Thursday, January 12, 2017

Potty Training 101

Y'all, I never thought I'd see the day. Jack is officially fully potty trained! It seriously is a miracle and one that I wasn't sure would ever happen. I was so worried it would be time for school to start next year and he still would be wearing diapers and unable to move up to the next class {a requirement is being potty trained!} I know so many of my friends are in this season of life right now so I thought a post talking about how I did it was a great idea!

Let me preface this by saying this is what worked for me. It is not the only way to potty train and I am sure if you've been through it you did it differently! My motto is, whatever works! There are SO many methods out there. If you look at my Pinterest search history potty training is at the top. I was over whelmed with all of the methods. I had the 3 day method printed off and after reading all 30 {yes you read that correctly} pages I decided it was just too intense for me! After all I still have a 1 year old that I have to care for so their method, which I know very successful for most just wasn't my cup of tea!

I have tried to potty train one time before this and after the very first accident I threw the towel in. I wasn't committed and gave up. Here is what worked for us!

First I gathered up all the supplies I needed. We had a little potty, and on a trip to target I picked up a pack of pull-ups, some flushable wipes and some fun underpants! {Mickey and Paw Patrol were Jacks choice!}

I knew that I needed several days where we didn't have any plans and decided that the week between Christmas and New Years would be "the week". There was no school and we had no plans. I need to add that for a few weeks leading up to this whenever my babysitter was here she would take jack to the potty every 30 minutes and sometimes he would go, others he wouldn't. He was still going to the bathroom in his diaper though.

The Monday after Christmas I put Jack in big boy underwear and set my timer for every 30 minutes. That entire day I felt like all I was doing was taking him back and fourth to the bathroom. Sometimes he would go, others he wouldn't but I still set that timer. For nap time and bedtime I put him in a pull-up. I know lots of people say don't do it, but who has time to be changing sheets multiple times a day!  That first day he only had one pee accident! I was so proud of him. However, he still wasn't going poop in the potty.

The next several days I did the exact same thing. I put him in underpants and set a timer. He definitely was not telling me when he had to go but was going every time I took him. Each day I set the timer for a little bit longer.  He only ever had a handful of pee accidents! But he still was not going #2 in the potty! I think I texted my friend Megan, who has been through this, a million times a day with questions.

I was worried that he would never be able to tell me when he had to use the potty but really one day he said "mommy I have to go potty!" I was so proud and made a big deal about it. As each day went on he was telling me more and more. I stopped setting a timer but still would ask him throughout the day if he needed to go potty.

As far as pooping on the potty...I seriously never thought he would do it. I tried everything. Bribery didn't work. Taking the iPad away didn't work. The only thing that worked was time. I have no idea what clicked with him but one day over this past weekend he just did it. We made a huge deal over it and he has continued ever since!

Of course accidents happen. He still wears a pull up to nap time and bed and sometimes when we leave the house I will stick a pull up over his underpants just in case. It was not nearly as bad as I had envisioned. I think the idea of it was much more intimidating than the actual potty training itself. Maybe that is because I waited so long or maybe it was because he is a quick learner but after 2+ weeks I feel safe in saying that we are officially over the hump and potty trained!

Obviously our way of doing it isn't rocket science. There was no magical trick for us. I know many mamas out there are dreading doing this. Trust me I was one of them! But now that we are over the hump I am so glad that we did it and I am beyond proud of Jack! One last piece of advice, give yourself some grace!! Try not to compare your child to others, everyone picks it up at a different pace. And remember...I've never seen a Kindergartener go to school in diapers!!

my big guy wanted to show off one of his favorite pair of underpants..paw patrol of course!

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  1. Wahoo!! Way a go Jack! I'm so glad you are feeling good and it was a positive experience for all. That makes it so much better. Cheers to one potty trained!!

  2. So glad that it went well...and fast!! We kept Wyatt in a pull-up until he woke up consistently dry...I wasn't about dirty sheets either. ;)

  3. Go Jack, GO! Girl, that's awesome! Such an accomplishment for him AND for you!

  4. Great job on the potty training. I am so glad he caught on so soon. Way to go!

  5. Awesome job! Commitment truly is key. Setting a timer was a great idea to keep a schedule going. From my experiences pooping for children is always harder than peeing. I believe its a harder for them to tell if they have to poop or not. So its definitely important to praise when they go poop


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