Monday, November 14, 2016

Scenes From My Weekend

Hey friends! Hope everyone had a great weekend! It is finally feeling like fall around here. The temps are in the 50's and 60s and we even had our first frost last night. I am so happy to be able to wear my sweaters and boots now without breaking into a sweat.

We had a pretty busy weekend around here. Friday night Patrick and I headed to Raleigh to go to the N.C. State basketball game. We have season tickets and always enjoy going to the games. We headed up there a little early and went to Chuys for dinner. If you live where there is a Chuys I highly recommend it. It is mexican and so so good. They make their tortillas in house and they are delicious! It was happy hour and they had a make your own nacho bar open which was amazing!

We then headed over to the stadium and watched the game. Of course I had to get a picture. We have mastered the art of the selfie, and they always look the same at the games but whatever, I still love taking them!

The boys spent the night at my in-laws and their cousins were there too so they had the best time. We picked the boys up Saturday morning and just hung around the house most of the day. Last week when my mom was here we went through all of the toys and put a pile to give away and a pile to put in the attic. My friend Megan wanted to go through the ones we were giving away so she came over for a visit and Jack and Hudson played while she went though and picked out christmas presents for the boys. She came away with a good haul, I can't wait to see if Jack notices when we are over there playing that half of Hudsons new toys were his. haha.

Saturday night we headed back to Raleigh with 4 other couples to eat dinner at the Angus Barn. They had it decorated for Christmas and it is beautiful! Every square inch is covered in decorations and it really gets you in the holiday spirit. It is a steak place and seriously so yummy. We celebrated our friend Christina's birthday and had a great kid free night with friends.

The place is HUGE. These pictures aren't even half of the building but all that I could get. It was packed.

We sat upstairs, downstairs (pics below) was even more magical. I love that the entire ceiling is covered!

The steak and stuffed potato were amazing! They start you with this awesome cheese and cracker spread and of course I ate entirely too much, followed by a salad, and then this. And lets not forget the dessert! You pretty much had to roll us out the door and into the car!

These girls are the sweetest friends. We all have kids the same age and it's so fun to do life with them!

Sunday was a lazy day around the house. We watched the Panthers game, where the proceeded to choke and lose in the last play of the game. Womp womp! I made chicken corn chowder for dinner and apple crips for dessert. I have been craving apple pie for weeks now but am too lazy to make pie crust so I figured crisp was as good as it would get!

Jack and I made a trip to Harris Teeter and as soon as we got out of the car he grabbed my hand. I will never go tired of holding his sweet hand.

The night ended with the sweetest little santa feet I've ever seen! 

We really had a great weekend. It was so nice to get away and have some adult time. Graham is teething majorly right now and whines/cries non stop all. day. long. His top two teeth just poked through so I'm hoping that gives him some relief. We never had teething issues with Jack so this is a whole new ball game for us. One that I am not loving!

Have a great Monday!!

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  1. Yay for football, great friends, and Christmas decorations!! I love he photo of jack holding your hand. That's the best!!

  2. I just love your whole outfit from your Saturday night out. And all those Christmas decorations?! So awesome!

  3. That stuffed potato looks delicious! Sounds like you had a great weekend!

  4. Hi! I'm new to your blog and have loved following along! The Angus Barn is so cool...was there for a wedding a few years back and had no idea there was a 2nd floor! Your boys are that hair!

  5. Girl, that place looks amazing!! I feel like I need to take a trip there just to check it out! So awesome!

  6. Oh what a weekend! Those weekends are ones where I wish there was a replay button!

  7. Well yall had a busy weekend didn't you?! But it all looked like a blast. I love and miss Angus Barn!

  8. Seriously the best weekend. You had two kid free nights and ate some amazing food. That steakhouse is soooo beautiful all decorated for Christmas. I am getting super excited about Christmas this year. Love the pjs! I never get tired of holding my girls' hands either!