Monday, December 19, 2016

Weekend Happenings- Family Christmas

One of my favorite things about Patrick is that he has a big extended family. They always get together for holidays and have great fun. My MIL has one Sister and they are super close. Every Christmas her family gets together with ours and we do a fun weekend!

I posted this picture on my instagram page last week. It got such a good response! Le'ts not forget about these people this season. They do so much and work extra hard during the Holiday! I have loved stalking the window to see them come up to the porch. I will sometimes open the door and wish them a Merry Christmas and have been greeted with smiles and gratitude!

Friday Jack went to a fun jammy day at his teachers house. He goes every Friday and this one was extra special since they got to wear their Christmas jammies. Friday night we had Megan and her family over for pizza. I of course got no pictures (new years resolution goal..take more photos!)

Saturday we went over to Donnas and spent the whole day over there. Patsy and family arrived and we exchanged presents. Had a yummy Turkey dinner and the kids played and played. I even let Jack skip his nap. We tried to go to the train of lights but because it was the last weekend for it it was packed and I knew neither one of my boys would sit there and wait...Graham especially!

 He has learned to smile on command #bloggerkid

Sunday we just hung out, we went to eat BBQ for lunch and then that evening we went to the White Gift service at my In-laws church. I always enjoy this service every year but with two toddlers who don't like to sit still I really didn't get to take in any of the service. At one point I had to take Graham out of the sanctuary because he was screaming and of course Jack followed. We went to the church library and read a few Christmas books. Thankfully it's not a formal service and there are tons of kids. Mine just happened to be the only one screaming.

Ending the night with a big ice cream cone...every kids dream

I ended the night with finishing up baking some cinnamon rolls! I plan to share the recipe later this week and what I am going to be doing with all those pans of rolls!

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  1. Mmm I love cinnamon rolls! I'll have to come back later this week when you post the recipe!

  2. Sounds like the perfect weekend! Those cinnamon rolls look ah-mazing!!!

  3. My goal in the new year is to take more pictures too haha! I'm horrible at remembering! I'm going to be making those cinnamon rolls tomorrow!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  4. What a great weekend! I love the photo from Friday while Jack was at his teacher's house. so cute!! I have cinnamon rolls on my list for this week too.

  5. Awe, looks like a family fun weekend!

  6. I saw your cinnamon rolls on IG and I wanted to reach through my screen and eat them. Love that picture of Graham hugging your family. So cute. Looks like a good weekend. I am loving all the cute pictures of your boys during the holidays!!!


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