Thursday, August 18, 2016

Thursday Confessions

Here we are Thursday again. This week has flown by for us. I'm sharing my weekly confessions today.

I confess....

// That all my teacher friends went back to school yesterday and I always get a little sad this time of year and want to go back to the classroom. I loved setting up my room and the excitement of the beginning of a school year. While I wouldn't trade being home with my boys for anything I do get a small itch to get back to teaching right about now. It quickly goes away as soon as everyone gets into their routine. I think I'm going to try and volunteer some this year or maybe even sub a little.

// That I've been watching Bachelor in Paradise and y' is a TRAIN. WRECK. Seriously, its a weekly disaster but I totally love the drama. Ashley is a hot mess and I can't believe she is still as obsessed with Jared as she was last season. There is so much on there I could comment on but ill just say, if you aren't watching it you best get your DVR set for Monday nights.

// That I'm on a total decorating/redecorating kick in my house. I added some things to our half bath to spruce it up, we did Jacks room. I am working on the boys bathroom. I just bought a new light fixture for over our kitchen table and new flush mounts for the upstairs hallway. Just trying to do small but noticeable fixes.

// That I am still equally as into the Olympics as I was this time last week. While gymnastics and swimming were my favorite and are over I just can't turn it off. Diving amazes me, I'm terrified of heights and the way the do those dives like that totally freaks me out. The running is amazing, I've never seen people run so fast. How about that one chick diving to beat Allison Felix, is that even allowed?

// That I'm in a total cooking rut. I ask my friends daily what they are cooking in hopes of getting some ideas.  So..share with me your favorite easy dinner recipe!

// That I am so beyond ready for fall. Give me all the fall decorations, the cool weather, the leaves falling, the pumpkin patches and most of all my beloved winter uniform..leggings, boots and a sweater! I need fall. I can't take this heat any longer!

// Speaking of heat..I basically break out into a sweat every time I try and load my boys into their carseats. Even in my garage its a million degrees and it's almost not even worth it to go anywhere.

// That I really need to figure out a way to limit the iPad use for Jack. It's getting out of control. But honestly, it's always such a battle and a major meltdown that some days {ok most days} this mama doesn't want to deal with the aftermath so I just let it slide.

//Also, speaking of the iPad, Jack loves the show "Fuller House" {should I be ashamed to admit that? it's pretty wholesome and innocent} I have found him multiple times this week quoting the show. "See ya later Max!" "Oh hey Tommy!" it really cracks us up. He even stands up and will dance to the music and try to copy the characters. This little imagination he has all of a sudden is my favorite!

// Last but not least..I've been sort of concerned on Grahams development stage. I know he's  a little behind {especially from Jack at this age} and I tend to get a little anxious whenever I see/hear of other babies especially younger than Graham that are already pulling up, cruising or even walking. Yesterday he went from laying to sitting and I was so happy. I think that is the first start to pulling up. I definitely don't want him to be walking anytime soon but I also don't want him to be behind in development!

Ok that is plenty of confessions for this week. I would love to know what you've got on your mind so please leave a comment and share!

Happy day before the weekend!!!

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  1. I get the same way with back to school. I sometimes miss the rush of getting things ready, but I don't miss the politics that come with teaching in a public school. I love adding little decor items around the house. It makes me so happy. Do a post about your little additions. :) When it comes to Graham, take a little breath and try to relax. It's so hard not to compare. Remember that your pediatrician is your friend and share those concerns. :)

  2. I was just thinking the same thing about back to school/teaching. Especially at the beginning of the school year, I miss it so much! I miss getting ready for it and all the excitement that goes along with it. But I do not miss the politics of it all. Plus, I love being at home with my boys, and would miss them even more if I were in the classroom. I'm so thankful I can be home with them. And yes, to Fall - I'm so ready! I wish it would hurry up and get here already :)

  3. I fell into the comparing of children and it isn't fair. It is so hard not to, but Graham is doing just fine. My girls didn't walk until 16 months. I was worried they were behind, but as long as they are walking by 18 months you are fine. Plus he will start pulling himself up and cruising around furniture in no time. I am loving the drama on BIP this season. So much goodness. I am ready for fall as well. So much good stuff ahead. I am tired of this 90 degree weather.

  4. I was so worried about Stella because she NEVER crawled. She kind of scooted on her booty a bit but she still learned to walk. No worries, I know it's hard not to compare them. The iPad--we hide ours. Or I do. Then I just pretend that Daddy put it somewhere and I can't find it. And BIP, yes, it's my favorite!! Are you on Snapchat?? I was snapping the other night while watching it. I love the drama.

  5. I'm with you on fall - bring on the cooler weather and pumpkin everything! OMG Mila quotes Fuller House all the time too - lol. I'm glad she's not the only one! So the iPad thing. I have one and I've actually never even let Mila see it. However, she does like to take over our iPhones sometimes. I've heard great things about Amazon's Kindle for kids. My in laws plan on getting one for Mila for Christmas. Apparently you can limit their time on each app as well as on the device itself. I don't know much more about it, but the limitation thing has me sold!