Thursday, June 16, 2016

Thursday Confessions

Hey friends I'm back with another weekly run down of my confessions.

I confess...

// That my heart is so so heavy after the horrible events that have gone on this week in Orlando. It's almost too much for me to even watch the news because it's so heartbreaking. First the mass shooting which already was more than I could handle and then the news of the sweet 2 year old boy killed by an alligator at a resort in Disney World. I just keep thinking that I have a 2 year old...that could have been my baby. I am just so so sad for that family. I pray that that baby didn't suffer and know he is now walking with Jesus.

// That another mom told me about this thing called "naughty spray" {apple cider vinegar in a spray bottle that you squirt one squirt in their mouth} that she keeps in the house and also a travel bottle in her purse for when her child acts up. I have been having a time with Jack listening lately and decided to give this a try. The sheer mention of it straightens him right up. #dontjudgeme

The face he makes at the mention of naughty spray 

// That I have failed as a parent. Jack has started saying "Oh. My. Gosh!" He obviously learned that from me and as much as I try to correct him and tell him we don't say that or we say oh my goodness it still makes me laugh every time I hear him say it.

// That my babysitter not only folded the boys laundry this morning without being asked she also put it away and straightened up their rooms. I think I'm going to ask her to move in. {wishful thinking!}

// That we had swim lesson Monday morning and Jack screamed and cried through the entire thing. He has been loving the pool but for some reason wanted nothing to do with lessons. He acted so badly and I was so embarrassed. We ended up leaving 20 minutes into the lesson.

// That I stepped into a deep hole yesterday as I was getting Jack out of the car and really hurt my hand and cut my foot. I was holding Jack and was so glad that I didn't drop him as I was falling to the ground. I'm also thankful that it wasn't Graham who was in my arms!

// That I bought a pair of Birkenstocks this week and I just can't pull them off. I so badly wanted to follow to trend with them being back in style but they just look awful on my feet. #nottrendy

My confessions feel so trivial compared to what is going on in the world I almost didn't even feel like writing them down.  I hope maybe these gave you a bit of a laugh in the midst of such a sad time. Let us all continue to pray for the people in Orlando and the victims of that terrible shooting. Also, that family that is grieving the loss of their baby. I've seen so much parent shaming today over something that could so easily happen to anyone with a 2 year old. Lets come together and lift these parents up vs tearing them down!

See you tomorrow for my Friday favorites!

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  1. I've just been so sad this week. So many, many families lost loved ones. It just breaks my heart.

  2. So thankful for your honesty! Love you!

  3. I just can't imagine what that family is going through. My husband was deeply shaken up by it. I think he just pictured that dad trying to save him. Ugh...sickening. Wyatt says "oh my gosh" "oh my dear" all the time. oh, and "i know, I know, I know". He sounds like a mom. ha!

  4. The world is a scary, sad place, but like I say, we must be Kind. E screams through swim lessons too, but loves the pool. I think they just know they are embarrassing us. Sneaky kids.

  5. Gosh the Orlando happenings are just terrible! My heart breaks for all who were involved on all accounts! You babysitter sounds awesome! That naughty spray is genius!

  6. My heart breaks for that family. So, so incredibly sad. Definitely think I need to try this naughty spray. Although, my luck, Mila will like it and ask for more.

  7. I am so sad about Orlando too. And seeing more on the alligator incident is so sad. The man-made lake has a sandy beach on it. Of course people will go in the water and hang out. It is such a tragic event. My girls are almost 2 and I just want to squeeze them and never let them out of my sight. I love the idea of naughty spray. I fear what my kids will pick up and learn from me. Rory cusses and I don't want me girls to do that. Thank you for linking up even through these rough times. I love reading blogs and knowing I have an outlet for all the bad in this world.


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