Thursday, December 29, 2016

Christmas 2016

I'm baaack! Whew, I have been recovering from our fun Christmas weekend and have enjoyed taking a few days off from blogging. But I couldn't let this week pass me by before recapping our Christmas.

We had such a great weekend. Jack is at such a fun age and really "got it" this year. He was so excited to see if Santa came and loved opening presents. I will say, it was definitely overwhelming for him. He is still little and would focus in on one toy and forget that he had lots more to open. We really enjoyed our weekend and I honestly can't believe Christmas has come and gone! 

Christmas Eve was spent at my inlaws. My husbands entire extended family always comes over to their house Christmas Eve. It also happens to be my father in law's birthday so we went over there before lunch to see him and wish him a happy birthday. After the boys took naps we headed back over there to spend Christmas Eve with everyone. It was a great time. There were 40 of us all together ranging in age from 1 (Graham) to 93 (Patricks grandmama). After everyone left we stayed behind and exchanged gifts with Patricks brother and his family. Then it was home to sprinkle reindeer food in the front yard and set out milk and cookies for Santa. The boys went to bed easily and Patrick and I settled in to do the fun stuff! 

Christmas morning I was so worried that Jack would be up at 6 and we would have to occupy him until Graham woke up at 7. Much to my surprise Graham was up before him and we had to wake Jack up at 7:45. Thanks to a not so fun cough and cold that he had developed. Jack was so very excited to see all that Santa had brought him! It's truly magical to see Christmas through the eyes of your  children. Graham really didn't know what was going on and was just as happy playing with the paper as the actual presents. 

The boys big gifts were a Kitchen, lots of Paw Patrol including a bike for Jack, and they got 3 tents from our babysitter, and both grandparents. They were very blessed this year! 

After we opened presents at our house an Graham napped we headed over to my Inlaws and had brunch and exchanged gifts with them. We didn't finish up until about noon. I loved that it lasted as long as it did!

By this point I was beyond exhausted and ready for a nap. We all came home and took some much needed snoozes. Jack was definitely not feeling well by this point so we had a low key supper and early bedtime for him. I got a burst of energy after putting Graham to bed and decided to take down our tree. I felt like a bit of a scrooge but it was beyond dead and time. It took me over an hour to get all the needles picked up after it went to the street! 

Santa brought the boys a swing set and Patrick and my FIL spent Monday and Tuesday building it. Its so fun and my boys are going to love spending hours out there for years to come! 

It was truly a wonderful weekend filled with those that I love most! I missed seeing my family but will be seeing them very soon! 

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  1. You had a wonderful Christmas!! I love the photo of Graham and great grandma!! So special! The boys are so blessed with the wonderful gifts and love from others. So glad you had a great one and hope you get to see your family soon. I won't see mine for a few months.

  2. Love your recap of Christmas! Jack looked so excited and I bet it's so fun that he understands it all! I'm so impressed you got your tree down that night--come do mine! haha!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  3. What a weekend! The swing set is huge & will bring so many memories for many years to come!

  4. Such a wonderful Christmas weekend. Love all the stuff you guys got for the boys. My girls love their kitchen. We usually put all the food/cooking items inside the kitchen every evening. They have a lot of it too. Love their new swingset. So cool. I took down all the ornaments and Christmas stuff last night. I thought our tree was doing well until I was taking stuff down and now I have pine needles everywhere that need to be cleaned up today.


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