the topic comes up!

9. What I'm listening to...
Katy Perry on Pandora during my workouts...great station to pump you up

10. What I'm wearing...
#yogapantsforlife  need I say more

11.What I'm doing this weekend...
See #7

12. What I'm looking forward to next month...
For Christmas Patrick gave me tickets to see The Lion King ...Ive seen it twice before and its one of my favorite shows. I can't wait to go!

13. Bonus question....What's my favorite Valentines Day treat....
Chocolate...anything chocolate

and that's what's up with me! Happy hump day friends!

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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Lets Talk: New Years

Today I'm linking up with Erika and Andrea for Lets Talk! This is a monthly chit-chat with other bloggers and each month is a new theme. This month the theme is New Years. Now that I've had time to get through most of January I have really narrowed down what I want to focus on this year.

Each year I find myself coming up with all these great resolutions that after about a week..{er a day} go out the window. With two small children at home I have decided to focus on a few things that I think will help to keep our house running smoothly and also something to help better myself.

I'm going to call these 'goals' instead of resolutions....sounds less intimidating.

Organization.... every year I vow to be more organized. I always start the year with the best of intentions, a new planner, making lists, keeping appointments organized. Then by february this whole system has gone away and I'm left with an empty...although cute...planner and lots of chaos running through my head.

I purchased the Erin Condren Life Planner in hopes that I can keep up daily apointments as well as use it to meal plan and schedule workouts. My hope is that if it is written down instead of just in my head I will follow through more.

Along with writing things down I also want to keep my house neater. I have never been one to keep the neatest house...I always envy my friends whose house you walk into and don't see a single toy or item out on their kitchen counter tops. While that definitely isn't going to be the case in our house my goal is to pick up all the toys each night before going to bed.

I recently bought this book and hope to start reading a chapter a night. Maybe by the end of 2016 I will be completely free of clutter...wishful thinking! sure this is tops on everyones new years resolution list. Having been pregnant for the better part of 2015 I really want to spend 2016 focusing on my health and fitness. I need to be in the best possible shape I can be so that I can keep up with two active boys!

My sister is a Beach Body coach and is always encouraging me to workout. I recently started one of their new programs Hammer and Chisel and is it definitely pushing me beyond my comfort levels. It is often so easy for me to put off a daily workout due to having a baby at home. I am always full of excuses...this year I plan to cut the excuses and do what I have to do to get the workout done!

Today was one of those days...after going in 3 times to put Graham's paci back in his mouth in a 10 minute span I decided to just bring him in with me while I completed my workout. It was a win win for both of us. He was happy and I got the workout in!

So there they goals of 2016! Now that they are written down for all to see I guess I have no excuse not to follow through!

Monday, January 25, 2016

Scenes from my weekend

Incase you live under a rock and didn't know it.... there was a major winter storm that hit the east coast on Friday. We were really unsure of what the weather would do in Wilson but I was hoping for at least a few inches of snow! We woke up friday morning to sleet and slush...not my idea of a winter storm.

 Jack usually goes to school on Friday but since that was cancelled due to the weather we spent the day at home. This is Patricks slow season and he has been spending lots of time at home lately (which we love!).

 making silly faces. He walked around all weekend making this face at me and then cracking up. I love this stage that he is in. He's so much fun!
This happy little nugget is all smiles lately (unless he's which case its terrible)

Friday night was pizza night! Instead of ordering out I decided that it would be fun to make our own pizzas. I'm pretty type A in the kitchen and like things to go a certain way but decided to let Jack help me with the pizzas.
 Notice he is still in his jammies at dinner time...a lazy day indeed!

I gave him his own dough ball and let him go to town. He is really into "my do it!" these days and I am learning the art of patience with a toddler. I could have easily whipped these pizzas up in no time and made half the mess but I decided to be a "yes mom" and let him help. He had the best time adding the cheese and pepperoni to the pizzas and watching them cook. Unfortunately as it always goes he hardly ate any of it..picky toddlers unite!

Saturday we woke up to more snow and ice...but not enough to have fun in, just enough to be annoying. Patrick and I had plans to go to the NC State vs. Duke basketball game. After lots of discussion we decided to take our chances and head to Raleigh. The roads were surprisingly clear and we had a great time at the game.

Unfortunately State lost but it was a great day date!
We are so lucky that Patricks parents are always willing to keep the boys.They have the best time with nana and grandaddy.

Sunday was spent at home. Jack came down with a bad case of pink eye on Saturday. We quarantined ourselves Sunday and watched football and played inside.

I came downstairs from putting Graham down for nap to discover this guy fast asleep on the sofa. He never does this so I knew he must not be feeling great. After an extended nap he woke up feeling much better.

We are so excited that the Panthers are playing in the NFC championship and hope that they will be going to the Superbowl!

I hope you had a great weekend and have a great start to the new week!

Friday, January 22, 2016

Meet my family

 Hi there! Thanks for checking out this new adventure I'm taking. I'm Emily, a former elementary school teacher turned stay at home mom. I grew up in Charlotte, NC and after graduating from Appalachian State moved to Raleigh where I met my husband Patrick. I moved to the small town of Wilson, NC shortly before Patrick and I got married.

This is my family. Patrick owns his own lawncare business and is one of the hardest working men I know. He is the glue that holds our family together.  We've been married 4 years. In that four years we have had two beautiful boys.

Jack is 2, he was born on November 5th, 2013. He is a spunky full of life toddler. Our days are filled with lots of laughter and the occasional (sometimes quite often) temper tantrum.  Often times over the silliest of things such as wanting M&M's for breakfast or not letting him put that plastic fireman in his mouth...hey choking hazard!

Next up is baby Graham. He was born 1 week shy of Jacks 2nd birthday on October 28, 2015. He completely surprised us by coming 3 weeks early. He has been quite the little fighter from the start. After a short stay in the NICU and an additional hospital stay for jaundice he has provided us with so much joy these past 12 weeks.

 Life sure is crazy with two boys under 2 but it is full of fun, excitement and the occasional tears (including mine). Jack is completely smitten with his baby brother, whom has taken on the name "baby gam". He is the sweetest big brother always checking on him and offering a paci (pa in our household) when he cries. I can't wait to watch these two grow up together and see the special bond that they form as brothers.

These three red headed boys are my whole world.  Life may not always go as planned, things may get crazy but our house is full of love and laughter on a daily basis!