Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Fall Fun List Recap

I can't believe that tomorrow is December ONE! I feel like every month flies by, but this one truly did. Weren't we just celebrating our boys birthdays like yesterday. Before we start with all of the fun holiday activities I have planned I thought it'd be fun to look back on what I had hoped to do for the fall season! 


After looking back at this list I definitely realized I totally failed at completing this list. I think we did about half of the things. We still had an awesome fall! The weather was crazy warm but we made the best of it and still enjoyed all things fall! 

* Visit Hillridge Farm- We didn't visit this particular farm but we did go to one. We wanted to try a new one and realized that we like Hillridge better. It was still really fun!

* Fall festival- complete! We went on the hottest day and I forgot my stroller so I think we were there all of 10 minutes plus the hayride, Jack had fun and thats all that matters.

* Jump in a pile of leaves...Nope. Considering how warm it was the leaves have just begun to fall as of this past week or so. My backyard is finally covered but there was no leaf jumping. Maybe next year.

* Buy pumpkins and mums- Complete! Of course we did this. It wasn't hard and I wanted both on my front porch.

* Carve Pumpkins...Nope. Ugh, I had such high hopes of doing this but when it came down to it I didn't want to deal with the mess for Jack to be interested for 5 minutes. Next year for sure.

* Do a fun leaf project..Nope. 

* Go on a nature scavenger hunt...Nope. Y'all, I'm realized I either am lazy or just have a terrible memory. I had the best intentions to do this. I even had a fun one printed out from another blogger friend and we still didn't do it. 

* Watch a Mickey Halloween Movie..Complete! x 1000. Goodness, we have watched this movie over and over. In fact, just as I was working on this Jack said "Can we watch Mickeys Monster Musical". I'm about to delete it from the DVR because I am so sick of it! 

* Trick or Treat- Complete! Of course we did this! Jack had so much fun! 

* Make Smores..No! Read...too hot! 

* Pictures in a cotton field- No, but we did have family pictures done! By the time I scheduled photos the cotton fields had already been picked. Adding this to my list for next year! 

So there you have it. A little recap of our fall. What I am realizing is I am a big fat failure when it comes to this stuff. I just created our holiday bucket list and I really hope that we can accomplish most if not all of it. I think that we will! 


  1. Ha ha!! I say it's still as success because you completed some of the items. And this just makes next year's list easier. :)

  2. Hey, you got some crossed off. Beth from Our Pretty Girls suggested printing the list & that's what I'm doing for our Christmas one. I have it right on our fridge. :)

  3. haha we were about the same in success rate. I wish we would have done more, but life gets in the way.

  4. I want to have our pictures taken in a cotton field, too! I had already put that on my fall bucket list for next year. Too soon? Haha.

  5. Still a great fall! We didn't get to s'mores either. Between the mess, hassle, and heat, I wasn't too excited about s'mores.

  6. I am pretty sure I failed a bit at mine, too. :) I need to recap that as well!