Friday, January 22, 2016

Meet my family

 Hi there! Thanks for checking out this new adventure I'm taking. I'm Emily, a former elementary school teacher turned stay at home mom. I grew up in Charlotte, NC and after graduating from Appalachian State moved to Raleigh where I met my husband Patrick. I moved to the small town of Wilson, NC shortly before Patrick and I got married.

This is my family. Patrick owns his own lawncare business and is one of the hardest working men I know. He is the glue that holds our family together.  We've been married 4 years. In that four years we have had two beautiful boys.

Jack is 2, he was born on November 5th, 2013. He is a spunky full of life toddler. Our days are filled with lots of laughter and the occasional (sometimes quite often) temper tantrum.  Often times over the silliest of things such as wanting M&M's for breakfast or not letting him put that plastic fireman in his mouth...hey choking hazard!

Next up is baby Graham. He was born 1 week shy of Jacks 2nd birthday on October 28, 2015. He completely surprised us by coming 3 weeks early. He has been quite the little fighter from the start. After a short stay in the NICU and an additional hospital stay for jaundice he has provided us with so much joy these past 12 weeks.

 Life sure is crazy with two boys under 2 but it is full of fun, excitement and the occasional tears (including mine). Jack is completely smitten with his baby brother, whom has taken on the name "baby gam". He is the sweetest big brother always checking on him and offering a paci (pa in our household) when he cries. I can't wait to watch these two grow up together and see the special bond that they form as brothers.

These three red headed boys are my whole world.  Life may not always go as planned, things may get crazy but our house is full of love and laughter on a daily basis!

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