Thursday, February 23, 2017

Thursday Confessions

I have not participated in a confessions post in awhile and figured it was high time! I had planned to do this last week and even wrote several down and then life happened and it didn't get written!

I confess....

// I have been having some hard days mom-ing lately. This week has been better but man last week was so trying. I felt like I failed more days than not and lost my patience far too frequently. I have really tried hard this week to take a deep breath before reacting to situations. I also find that starting my day doing my bible study has helped tremendously!

// Graham is going through a total whiney phase and it's literally going to I love this lump of sugar so much but he's in that awkward phase where he's trying so hard to communicate but can't fully do it yet and so he just whines. I don't know if I just blocked this memory out with Jack or if Graham just truly whines more than he did but man..I'm ready to get over this hump!!

// Graham is so close to walking by himself and now I feel like it has become a game to us. Who can get Jack to walk first! I am constantly trying to bribe him to let go and do it by himself. So far he's only taken 1-2 baby steps but I know he's going to do it soon. He wants to, he just needs to gain that confidence!

// I can't keep up with house chores. I am literally THE WORST at this. It is not for lack of time, my boys nap every afternoon, but now that Graham has dropped his morning nap I don't have the energy to do all the things come afternoon nap. I am a morning do-er. When Jack is in school and Graham was napping I could get so much done in an hour. Now it doesn't get done. I wish so badly I was a clean freak..but I'm not.

// Speaking of chores..give me all your laundry tips! I can't keep on top of this either.

// Jack has a nightly bedtime melt down. The second we say the words "bed time" he can go from being happy and smiling to a full on crying fit. It really is so annoying and something I dread each night. Once he's upstairs he is fine but the act of getting him to go upstairs is not fun!

// We are Trolls obsessed in this house. We watch the movie at least once a day and we listen to the soundtrack all the time. In the car, in the kitchen, we like to dance and sing. Jack now knows all the words to two of the songs and I love hearing him try to sing!

// I am obsessed with "This Is Us' but the emotional roller coaster it takes me on weekly is about to do me in. I was ugly sobbing after the episode this week. And I am just dying to know what happened to Jack!!

// I took Graham to his 15 month well check yesterday and he was perfect! He's still tiny in weight and height but he's growing steadily.

I am going to stop there even though I think I could go on and on! What confessions do you have for me?

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  1. Girl I hear you on the whining and fussing. We've had a few really good days, but some mornings all Emmy does is cry and whine for absolutely not reason. It's exhausting. Cam didn't truly walk until 15 months. He took random steps from his 1st birthday on, but didnt' really take off until he was 15 months. Graham will get there. :)

  2. Girl, I am with you on the mom-ing lately. I had a ROUGH weekend. And Mila has been whining for like 2 years now, so I feel you on that too. Even when she's just talking sometimes it's a whine. Drives me up the wall. Hang in there, friend!

  3. Oh the whining and fussing is at an all time high in our house. It is the worst. I lose my mommy patience a lot lately as well and it is so hard to just let it go and breathe. Ugh. I watched This is Us last night and cried so hard. I was sobbing. Such a great episode. They really know how to reel me in.

  4. Oh I'm right there with you on the house cleaning. When it comes to tidyness I'm all over it, but with sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, etc? Nope. I only do it like once a month. Super gross, I know, but I just don't have the time!

  5. Being a mom is hard, especially when your kids are little! I can tell you things will get easier! As far as laundry, I guess it helps to do it on a schedule, and when you know what days you need to do it, do it the same time every day so you remember. Good luck!!

  6. I have heard that doing a load of laundry every day helps keep it under control. Again no experience with this, just what I have been told. :)

  7. With laundry, I've heard it's best to do it all in one day, but I don't think that would ever work for us! I end up doing a load or two a day and it makes me feel like I'm never behind, but I also feel like I'm never ahead. I just keep thinking - these boys are little and if the thing I'm never caught up on is housework, I'm ok with that :) I'm totally with ya, though!

  8. Honestly, I have not picked up on This Is Us because of how much I know it will make me cry. I just don't like to go to bed sad, ya know. ;) And Stella is definitely my whiny one too. She's just really emotional in general. It is so exhausting.