Monday, June 6, 2016

Scenes From Our Weekend

Here we are Monday morning...yet again it has come to soon! I hope that you had a great weekend!

Jack is officially on summer break. Not a whole lot is changing schedule wise because he will be doing "camp" at his teachers house on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings. I left Monday and Friday open so that we can have time to go and do some fun things.

I have an awesome sitter and decided that I was going to leave Graham home with her and take Jack to do something fun without having to tote baby brother with us. We picked up Jacks friend Brady and his mama Megan and headed to Raleigh to Marbles Kids Museum.

 On a side note...Megan and I met at Target this winter. We were both wandering the Valentines section with our boys and happened to strike up a conversation, finding out that our boys were just a few weeks apart. We exchanged numbers right there and not only have our boys become great buddies we have become fast friends! My husband always jokes that I went to Target to pick up mom friends.  So you never know where you may meet a great friend!

We got to the Museum just as several busses were pulling up to drop off kids on a field trip.  Cue the anxiety starting to build up inside me. Neither one of us thought about field trips happening this close to the end of the school year. We got in the museum and y' was a total cluster!! If you want to know what it feels like to think you've lost your child multiple times and have massive anxiety just go to the nearest childrens museum on a Friday during multiple field trips. I just could not enjoy myself. I felt like I was losing it with Jack because he wasn't listening and I was so terrified I was going to lose him. Thankfully he still had a good time and was able to play. After that disaster of an outing we went to get lunch at Bad Daddy's Burger was so yum!

We made it home in time for the boys to both take naps. After naps I headed to the pool with both Jack and Graham. Patrick met us there after work. We spent the evening swimming with friends and having an early dinner. We were home in time to put Graham to bed.

Saturday morning Patrick had to go to work for a quick minute and brought home Doughnuts. Jack was so excited! I took Jack to the pool when it opened for some swimming and lunch before bringing him home for nap. That afternoon the boys were at my in-laws playing and Jack started to come down with a fever. Patrick and I had plans to go on a date night and had my sitter already lined up. He wasn't acting sick at all and his fever wasn't super high so I dosed him up with some tylenol and Patrick and I headed to this great restaurant called On the Square.

I just got these blue Natives for Jack and he is obsessed. He immediately put them on upon coming downstairs and wore them all day.

The meal was delicious, as always! It's so nice to get away just the two of us. I of course was worried about Jack but Anna assured me he was fine and even acting completely normal.

Sunday morning we woke up and Jacks temperature was up again. We spent all day Sunday lounging around. He didn't really act sick but was definitely clingy and laid around more than usual. It was so hot and muggy outside that I was fine staying in and laying low. In fact, I was the only one who actually got out of my pajamas the entire day.

For dinner I made this yummy baked french toast. It was super easy to throw together. I halved the recipe since it was just Patrick and me eating it. It would be great for a brunch or to even take to someone.

Our weekend was pretty uneventful considering half of it was spent with a sick boy. I'm hoping that he wakes up this morning fever free and that we can go back to our regularly scheduled summer of swimming at the pool daily.

Have a great Monday friends!

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  1. I have had anxiety when out someplace and worried I'd lose one or both of my kids. It's scary. And they just don't understand. Bad Daddy's is so yummy. We just got one near us and I like it a lot. Minus JAck's fever it looks like a pretty great and relaxing weekend. Those are the best.

  2. Ugh, I would've had anxiety too! I never would've thought there would be field trips in June. Crazy! Poor Jack, hope he's feeling better. Glad you were still able to go on your date night - that food looked delicious! And so did that baked French toast! Yum!

  3. I love that you met a good friend in Target! It's so hard to make mommy friends and that is encouraging to know, if you are friendly you really can meet people anywhere. Maybe all my shopping will gain me a friend ;)

  4. I love that you met a mommy friend at Target. I need more mommy friends in my life because my non-mommy friends hang out and rarely call. Even though I can have Rory watch the girls, I am not included. Or when a mommy friend is, it is because she takes her child everywhere like an accessory. I am a bit bitter as you can see. Ha. So I need more friends. I hope Jack is feeling better. Date night looked it went well other than Jack not feeling good.


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