Monday, February 15, 2016

life with two: sleep schedules

I hope that ya'll had a great weekend and Valentine's Day! We spent the weekend in Charlotte with my parents. We always have the best time and don't see them as often as I would like.

When Jack was born the first three... were definitely survival. By 10ish weeks I was feeling confident in my new role and was ready to get Jack on a schedule. I had always read that it was important for babies {and mama} to be on a schedule. I had seen a friend post on Facebook about Moms On Call. I quickly looked up what this was and ordered the book along with the swaddle blanket. As soon as I got that book I read it from cover to cover. I loved it. It had everything a new mom would need in one space. It talked about sickness and what to do, what to feed them and at what age, how to swaddle and much more.

My favorite part of the book focused on the schedule. Until I had Jack I never realized just how much I thrived on a routine. There is nothing routine about a newborn. They are the most unpredictable creatures ever!  The MOC schedule broke it down by age of what a typical day should look like. They told you what time you should feed, play, and sleep. I realized that this is exactly what I needed. I had no idea what time to do naps and bedtime. This was a fool proof way to ensure my baby was getting enough sleep..we all know sleep begets sleep.

Jack fell into the routine quite easily. I don't remember really struggling to get him on a good nap schedule and while he didn't fully sleep through the night until 7 months he was successfully sleeping 7-7 with a 10:00 dream feed by a few months old. I would dare say that Jack was a pretty easy/go with the flow baby.

Now, when Graham came around I felt pretty confident in what I was doing as far as sleep and getting him on a schedule. I would give myself that 10-12 week grace period of napping wherever and whenever and then I would dive in hard to get him sleeping well.

Thankfully Jack's schedule/routine really never wavered once Graham was here. He takes an awesome 2-3+ hour nap a day and goes to bed around 8.

Once I started to try and get Graham on a schedule I quickly realized it was going to be much harder than with Jack. For one thing, I had Jack to take into consideration. He goes to preschool 3 days a week and has to be there at 9. Well, this put a huge damper on my trying to get G to nap at 8:30.

Lets also take into consideration that G is a total lap baby. As in, will sleep for hours in your arms and as soon as you lay his little sleepy limp body down in his crib he will wake up screaming. Yeah..thats so fun!

I know they always say no two kids are alike and that is definitely true. I assumed that my second baby would be just as easy as my first. Jokes on me. Graham isn't a great napper by any means. I will lay him down and he will sleep 20-30 minutes just great and no sooner than I've started a workout, load of laundry, or to do the dishes does he wake up screaming.

It's been a source of frustration for me. I am not used to a baby not taking a good nap. I have turned to my different "mom groups" on Facebook to as questions. So far he has yet to master a great nap in his crib. Instead of getting frustrated by it every day I am choosing to give myself {and him} some grace. I was reminded that he is still so little and learning how to sleep. While I would love it if he took 2 naps a day for 2 hours each right now he is just not ready to do that.

So tomorrow when he wakes up after 20 minutes, instead of getting frustrated I am going to pick him up and rock him, letting him sleep in my arms. I have learned that these itty baby stages go so fast. Before I know it he will be a wild two year old on the go.

I have definitely learned so much in these past 3 months. I have learned that while I thrive on a schedule and routine, right now that is not going to be the same every single day. I am going to strive to keep things as normal as possible for Jack and to get Graham into a good groove but I will not fret when that does not happen every day.

I am still following the MOC schedule but am allowing myself some leeway. Schedules are amazing and a routine is key to keeping my house running but if Graham only takes a 45 minute nap and Jack doesn't go to bed right at 8:00 I know that life will go on. As long as my babies are happy and healthy we will make it to the next stage!

notice that none of these pictures are him sleeping in the crib!

Happy Monday friends!

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