Tuesday, June 7, 2016

What's In My Bag- Pool Edition

It's show and tell Tuesday and this week is all about What's In Your Bag. Since it's summer time and we spend most days at the pool I thought I'd show and tell what's in my pool bag.

I go back and fourth on finding a good pool/beach bag each year. Last year I picked up this Scout bag and I really like it. It's big enough that I can put all our stuff in it and it has long straps so that I can wear it on my shoulder. 

This year has been a game changer for pool days. Now that I have two kids to tote around it brings packing a pool bag to a whole different level. I thought I had a lot of stuff when I just had one kid..now with two I have even more. Not to mention the stroller, pool float for Graham, and two kids on top of the bag that I have to take in. It's pretty much a three ring circus watching us get out of the car and into the pool. 

I keep Jacks Puddle Jumper clipped to the strap of the bag. That way it's out of the way and doesn't take up the entire bag. 

You can see it holds lots of stuff and I still have room for more. 

I try to put things in bags rather than just throw everything in and have it be a hot mess. The pink polka dot bag has all my sunscreen in it. I've got both stuff for me and the babes. My favorite adult sun screen is Sun Bum and my favorite for the kids right now is Babyganics. 

The bag with the guitars is a wet/dry bag. This is key to going to the pool/beach. In it has diapers/swim diapers. Change of clothes for the boys, their sun hats, and of course extra bib/burps for Graham. If we are going to the pool late afternoon I like to pack their jammies. After swimming I will just change them into their jimmies (unless I feel like they really need a bath) so when we get home I can just put Graham straight to bed and not have to worry about changing them twice.  

The floral small bag has snacks in it and some baby food for Graham. And then of course their towels. Usually there is at least one more towel in that bag. I try to immediately take them and the bathing suits out when we get home and either throw them in the wash or the dryer. Sometimes I forget and then they sit there over night and I get aggravated with myself for forgetting. 

I also keep toys, a clip on stroller fan for Graham, Jacks sunglasses, a water bottle, hat/visor for me, and usually one other small clear plastic bag for pool toys. (I left it at the pool accidentally) The yellow egg crate is a fun game for the pool. It's full of eggs that have weights in them and little turtles. You can crack open the eggs and have kids dive for the turtles or even the entire egg (the sink). Or if you're a toddler you just break open each egg and throw them all in the pool so that they sink and mama has to go down to the bottom and get them. 

These are my essentials for the pool/beach. I would love to know if you have anything else you keep in your bag that I'm missing. Have a great Tuesday! 

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  1. I love my Scout bag!! So much room for mamas!!

  2. I put everything in little bags within my bags too!

  3. That Scout bag looks so great! And that egg game! I need to get that ASAP!

  4. I really like that bag. So much room. I need a new beach bag and this would be perfect for it.

  5. great post friend! so glad i found your blog through the show and tell link up today!

  6. Love that bag! You are so organized my friend. I clip the kid's puddle jumpers on the side of our pool bag too. Keeps them out of the way and that I know they are there. I love that egg crate game. So fun!

  7. That's a cute bag and I love the eggs! What a great idea!


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