Monday, November 28, 2016

Thanksgiving Weekend

Whew, Thanksgiving feels like it was forever ago! We had a great day spent with family. The fun continued into the weekend! It was so nice to have Patrick home for several days.

We started Thanksgiving off with some homemade cinnamon rolls (recipe to come soon!) and the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade!

After Grahams morning nap we headed over to my in-laws for lunch. Patrick's brother joined us. We had such a yummy meal! I attempted to get a decent picture of the boys and I ended up with a million terrible ones. I guess that is the stage of life we are in, one won't sit still long enough and the other refuses to smile.

When we asked Jack what he was thankful for he said "Mommy, Daddy, Grahammy, and Roscoe" melt my heart...I couldn't love him more!

After lunch, we all hung out and took naps/decorated their Christmas tree. It was a great day! Jack didn't get a nap and at 7pm I walked into the playroom to find him passed out on the sofa, something that he never does!

Friday during nap time Patrick and I started to decorate the outside of the house. We put up the blowups (yes, we've become that family!) and added some lights and garland to the front steps. That night we went to our friends and celebrated Jacks little buddys 3rd birthday with pizza and cake.

Saturday we had planned on going to get our christmas tree but when grandaddy called and asked to take Jack to the farm we knew those plans were out the window! Jack was so excited to spend the day out there with his granddaddy, cousin, and uncle. They had the best time!

While Jack was off playing we took Graham to lowes and lunch! 

My grandmother lives in the next town over from us and my mom is staying with her for a few days. My great uncle passed away on Thanksgiving at the age of 96! My mom is here helping my grandmother tie up lose ends and get everything set for the funeral on Tuesday. I hate that she is here under these circumstances but it did give us the chance to see her since we didn't go to Charlotte for Thanksgiving this year. She and my mimi came over for dinner Saturday night.

Again, Jack didn't get his nap on Saturday and we found him fast asleep on the sofa at 6;45. This definitely tells me he is not ready to give up that nap, and I'm perfectly ok with that!

Sunday was spent finishing up the decorating outside. If I make my husband put one more string of lights outside he may never talk to me again. {Does anyone else have a husband that doesn't love to decorate? I sure hope its not just mine!} After Graham woke up from nap we finally went and got our Christmas tree! Of course the only picture I got was of the back of everyones head...#bloggerfail

Jack and I decorated his little tree in his room after his nap and then we went to dinner with my in-laws and to look at some Christmas lights before coming home and putting the boys to bed!

I can't forget about this happy boy! He woke up full of smiles and giggles after nap. 

It was a great long weekend!! I am so excite that the holiday season has officially kicked off. I have so many fun things planned in the coming days and weeks and I can't wait to share it all with ya'll! I hope that you had the best Thanksgiving and spent it with the ones you love most!

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  1. Looks like you had a great Thanksgiving weekend! I can't wait to see all of your Christmas decorations, too! Dustin was ready to throw the outside garland away after it would stay up around the door. Like he was literally angry haha so I doubt he would ever put up more decorations than that!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  2. What a wonderful holiday weekend. Drew doesn't like decorating for Christmas at all. He'd actually prefer we don't do it, so getting his help is a big difficult. I'm sure your house looks amazing based on these photos.

  3. What a wonderful weekend! I love how everyone had Thanksgiving and then immediately busted out the Christmas stuff the next day! We did the same thing! I just love this time of year!

  4. What a great weekend! I bet the boys just love those blow ups! Jack is so cute out at the farm - what a sweet little one!

  5. What a fun weekend! I love the Thanksgiving outfits your boys were wearing!

  6. Perfect weekend! Kevin won't decorate a thing so you aren't alone!

  7. Love this. My husband doesn't like to decorate either. I love it. He enjoys the look of things once they are done, but hates decorating. Sounds like the perfect weekend. My girls haven't had many naps lately either. or they are 30 minutes long. Ugh. Love the boys outfits!

  8. Sounds like a great time! Wyatt is the same way about naps--and I'm definitely ok with it too. Sean says he doesn't like decorating but all of the neighbors love our lights so, thankfully, I'm not the one bothering him! haha!