Monday, August 1, 2016

I'm Baack! Weekend Happenings

Hey friends! It's been way too long since I've written in this little space of mine. Can we talk about how it is August 1st already? Seriously where did the month of July go?

 We had the best time on our trip to Michigan. I am going to post all about it {mainly just the million pictures I took} this week.

We got back late Thursday afternoon and our weekend was super low key. We honestly hung around the house. We did go out to dinner with my in-laws on Friday. Saturday we were pretty lazy. I've been exhausted since getting home and the heat has left me little desire to do anything that involves leaving my house. I break a sweat just getting my kids into their carseats.

Sunday Patrick went and played golf in the morning and I ventured to the grocery store with both boys. This was the first time I've taken both of them at the same time. It really wasn't as bad as I had envisioned. No one had a melt down. Other than someone referring to Graham as Jacks "little sister" it was a good trip! {Side note...twice yesterday Graham was called a girl! He didn't even have anything remotely girly on and was wearing blue.}

After naps I would say the highlight of Jacks summer occurred. My babysitters boyfriend is a fireman. Ever since Anna first started sitting for us back in the spring Jack has been dying to see Thomas the fireman. He looks through pictures on her phone constantly and is always talking about him. Every book we read that has a firetruck its always "dats Thomas firetruck!" Anna and I have been trying to set up a time when we could take Jack to the fire station and see Thomas. It happened to workout that Sunday he was on duty and they were having a slow afternoon. So after the boys napped we headed over to the main fire station. To say that Jack was in heaven was a major understatement!

He was given the full tour of the fire station. He got to sit in the trucks and "drive". It was basically any little boys dream afternoon. Thomas was beyond sweet with him. He let him try on his helmet, although Jack only wanted to hold it. Thomas even put his full gear on..mind you it was probably 100 degrees outside.

All of the firemen were so nice and friendly. We were really worried that Jack was going to get all shy like he usually does and make one of us hold him the whole time. He really proved us wrong and within a few minutes was talking to everyone. Telling them his name and offering up high fives to all. As a bonus Anna brought her camera with her and took some really sweet pictures of the whole experience!

It really was the perfect afternoon and to see the smile on my sweet boys face was the best of all. I may or may not have used 'Thomas the fireman" as leverage to get Jack to stay in his bed all night. {thats a whole different story!} telling him that "Thomas sleeps all night in his own bed at the fire station. You need to be a big boy like that and sleep in your bed all night!" I'm hoping this works..we will see!

I can't tell you how fun this was. I highly recommend taking your kiddos to your local fire station and getting a tour!

I hope you had a great weekend and hopefully escaped the summer heat! As a bonus to this post I made an awesome dinner last night and had to share!

I adapted this somewhat, I added black beans and I also bought salsa verde instead of green enchilada sauce so I used some of the salsa verde and some red enchilada sauce I had on hand. I also put it in a pyrex dish instead of back into the spaghetti squash boats. This was super yummy and my husband had seconds! Add this to your dinner plans this won't disappoint!

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  1. What an awesome and relaxing weekend. Jack looks so happy in the fire truck. I don't blame him. Nothing like happy smiles while out having fun together. Love!

  2. Glad you had so much fun on your trip! Can't wait to see pictures

  3. I can't wait to hear about your trip. It looked like Jack had the best time on the firetrucks. That is any boys dream for sure. Yay for no major meltdowns at the grocery store this weekend. I can't say the same. Ha. So glad you had a good weekend and it's great to have you back.

  4. Those fire trucks pictures are so cute!! I don't think I've ever met a kid who didn't love a fire truck!