Monday, June 20, 2016

Scenes From Our Weekend-Father's Day Edition

Happy Monday! We had a great weekend focusing out the man who keeps our family running smoothly.

Friday Jack and I met a friend at the pool for lunch a swimming. I was fully prepared for him to continue on the trend he was on by sitting on the side of the pool asking to leave 20 minutes in. It took him a bit to warm up but once he felt comfortable he was a different child. He was swimming in the 4 foot area, floating on his tummy, kicking, jumping off the side and going almost all the way under. I had the best time playing with him.

Friday night we had our good friends over for dinner. They have two older kids and Jack adores them. Jay and Tate are always so sweet and play with Jack. It's the highlight of his day for sure. We waited to eat dinner until Graham was asleep. It's always so nice to do this so that we can actually enjoy our meal. The kids ate inside and played and the adults ate on the porch. It was nice not having to worry about Jacks every move. I knew Jay and Tate would make sure he didn't get into anything and they had a great time playing. Jack stayed up extra late!

Saturday was a pretty chill day. Jack and I ran some errands that morning while Graham napped and then we all met my inlaws for lunch. Saturday night Patrick and I headed out to dinner with another couple friend of ours. Jack got invited to spend the night with his nana and grandaddy and quickly jumped on that! I left Graham home with a sitter. I thought it would be fun for Jack to have a night with them without Graham. He helped his grandaddy pour some cement and they got to ride bikes. It was the best night for him. I gave Graham a bath without brother splashing all around him. He finally is sitting up well in this seat. It's such a game changer for bath time with two kiddos at once.

We really need to start getting someone to take our picture other than myself

We woke up on Father's Day and had a relaxing morning around the house. I prepared brunch for us which we enjoyed outside. The weather was so nice over the weekend, there was little humidity. We spent the day hanging out, watching golf, and playing around the house. Jack and I took a quick trip to the grocery to pick up some things for dinner. I decided to be a fun mom and let him push the little mini shopping cart. Whew, it was pretty funny, and not something I'll be doing often! He kept wanting to put any and everything in reach in the cart. It's also not a quick in and out trip. But he had fun! We had hotdogs for dinner and I had an unfortunate incident that involved grating some cheese and my finger. {I'll leave it at that}.

This was Patrick's first house. It turned out so great and he was really excited and surprise! 

 Over all it was a great weekend! Patrick got to do what he wanted {which involves watching a lot of golf!} We got to love on him and show him how much he means to us. I know I've said it many times but he seriously makes our world go round. He is such a hard worker not only in his business but also at home. He helps me any way he can even after a long day of work, he walks in the door and is instantly hands on. He is the best daddy to our boys. They adore him! I love watching the boys interact with him and cannot wait to see their bond grow as they get older.

I can't get through a post about Father's Day without mentioning both my Dad and my Father in Law. They are both great and loving men who I'm proud to be related to!

I hope that you had the best weekend and celebrated all the important men in your life!

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  1. Sounds like it was a great weekend! Love the gifts you got him!

  2. I am sure Jack really loved his time with his grandparents!

  3. What a great weekend! Yay for Jack wanting to swim and play. That's a step. :) Love the Father's Day gifts. Cam is the same way with small carts at Food Lion. Everything has to go in his cart and if he thinks he needs more in it he just helps himself. Ha ha


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