Friday, February 5, 2016

Friday Favorites

Today I'm linking up with ErikaNarci, and Andrea for my Friday Favorites.

* I am so excited for the Super Bowl on Sunday! Our entire state has really rallied behind this team and I can't wait to watching the Panthers play Sunday. We have no plans for the game but I expect to make some yummies and watch the game with my favorite little family.

*A good friend of mine gave me this amazing granola recipe. I have always liked granola but rarely buy it and definitely don't eat it on the reg. However, all that has changed in the past week! I have now made 2 batches of this's that good! I have to hid it in the cabinet otherwise every time I walk into the kitchen I grab a handful. Seriously do yourself a favor and make this!


* I posted my 3 month update on baby G this week. I included this picture and cannot believe how big he is!

* lately Jack has been so snuggly and sweet {when he isn't throwing an epic tantrum}. I can't say I don't love it when he crawls up in my lap and takes my hand to hold.

* Thursday was a rainy gross day outside. On my way to drop Jack off at school I reached in my pocket of a jacket I hadn't worn in the longest time. I pulled out these 3 tootsie pops...this brought tears to my eyes. These were given to me by my grandmother. She was always passing out tootsie pops to anyone she came in contact with. She passed away in September so little moments like this remind me that she is always looking down on me! We miss her every day!

I hope you have a great weekend and do something fun with your family!

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