Monday, February 1, 2016

Scenes from our weekend

Another weekend has come and gone. Is it me or do these seem to fly by? This weekend was pretty uneventful.
Lately Jack is really into our family pictures. He is always wanting to hold one of the frames and tell who is in the picture. I walked past him in the kitchen the other day and this is what I saw. Just doing some studying up on our little family...

If you are a bottle giving mama then this scene will be quite familiar to you...I am so sick of this clutter on my counter but don't have a better solution.  For now my days will go as follow...pump, feed, wash, repeat.... #dishpanhands

Saturday Patrick and I spent the day in Raleigh. We ate at Chuy's which was so good! I over indulged on tortilla chips and salsa. I highly recommend this place, the homemade tortillas are on point! 

After lunch we headed over to watch State play Miami in what we thought would be a blowout and we would be leaving at halftime. Much to our surprise State held their own and even pulled out a win! 

What is it about a sleeping baby.....I love to sleep stalk my babies and snap pictures

             this guy cracks me up. ..found him wearing the pasta strainer like it was a hat.

Sunday morning watching Mickey wearing his Mickey hat...he is thrilled!

We ended our Sunday celebrating Patrick's grandmothers 93rd birthday with his family. One of his cousins is a Highway Patrol officer and let Jack take a look inside his car. This was definitely the highlight of his weekend. 

lastly... just because I can't get over how happy and smiley this babe is

Nothing super exciting going on but that's our life lately. I hope that you had a great weekend! I'm ready to tackle this Monday head on! 

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