Monday, April 16, 2018


Hey friends! Clearly I'm slow going on this back to blogging thing! I'm just taking it at my own speed and have decided that I'm no longer trying to "keep up". I'm just going to blog what I want and when I want! We had a fun weekend!

We met up with friends at our local farm and went strawberry picking and got to play at their play area. It was a lot of fun! The strawberries weren't quite ripe yet, but the kids didn't mind and had fun hunting to find them. Graham was a pro and found tons, I think he was at the right eye level.

After naps the boys and I went to a birthday party for our sweet Tate. She was turning 9 and was so sweet to invite the boys. She was having a slime party....note to self, slime is a mess! I wouldn't let Jack bring it home (mean mom!) After the party the boys went to a sleep over with their grandaddy and Patrick and I went to dinner with some friends. I failed to take any photos of any of these events after the strawberry patch!

Soccer started back today! I was a little worried about Jack not being on the same team as all his friends like in the fall so I prepped him over and over about the possibility of not knowing anyone on his team and how he can make new friends. He did great! He knows two little girls on his team from school. He scored his first goal (and one for the other team ha)

We took a trip to lowes and grabbed lunch after soccer followed by naps and working in the yard for those that didn't nap (Jack)

Post naps my wonderful babysitter came over to take some pictures of the boys. She is so good and quick! She got some great shots. I'll share all of them in a post later this week.

Since the boys were so good during pictures I took them to Pelicans to get a snowball, Jack has been begging for one for weeks. We enjoyed it on the porch!

We went to our friends for dinner that

After my MIL passed away we started going to church with my FIL. We have been attending that church regularly since then and decided to join (or re-join for Patrick). Yesterday was the day we became official members. I love that my boys will grow up in the same church that their dad did. Several people came up to us yesterday telling us how they remembered 2 little red heads sitting in the pew just about 35 years ago. We enjoyed our previous church a lot but are happy with our change.

We all took afternoon naps and then my mom came to town for a visit!

I really am failing as a blogger at taking pictures, I guess I've been trying to "be in the moment" rather than having my phone out at every moment.

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  1. Strawberry picking already?!? I'm so jealous! Our season doesn't start until June! Jack looks so cute playing soccer. I hope he has a great season!

  2. Nice weekend! And love that you all became members of Patrick's church! Very cool!

  3. We wanted to go strawberry picking this year, and we never made it! I think we're just about past peak here. Although I could be wrong since our weather has been nuts this year! Haha. It looks like y'all had so much fun!

  4. That is so awesome that the boys will be growing up in the same church Patrick did! And so sweet you guys have been going with your FIL. I can just imagine how much that means to all of you! And yay for Jack scoring goals...even if one was in the other team's goal, haha!

  5. I am with ya on getting back into blogging and just doing it when I please vs. feeling the need to. It should be fun, ya know? Your kids are adorable, and I love hearing that you all are going to the same church your husband grew up in and that people came up and reminisced about two red heads years ago. So sweet!

  6. How special that y’all joined his church. I know that just makes him so so happy. I dieeeee over the soccer pics omg!

  7. I cannot wait for Strawberry season here! We still have a few months to go. How fun that you all joined Patricks church!


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