Thursday, December 1, 2016

Christmas Bucket List

Hello December! Wow, how did this month get here so quickly. Wasn't I just excited about fall like yesterday. It seems like my December has already filled up and it really hasn't even started yet. There are so many fun things that I want to do especially now that Jack is at an age where he is actually excited and knows what is going on. 

I am hoping that we can complete more of these tasks than we did our fall fun list. Most of them I know for sure we will do, we already have plans for them. Some we have completed already! This weekend is a fun weekend for us with lots of holiday cheer to be had! 

Today kicks off the 25 days of kindness challenge that I am participating in with Ashley and Jess. I am so excited for this and hope that it will teach Jack just how fun and meaningful it is to be kind to others, especially random acts of kindness. I hope you will follow along on instagram using #25daysofkindness2016

What are some of the fun things that you want to do this holiday season? 

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  1. Our bucket lists look really similar. I love this time of year so much and am so ready to start marking things off!! Yay for our Acts of Kindness. Bring it!! :)

  2. Love your list! The font looks great! ;) I haven't watched Prancer since I was a little girl. The memories!

  3. A gingerbread house is on my list, too. :)


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