Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Tuesday's top 3


The weather these past few days has been unbelievable! Yesterday after the boys napped we went outside to play/go for a little stroll. This was the first time I've put together the double stroller...It's crazy for me to see this and think that these two are all mine..forever. Whoa..when did I get old enough to be a mom!?


I made these BBQ chicken sliders on Sunday night..they were so good! Such an easy recipe to throw together. I served it with sweet potato fries and a salad. We then had the leftover chicken Monday night in quesadillas with homemade black bean and corn salsa.


If you are a mom you know that the task of grocery shopping with an infant can be tricky....where does the food go once the infant carrier is in the cart? I don't often have to take Graham with me to the grocery but today was supposed to be a quick trip...turned out I needed a few more things than I thought. He didn't seem to mind that by the end I had groceries piled on top of him...

I am off to Chapel Hill for my twice yearly skin check at the dermatologist. Check back tomorrow for my 3 month update on baby Graham!

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