Friday, November 4, 2016

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! I feel like I just got finished celebrating one boy and its now time to turn around and celebrate my biggest boy! Jack turns 3 tomorrow and it's blowing my mind!! How is that precious red head who made me a mom already 3 years old?? We've got big plans to celebrate him including going to touch-a-truck on Saturday and a fun little party for him on Sunday.

My top favorites from this week!

 O N E | Patrick and I went and early voted on Tuesday! Regardless of how you feel about this election it is so important to get out and vote! We can't make a difference if we don't vote. I also can't stand when people who don't vote try and complain about the turn out of the election or how the economy is going..

T W O | I posted this picture on instagram the other day. I am full blown in the Christmas spirit now that Halloween is over. I have been staaalking the dollar spot for them to put out the plastic holiday plates. I loved the Halloween ones so of course as soon as they put these out I stocked up! I also got these sweet fleece footy jammies for Graham. I need to try and find some that will fit Jack.

T H R E E | It's no secret that I love matching my boys and when I looked over at them yesterday my heart melted. Both red head both matching, and Graham looking so growny being able to stand and play with Jack. 

F O U R | After nap park playdates have been my jam this week!! It seriously makes the awful hours from 4-6 go so fast and it wears this sweet guy out. Also, my friend got the best smile from Jack the other day! I see many more of these playdates in our future. 

F I V E | Last but certainly my most favorite of this week...Jack! I can't wait to celebrate him all weekend. He has become such a little boy lately and not a toddler. I'm sad to see those days go but I'm loving the stage he is in. We have the best time and he has the sweetest heart. He celebrated his birthday in his classroom yesterday and I had to laugh because I most definitely sent all store bought treats. There wasn't a cute tag or goodie bag to be found, which if you know me you know I love a cute tag and goodie bag! (Just for you Megan!) 

More to come on Jack next week. I sure do love you so much sweet boy!! Have a great weekend sweet friends!

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  1. I love the Dollar Spot plates. I was just going to buy two, but couldn't decide while ones, so we bought them all. Ha ha! Cheers for the temps going down a bit this weekend!! We can actually have fun outside. :) Have a great weekend celebrating sweet Jack.

  2. Happy birthday to Jack!!! So awesome you guys voted early. Missouri doesn't have that option, but I sure wish it did!

  3. I've got to check out the dollar spot at Target! I haven't been to Target recently, but I always love their holiday stuff! And your boys' birthdays are close together! That's how mine and my sister's are--only 15 days a part!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  4. Happy Birthday to Jack!! I stocked up on those plates on Thursday! Love them!

  5. B and I voted Tuesday as well. I wanted to go ahead and get it over with... this election is just stressing me out.

    I need to go check out the Target Dollar Spot because we could use some new Christmas plates!

    I hope you have a great weekend!

  6. Happy Birthday Jack!

    I need to go to Target and get some Christmas pjs, some stuff in the dollar spot and some Christmas decorations. I am sooo excited about Christmas.

    Have a great weekend!