Friday, June 10, 2016

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! I'm linking up today for my favorites from this week.

// I have been in a rut for cooking dinners lately so one of my girlfriends gave me several of her "go to" recipes. I made this chicken alfreado pasta bake the other night and it was so good. I added spinach to it and served with some steamed broccoli. It was great, and I even ate it for leftover the next night! I can't find the direct link to the recipe.

// I have had the worst breakout on my chin this week. I'm not sure if its from the sunscreen I've been using or what but it's bad. So bad that my 2.5 year old pointed to my chin while we were reading books the other night and said "mommy whats dat?" Awesome. I remembered I had bought this acne cream awhile back and decided to give it a go. Y'all, it worked great! After just one use they had significantly gotten smaller and less red. They were barely noticeable today..thank goodness!

// We are headed to the zoo this weekend! I am praying this turns out differently than our trip to the aquarium a few weeks ago. Patrick and I have decided if the boys are a disaster after even just an hour we will leave. There's no point in forcing Jack to have fun if he isn' just turns out to be miserable for us. It's going to be super hot on Saturday so I bought these fans to use on the stroller. I have one previous from when Jack was a baby but it's starting to break. It's an awesome stroller fan and I use it daily at the pool if Graham is chilling.

// We have been spending lots of time at the pool this week. It's a great way to pass the post nap time until bed time slump that my kids can get into, Graham especially! The weather has been fabulous, not too hot and no humidity.

// If you follow me on Instagram (@emilynbeaman) you saw this picture I posted earlier this week. Everyone always talks about how my boys look identical to my's definitely the red hair thing! However, after I posted this I think it's safe to say that Graham is my twin! Finally I have one child who looks like his mama!

// Along with every other girl right now I have been keeping up with the Bachelorette. I will admit that I don't love that each episode is 2 hours...seriously who has time for that, and this week was both Monday and Tuesday..that's 4 hours people. Nobody got time for that! However I had to laugh when the scene with the boys playing football came up and James Taylor busted up his face. Bless him he still powered through...#teamjamestaylor

// Lastly, I turned around the other night as I was cooking supper to see that Jack decided it was time for Mickey to eat supper. He buckled him in and began to feed him pretend food.

What were some of your favorite things from this week? I hope that you have a great weekend and get to do something fun!

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  1. Love the fan for the stroller! I think I might have to pick one up for our family trip coming up!

  2. That pasta bake looks good, but Rory won't eat alfredo types of sauces. I need a change up too. Continue to post the ones you like. Those fans would definitely come in handy for a lot of adventures. I might need them for this summer. Reno gets hot. That is so darling that Jack put Mickie in the high chair. And yes identical babies going on there. Enjoy your weekend Emily!

  3. Mama's gotta do what we gotta do! We never know how Wyatt will end up behaving either. It sucks to have to leave though when you want it to be so fun! Love the fan strollers too; great idea.


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