Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Mom Time

Before I had kids I was always an early person. If we were meeting for lunch at 12 I was pulling up to the restaurant at 11:55. You tell me to be over at 6 and I'm waiting in my car at 5:55 ready to go. I hated to be late and was aggravated with friends who were always late. I couldn't figure out why it was so hard to get somewhere on time.

Fast forward to 2 years ago when Jack was born. Once he was born it took me a little bit of time to figure out our routine. I couldn't just pick up my keys and walk out the door to get where I was going. I had to make sure that he had a clean diaper on, a bottle ready to go in the diaper bag, extra clothes, burp cloths {because...spit up. all. the. time}and pretty much the entire kitchen sink. #firsttimemomprobs After I made sure we had everything we needed it was time to strap him in the this usually doesn't take long. However..every time I would put him in there he would spit up! No matter when he last ate. My kids are perpetual spitters. Now, after the first month or so I figured it all out. I was able to get out the door by myself with Jack and everything we needed. I learned to get ready well before I thought we had to leave and 99% of the time we were at our destination ON TIME. {winning}

After that first year Jack became SO easy. I no longer needed the kitchen sink. He was so predictable. I knew exactly when he was going to eat. His spitting up had stopped and in general life was just easier. We could walk out the door with keys, a sippy cup, snack cup of puffs and we were good to go!

This continued until the end of October....when Graham was born.

I thought that getting out the door with one child was hard, bring in another baby and bam..its twice the work. Which means, twice the time! {props to mamas with multiples!}

It never fails, just as soon as I think we've got our stuff together and are ready to go, someone needs something. A diaper change, to be feed, some wa-wa. You name it I've had to get it. Then there is the picky toddler who inevitably when it's time to go decides he is NOT going and creates a full fledge sit in and refuses to walk out the door.

Case in point..Yesterday both of my kids were up super early. Patrick took Jack to have breakfast with his Dad and was dressed and ready to go by 6:45.  Graham was fed and dressed before they got back at 8. I was feeling good. Jack has to be at school at 9 and if we leave by 8:45 we are able to get there with a min or two to spare. I look at the clock..8:40. I load G into his carseat. Jack already has his coat on and I'm really feeling like we've got this. Of course joke is on me! He needs a diaper change..I run do this quickly. 8:45 is the time now. Ok, so I get Jack in the car. He starts pitching a fit because he wants my necklace..not happening this morning bud! I hear G screaming from the kitchen. I run in grab him and load him in the car. Everyone is ready to go. Ok, 8:50 at this point. I can do this. We've got 10 min, thats plenty of time. {I should note I've got a 9:00 hair apt} Now due to the laws of the world of course I get behind THE.SLOWEST.TRUCK.EVER. at this point it is 8:55 by the time I get out of the neighborhood. I quick text my hairdresser telling her I will be 5-10 min late {ugh!} I get Jack to school and thankfully we see our bestie walking in and I grab Jack and ask her to walk him in!  I got to my hair appointment at 9:10. Let me remind you, I hate being late!

I tell you this little story because as I was driving yesterday I realized that for the rest of my life with babies/toddlers/kids I am more than likely going to be running 5-10 min late. No matter how hard I try to get there early/on time. Thus I have dubbed this 5-10 minute window "mom time". All moms should be granted 5-10 minutes grace when trying to get somewhere. seats. And melt downs. And Spit up. And every other thing that goes along with trying to get anywhere with a child!

Last but not least lets not forget that kids always, always, always decide to fall asleep as soon as you start moving the car. See ya nap time!

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