Friday, January 27, 2017

Friday Favorites!

Happy Friday! So glad it's the weekend. This week has seemed extra long for some reason.

My favorites from this week are totally random!

O N E | Grahams curls! Y'all, I die over them daily. Yesterday after nap they were just so perfect and I had to snap a picture. I really probably should cut his hair but I can't bring myself to do it.

T W O | I have been using essential oils for a while but rarely diffuse. Well, I decided I wanted to get back into using my diffuser and of course I was missing a part. So when I saw my sweet friend Brittney post on her instagram about this diffuse I ordered two! Jack is obsessed with the way it changes colors.  (bonus..its majorly on sale! $19.99 usually $69.99)

T H R E E | Avocado Toast. Y'all, where have I been hiding? Why have I never tried this before. It is SO good! And so easy. I have made this the past two mornings and aside from it only taking about 5 minutes it also has kept me full until lunchtime. I just took half an avocado and roughly mashed it with a fork. Add a pinch of garlic powder, salt, and pepper. Spread it on toast and top with a little red pepper flake. It's extra yummy with the friend eggs I had with it!

F O U R | If you know me it's no secret I love to shop for my boys. Thankfully they have matched up season wise so I have gotten lots of wear out of the clothes. But they still have way too much! There are so many Facebook BST groups out there and I decided to do a big purge earlier this week. Y'all, it was so successful! I am so excited and am not addicted to seeing what I can sell! This was my basket of packages that I had to drop off at the post office!

F I V E | I saw this on instagram the other day and it made me laugh! Knock on wood my kids are both pretty good sleepers right now, but you really do never know how many times a mom got up during the night! 

S I X | TGIT...who watched Greys, Scandal, and How To Get Away With Murder last night? I didn't get through all of them, (nap time today!) but I am so excited that they are finally back!! 

I hope you have a great weekend! We are hanging with friends and then will be celebrating Patricks grandmamas 94th birthday on Sunday! 

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  1. I bought that same diffuser for each of the kid's rooms and we love it! I've been diffusing thieves and lavender in their rooms each night because of sicknesses going around school. I may have to order another one. Graham's curls are amazing!! Have a great weekend!

  2. Baby curls...omg my favorite! Don't cut them! And I haven't taken the time to try avocado toast but I'm sure I would like it because I LOVE avocados! I've got Grey's recorded and will watch it this weekend....happy Friday!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  3. Those curls are to die for!!!! Precious! TGIT baby!! Have a sweet and cozy weekend!!

  4. You are so welcome! I'm glad you guys are enjoying it! :) And, I somehow missed you if you posted on Snips & Snails but I basically probably need to raid your boys' closets. ;) Happy Friday!

  5. I love his curls! XOXO A friend gave me a diffuser just before Christmas that changes color. I keep it in my bedroom because it's so relaxing!

  6. OMG, love the curls! I literally just tried avocado toast for the first time on Sunday!! SO good!! Grey's was a good one last night!

  7. I am watching Scandal right now. It's the only show that I watch on TGIT that I'm obsessive about. I used to watch Grey's but gave it up and am slowly working through HTGAWM.

    And thanks for the diffuser suggestion, just ordered one!

  8. Oh those curls! SO precious! Our middle has some curls and I waited forever to cut it but the wave has stayed in his hair and when it gets long there is still curl! <3 I am super excited for TGIT to be back! FINALLY! I only watch Grey's and HTGAWM.

    One of our diffusers bit the dust so will have to check out that deal!

  9. First off, those curls. I die. So cute. Second, I need to sell more of the girls' clothes as well. Third, I am going to watch Grey's today before Rory and the girls get home. i can't wait. I am going to check out the diffuser since my MIL gives me a lot of oils and the girls need them when they are sick. Have a great weekend!

  10. I love longish hair on little boys! I would like to try essential oils. Love avocado! I need to find good BST groups to sell my things! And I watched Grey' actually made me cry for the first time...ever? I used to love Scandal and was very obsessed with it but I gave it up half way through last season.

  11. I have approximately 8 million pieces of clothing that I need to sell for the kids. What FB groups do you use to sell yours??