Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Remember Me?

Well hello there! Remember me? Gah, I really went MIA for awhile there. I'll be honest, I needed a break. Part of me was ready to give up blogging but I missed it and my dad gave me some words of encouragement last week when we were visiting so I'm back and ready to get back to it! Life has been  chaotic, fun, and crazy with these 2 little boys of mine. We had spring break last week and I failed to take many photos but we had a ton of fun over the week of Easter and I'm going to take you back to two weeks ago and share all about or Easter!

The boys had Easter parties at school. Graham had 2 egg hunts because he goes both M/W an T/Th

We went to our friends beautiful house for a fun afternoon with the Easter bunny. Complete with a bounce house and egg hunt!

Easter Sunday the boys woke up to treats from the Easter Bunny! 

We then went to church

My sweet MIL is buried in the columbarium at our Church and every Sunday we walk right past her on our way to Sunday School and the boys stop and blow kisses. I just happened to catch this on this day and it is so sweet. Even if no one says anything Graham will run up and say "hey nana!"

After church we came home and had brunch with our dear friends followed by a little egg hunt to round out our week of Easter fun!


  1. That is so sweet about how they blow kisses to their nana! The boys look so precious in their Easter outfits!! So glad you all had fun celebrating and that you are back to blogging :) Sometimes we just need a little break and there's nothing wrong with that!

  2. How PRECIOUS are those boys in their matching outfits omg! I could eat them!! And goodness gracious that makes me tear up about them saying hey to her <3

  3. Such sweet boys in their precious outfits! And omg I totally cried when you talked about Graham seeing Donna. 😭 Welcome back, friend! I missed you fiercly on here!

  4. The boys touching their grandmas plaque :( Seriously so sweet. I love your Easter outfits. So cute. I definitely missed out. Welcome back. I have had similar feelings about blogging too. Sometimes it is just too much. That is why I cut down to 3 days per week. I was struggling with 5 and felt like my content wasn't that great.

  5. Glad you're back! Looks like yall had a great Easter and the picture of them visiting their Nana is PRECIOUS. You know she'd love that!

  6. Missed you! How cute are your boys in those bunny ears and outfits. Bless! I also love that they say hi to their sweet nana :) Glad you are back!!!

  7. Your table is beautiful and I love the boys' Easter outfits! Such a classic!!! So glad you're back to blogging!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  8. Love the car holders--do they have a handle on them?

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