Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Life Lately | In Photos

Hey ya'll! I am riding the struggle bus this week with blog posts. I am having a major creative block. So while I try and get that back and plan out my posts better I am going to show you our life lately through photos.

I am keeping it real and pulling the last 10 photos I took from my phone. If you follow me on insta (@threeboysandagirlblog)  you have seen some of these photos already.

1 and 2 | Yesterday I had a total crazy mom moment. I noticed a tick on Jack and I wasn't sure how long it has been there. We haven't really been outside so ticks have not been on my radar. I freaked and called his pediatrician. They wanted me to bring him in just to check it out. Of course they said what I already assumed. "It is fine. Just watch it". Our ped office is about 45 minutes away so I figured that we would at least make a trip out of it and head to Duck Donuts. Y'all, these are the best donuts I've ever had. You can pick your toppings and they make them right in front of you! That was Jacks face after his first bite and he said "oh man these are SO good!'

 3 | I am really trying to get into a good workout routine. I was doing barre 3 days a week this summer and I felt so good. I can't go on Wednesdays now so I really try and make the Monday and Friday class. Sometimes its so hard to force myself to go on Monday but it's definitely worth it!

4 | I snapped this of this sweet boy eating breakfast yesterday. 

5 | Lately it seems like all I take is photos of Graham. He actually smiles for me vs Jack who I practically have to do a headstand to get him to look and smile. Graham has just started crawling up on the hearth, he thinks its so funny.

6 | We {Patrick} finally hung the new light fixture above our kitchen table. I love it so much! 

7 | This rug has been in need of major cleaning. After a not so fortunate incident with our old and sweet dog last week I was fed up and rolled it up and took it outside. Patrick has been cleaning it for 3 days now. I think finally after renting a professional rug cleaner that it's clean enough to put back in the house...for now. 

8 | We had two birthday parties back to back on Saturday. The first was at the fire station. Jack loves playing on the firetrucks and it was hard to get him to leave.

 9 | I still can't get over that Graham will be one next month! He's learning to play on all kinds of new toys.

10 | I have been trying to figure out a way to hang some of Jacks artwork on a gallery wall of sorts in his bedroom. I found these floater frames at Target and really love them. If you have any other suggestions of how you hang your kids artwork please let me know! 

Well there you go! A glimpse into every day real life around here. Non edited photos and all! What have you been up to lately? 

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  1. Those donuts look amazing!!! I love Jack's face. I would have freaked out about a tick too. Yuck! Grahams sweet smile just gets me. Love!

  2. A party at the fire station!! I think Wyatt would die, ha! I really wish I could get to a fun workout class (one of the downsides of a small town), I'll continue pushing myself on my bedroom floor. Ugh... Why does staying in shape have to be so hard??

  3. My nephew has that elephant toy and is OBSESSED! Those donuts look ridiculously good - I wish I had one right now!

  4. I suddenly want some donuts! They look delicious.
    Your boys are so adorable!


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