Thursday, December 8, 2016

North Pole Breakfast 2016

Today I wanted to share with you all about our North Pole breakfast that we had last week. I have been reading Andreas blog for years, well before I started a blog. I remember reading about her north pole breakfast that she did for her kids several years ago. I always thought it was the cutest thing! We decided that now that Jack is 3 this would be a good year to start Elf On The Shelf.

After scouring pinterest for different ideas {there are tons!} I gathered up everything I needed and decided December 1st would be the day that our elf would come. The night before I read Jack the Elf On The Shelf book and we discussed if an elf came to visit us what would we name him. He first said Daddy, then Mommy, and every other member of our family including the dog! I explained to him that we couldn't name him one of our family members names so he finally settled on Chase..after Paw Patrol.

I eagerly set everything up the night before so that in the morning all I would have to do is pull out the donuts and yogurt thinking I could get up a bit before Jack and it would be fine...of course the one morning I want him to sleep in a little he's up bright and early with Patrick. Thankfully he didn't notice the kitchen table and went straight to the sofa to watch a show. I wanted Graham to be awake too so I distracted Jack for about 30 minutes and got everything ready. Once Graham was awake I made a big fuss over the table. "Oh my goodness Jack look!" and y'all...He. Didn't. Budge. he didn't look, he didn't answer me, he just didn't care. I tried to get him to come with me and he pitched a fit.  I was so upset. All that work that went into it and my kid could have cared less.

After everyone got over their melt down {mama included} he finally came to the table and enjoyed the breakfast. But it definitely wasn't the super excited and happy morning I had in my head. Such is life with a toddler right? My thoughts on the Elf so far...Jack really doesn't care. He enjoys finding Chase each morning but other than that he doesn't even mention him throughout the day. I guess he isn't quite old enough to care, maybe next year will be different. #keepinitreal

The menu included:
Powdered and Chocolate Donuts
Chocolate Milk
Yogurt with Sprinkles

Chase brought each boy a Christmas dvd, ornament, and Christmas Jammies.

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  1. Ha ha, sounds typical. I promise that it won't always be that way. Cam was that way at Jack's age, but this year he's all about it. Hang in there momma and I think the breakfast looks amazing!!

  2. I think everything looks darling! We had a very similar menu. :) haha! I spy a very familiar letter from the North Pole. ;) I'm glad you were able to use it!

  3. Everything looks so darling!! You did such good job! I'm admitting it now...we're skipping the elf this year. I just couldn't get my act together for any of it and I'm over it now. haha! I'm thinking next year there will be more understanding too!

  4. Those PJs are so cute. I love them and need them for the girls. I think you did a great job on breakfast. I am sorry that Jack wasn't into it. That sucks. I would have melted down too. We just move the Elf around. The girls ooh at him and then they are done. Ha.

  5. It turned out adorable!! Sorry it didn't go perfect with the kiddos! Toddlers are so hard, I swear! Brody has really taken to the idea that the elf is always watching and reporting to santa. Brody is so picky with food so we have the elf in the kitchen at meal time a lot. See if that helps at all!!

  6. I'm sorry it didn't go as planned, but you did a GREAT job! I hope they are loving their elf! Our arrived for the first time on December 1st. Lily is really loving it but Liam doesn't even care! Those pjs you bought are so adorable!

  7. This is so cute!! Whether or not it went as planed, it's still such sweet memories being made!


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