Thursday, April 12, 2018

Wrapping Paper Orginazation

I am the worst about buying wrapping paper/tissue paper/bags/ribbon every time I need to wrap something. Probably because I have never had a good way to store all of this and it ends up in random places in my house. All my Christmas paper and ribbon was in this one disheveled container, birthday paper and bags were in another place and I just couldn't figure out a way to get it organized. Until I saw Andrea post how she did hers and I thought..this is genius! So once rainy day Patrick and I were going to Raleigh for a State game and had some extra time and ventured over to the Container Store. Got all of the things we needed and voila, instant wrapping paper/gift wrap station!

This whole set is super easy to install and very customizable. It can be a bit pricy but we caught a great sale and shockingly Patrick didn't grumble at the price. I love that you can pick different pieces to suit your needs. I have it in our play room closet which has become a bit of a craft closet for me. I love that everything is in one place and I now don't have to search all over for it!

 I love that all of my ribbon is in one place now.

This little section is great and you can buy different pieces that fit into the board for whatever needs you have! I have scissors, tape, extra ribbon.

 And of course, a place for all that wrapping paper!

I also keep tissue paper and party bags in a basket in the closet. Its a one stop place for all my wrapping needs!

Bonus, I just checked and the Elfa closet systems are 25% off! This is your time to buy!

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  1. This is genius!!! This makes my OCD, Type A personality so happy. Organizing our wrapping stuff has been on my to-do list for way too long. Next time I head to Raleigh I will definitely be stopping at the container store to pick this up!

  2. I flipping love seeing a good organized space. It makes me so happy! I've had my eye on this thing forever but just haven't pulled the trigger becasue of the price. Maybe one day...

  3. Looks so great, love seeing how you organize. Makes me want to go tidy and declutter mine!

  4. I need this. I have all of my wrapping stuff in a closet that I hate opening and looking at. It is not organized at all.


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