Friday, January 6, 2017

Friday Favorites

Happy Fri-YAY!! This week has felt so off to me since we spent the first half in Charlotte, but I'm excited about it being Friday. Thanks so much for all the sweet comments about my post yesterday. Sometimes it's hard to put ourself out there but its something I had been wanting to share for awhile!

Our first Friday favorites of the year comes with some randoms!

O N E | Snow! We are supposed to get a pretty significant snow fall {for North Carolina} tonight into tomorrow. I have seen predictions anywhere from 4-6 inches up to 9 inches. I made my grocery store run yesterday and of course it was packed. It was also super doubles, which I hear means extra craziness! A couponer I am not. I was able to find a winter coat for Jack on sale at Target and thankfully a few weeks ago bought him some snow bibs and boots on sale. Graham has something I can pull out from when Jack was that age. Bring on all the snow, I can't wait!

T W O | Potty Training. I decided the week after Christmas I would potty train Jack. He didn't have school and we had no plans. We spent pretty much the entire week at home. He has been doing pretty well, I'm so proud of how quickly he picked up going peepee. However, poop is another story. UGH! A friend suggested picking up some books to read so I quickly amazon primed these to our house. Patrick said they read them last night before bed and Jack was cracking up. I hope maybe it helps...If you have any tips for me on getting them to poop in the potty bring them my way, I beg of you!

T H R E E | Have you seen these scissors advertised on tv lately? I randomly saw them one day and my friend had texted me saying she wanted them. I didn't really think anything about it. Well while I was home this week my mom handed me a box of them. I can't wait to try them out, they look so interesting!

F O U R | Valentines Day! I can't believe Valentines Day is next month! I love decorating for any and all holidays. Target has the cutest stuff out in the Dollar Section. Of course I got the plastic plates, they are the bomb. I also picked up some fun heart garland to hang somewhere. The valentines that they have out are also so darling. Tons to choose from!

F I V E | One of my sweet mom friends just had premie twins a month ago. One of them got to come home from the NICU this week {!!!} and when I saw another friend had posted these cute tags that she was making for someone else I knew I needed to order them. No mama wants random people touching their babies, especially in winter, even more so when they are little preemies!

As a side note, the lighting in my kitchen is terrible at night, there are glares all over the place! New Years Goal..learn to take better photos! 

I hope you have a great weekend!!

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  1. I'm loving those tags. That's a great idea. We're working on our youngest in the potty training department. It's really up to him. He knows, he's just rebellious!! Haha. Sounds like you're making progress though! I'm a terrible photo taker. I want to get better too. Happy Weekend!

  2. You've got potty training momma! Jack will get he pooping part. No worries. The V-day plates are cute. I need to get to target!

  3. Love the potty training story haha!!! I'm sure those books are hilarious! And did y'all get tons of snow and ice? I saw on the news that y'all would be getting a ton! Ours came through last night which was much later than they were predicting and south of us got lots of snow and ice--we just got a little snow. I saw pictures of Tuscaloosa and it was beautiful!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  4. I hope potty training goes well for you!! I'll be honest, Wyatt was a bear to "poop train". Hope the books are a hit! Love the sweet Valentine stuff!