Tuesday, February 28, 2017


Hey y'all! I am a day behind in posting our weekend recap. I just didn't have the energy to post something yesterday. I feel like there is a lot of sadness going on in my personal life right now and then after reading about some bloggers who's good friend passed away from cancer I just didn't have it in me to post.

We had a really great weekend celebrating Patrick! It was pretty low key which was great!

Friday we celebrated Patrick all day. My mom was in town so we all met him for lunch at the local burger place...think old school burgers, dogs, crinkle fries...my favorite! My mom left when the boys went down for nap but not before Patrick {Jack} opened his gifts! (Don't ask me why jack doesn't have his shirt on....)

We gave Patrick a Jord watch and he loved it! I have seen these all over blog land and had been wanting to get him one for awhile. I love the box that comes with it and he really thought it was such a cool gift. In fact my mom wants to get one for my dad now!

After nap we dropped the boys off at my in-laws and we headed to dinner with our besties. We went to On the Square in Taboro but first stopped at the local brewery. It was a really fun night and so nice to get away and have adult conversation!

Saturday we didn't do anything. Picked the boys up and just hung around the house/played outside all day. I ended up eating a bowl of cereal for supper if that tells you what kind of night it was haha. We did watch The Girl On The Train after the boys went to bed. I liked the movie, it was creepy but good!

Sunday Jack and I went to church and then after naps we headed over to my in-laws to visit. My FIL is building a really cool campfire setup in the backyard and built a fire and the boys just played and had a great time while I went to bible study. It's amazing to me that on Sunday we were wearing shorts and t-shirts and by Sunday it was long pants and jackets..crazy NC weather!

A pretty good weekend had by all!

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Friday, February 24, 2017

Five On Friday {Birthday Edition}

Happy Fri-YAY friends!! What a fun week we have had. My mom has been in town visiting and we have had amazing weather. The boys and I have had a surprisingly good week with little melt downs {from me ha!}

Today is an extra special Friday, it is Patricks birthday! I love to celebrate birthday's big in our house. It's always fun to have a birthday on a weekend! We will celebrate all weekend long. Patrick and I are going out to this amazing restaurant On The Square with our best friends tonight, the boys are spending the night at my in-laws! The weather is going to be in the 80s so I guarantee most of the weekend will be outside!

Now on to 5 of my favorite things about Patrick! I could go on and on about him but here are some of the top things we love about him!

O N E | He takes selfies with me whenever I ask. I love to take pics and of course want to document us whenever we do something fun. He hates taking pictures so the fact that he appeases me and does it, and usually more than once because of course we didn't get a good one on the first try, makes me love him so much!

T W O | He is so sweet when he puts Jack to bed. We ask Jack nightly who he wants to put him to bed at 99% of the time he says daddy! Its because daddy reads him lots of books and then will lay with him until he falls asleep. The other night they were reading a book about firetrucks and all of a sudden Patrick came downstairs to get the fire extinguisher. I watch on the monitor and see him explaining to Jack all about how it works. It was the sweetest thing to watch, I often find myself stalking them over the monitor during bed time!

T H R E E | He gets on the floor with the boys and wrestles. I am not a rough and tough kinda mama so they love it when he gets down and lets them crawl all over him and play! Even after a long day of work he will come in the door, and immediately go into dad mode with the boys.

F O U R | He works so very hard to provide for our family! I am lucky that I get to stay home with the boys, but that means Patrick has to work extra hard. Owning his own business is hard work and I am so proud of the man he is and how he has grown his business over the years!

F I V E | He makes us laugh! Goodness he is a funny man. There isn't a day that goes buy that I don't laugh and that is because of Patrick. I love that he can turn any situation into something positive and most of the time he is making me laugh doing that!

So there you have it, five out of a million things that we love about him. We couldn't get through life without him and are so glad we don't have to!! I love you so much Patrick and I hope that this is the best birthday yet. So excited to celebrate many many more to come!

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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Thursday Confessions

I have not participated in a confessions post in awhile and figured it was high time! I had planned to do this last week and even wrote several down and then life happened and it didn't get written!

I confess....

// I have been having some hard days mom-ing lately. This week has been better but man last week was so trying. I felt like I failed more days than not and lost my patience far too frequently. I have really tried hard this week to take a deep breath before reacting to situations. I also find that starting my day doing my bible study has helped tremendously!

// Graham is going through a total whiney phase and it's literally going to throw.me.over.the.edge. I love this lump of sugar so much but he's in that awkward phase where he's trying so hard to communicate but can't fully do it yet and so he just whines. I don't know if I just blocked this memory out with Jack or if Graham just truly whines more than he did but man..I'm ready to get over this hump!!

// Graham is so close to walking by himself and now I feel like it has become a game to us. Who can get Jack to walk first! I am constantly trying to bribe him to let go and do it by himself. So far he's only taken 1-2 baby steps but I know he's going to do it soon. He wants to, he just needs to gain that confidence!

// I can't keep up with house chores. I am literally THE WORST at this. It is not for lack of time, my boys nap every afternoon, but now that Graham has dropped his morning nap I don't have the energy to do all the things come afternoon nap. I am a morning do-er. When Jack is in school and Graham was napping I could get so much done in an hour. Now it doesn't get done. I wish so badly I was a clean freak..but I'm not.

// Speaking of chores..give me all your laundry tips! I can't keep on top of this either.

// Jack has a nightly bedtime melt down. The second we say the words "bed time" he can go from being happy and smiling to a full on crying fit. It really is so annoying and something I dread each night. Once he's upstairs he is fine but the act of getting him to go upstairs is not fun!

// We are Trolls obsessed in this house. We watch the movie at least once a day and we listen to the soundtrack all the time. In the car, in the kitchen, we like to dance and sing. Jack now knows all the words to two of the songs and I love hearing him try to sing!

// I am obsessed with "This Is Us' but the emotional roller coaster it takes me on weekly is about to do me in. I was ugly sobbing after the episode this week. And I am just dying to know what happened to Jack!!

// I took Graham to his 15 month well check yesterday and he was perfect! He's still tiny in weight and height but he's growing steadily.

I am going to stop there even though I think I could go on and on! What confessions do you have for me?

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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Children's Book Club {February}

I have been wanting to participate in Jess and Whitney's monthly children's book club. For some reason I have not been able to get my act together to actually do it {if you know me you aren't surprised by this haha} until now!

February is one of my favorite months. I love Valentine's Day, probably because of all the pink, but it's especially fun with kids! The book that they chose for this month was The Day It Rained Hearts by Felicia Bond. It was a really cute book! I have had it sitting out in our book basket all month.

Jack does not go to school on Wednesday and we usually don't have much going on so I decided that we would do our fun activities to go along with this book on that day.

I cut out some hearts and had Jack glue these fun pom poms on them to make a cute heart wreath. I then taped the hearts down on a piece of pink paper and let him go to town painting. Once the paint dried I pulled up the hearts and we had two different projects. We hung the individual hearts on the window and the painted paper in the kitchen.

I also cut a heart into puzzle pieces that spelled out Jacks name. It was a fun activity for him to take apart and work on spelling his name (Which he has down pat!)

Later that afternoon we created some yummy snack mix that we gave to Jack's teachers and some other friends/family! He had so much fun dumping all the bags into the bowl and mixing it up. We then used the measuring scoop to put it in mason jars!

It was a fun day for both of us and I loved getting to do some one on one activities with him while Graham napped!

This is such a great link up to follow along with. If you don't have a blog you can still participate and do the activities and read the books with your kiddos! I can't wait to see what next month's book and activities are!

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Monday, February 20, 2017


Well hello there Monday! This was a great low key weekend, there really was not much excitement around here which was fine with me.

This weekend we..

* I went out to dinner Friday night with some of the moms in Jacks class. It was fun to get out and be with other mamas that are in the same stage of life as me. We had a great time and already planning our next get together.

* We went to my in-laws and visited and played before lunch on Saturday.

* Enjoyed the awesome weather and played outside

* Had our friends over to grill out since it's definitely now spring and no longer winter. We also were thankful that we are the type of friends who's kids can whine and fuss and it not be a big deal!

* I listened to Graham whine more than he didn't. I'm not sure what is going on with my buddy but he is so unhappy lately. It's either teeth or a developmental thing but it's about to send this mama over the edge!

* We watched Planet Earth 2..and if you have not set this on your DVR you are missing out! It is really such a cool show. Even Jack loved watching it.

* Jack and I went to church and he was looking cuter than ever (Of course he wouldn't look at the camera for me to get even remotely decent picture). He did so good at church today and even went up to the childrens service without me. I couldn't believe it. My baby is so growny now!

* We played outside some more! I finally figured out something to make Graham happy and not whine all. the. time.

* I went to my Sunday night bible study and am ending the weekend feeling renewed and ready to start the new week fresh!

And that was our weekend. A pretty boring but nice weekend spent with my sweet family!

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