Thursday, June 2, 2016

Thursday Confessions

Happy Thursday! Thank goodness it's almost the weekend. I'm linking up with Danielle and Lynn  to discuss my confessions this week.

I confess....

// That I cannot remember passwords for anything. I try to keep them all the same combination of 2 or 3 passwords {I know thats so bad} but for some reason I can't ever remember what that combination is. Therefore I am constantly resetting passwords. It's so frustrating. You would think I'd write them down or figure out another way to remember.

// That I took a spin class yesterday for the first time in at least a year and my butt bones hurt so badly I can hardly sit. I love spin and it's such a great class I'm hoping to start taking it at least once a week.

// That last night as I was singing "Jesus Loves Me" to Jack he started singing right along with me and I started to cry. He is turning into such a little boy and it amazes me the things he can do. I was overcome with my love for him at that moment.

// That I may or may not consider swimming in the pool sufficient enough for a bath during some nights this summer.

// That I cannot handle how cute Jack looked yesterday. He loves a pocket right now and the fact that his shorts and his shirt had a pocket was the highlight of his morning yesterday! Also..when did he become a teenager?

// That I have a weird love for watching peoples "stories" on snapchat. I find myself starting to watch them and 10 minutes go buy and I've done nothing but watch other peoples that pathetic? I think it probably is.

// That I hate leftovers. We never really ate them growing up. I always have a fridge full of them and hate that they get thrown away most of the time. I've been trying to eat them so not to waste but I just don't love it. I don't want to eat the same thing for lunch that I had for dinner the night before. It's a terrible habit that I really need to get over.

// That I officially think Graham has red hair! I wasn't sure what color it would be but as it's growing and getting thicker it's definitely red. I am so excited. Once you have one red head you really just want all your babies to have red hair!

So there you have it. What confessions do you have for this week? Come back tomorrow for my Friday favorites!


  1. I always forget my passwords too. It's so annoying. Yay for sweet red haired babies. For a while I thought Emmy would. So adorable. I love that Jack is putting his hands in his pockets. He looks like such a little man.

  2. I hate leftovers too. There are a few that I don't mind, but most of them I hate. That started when I was pregnant and got sick from the smell of leftover chicken. I still have a hard time with chicken. That picture of Jack with his hands in his pockets is soooo darling. He gets cuter by the day. Yay for two babies with red hair. I LOVE spin class so much and want to get back into it. My butt will definitely hurt after my first few classes.

  3. Yes a pool can suffice for bath time sometimes, go ahead, do it! And what sweet little baby gingers you have!!! They are too adorable :) Girl, my rump would be screaming, I cannot do spin.

  4. I'm forever jealous of people with natural red hair! What cute little guys you have!


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