Monday, December 12, 2016

Weekend Happenings

Hey friends! I hope you had a great weekend. Can you believe we are less than 2 weeks away from Christmas? I want time to slow down, not only because I am not finished shopping, have not wrapped one preset, and have a million things left to do but because I love this season. Everything about it, and I want it to last as long as possible!

We had a fun weekend! Friday we went and got pizza with my inlaws and then rode the train of lights again. It was freezing, but the boys had so much fun!

Saturday morning we had breakfast with Santa at the club. I was unsure of how the boys would do with Santa. I thought Graham would be ok, since when we saw him the weekend before he just pulled on his beard. Jack hadn't cried this year but wouldn't sit on his lap. So you can imagine my shock when we walked up to see Santa and Jack crawled right up into his lap and told him what he wanted "Paw Patrol bike!".  We had a fun breakfast with our friends and no tears made it extra sweet!

Saturday night Patrick and I headed out on a date night. It's always nice to get away for dinner without having to worry about someone having a melt down or cutting up someones food other than myself.

Sunday we went to my inlaws for our annual baking day! Patricks brother and his family come over and we spent the morning cookies, candy, and sausage balls. It's quite the mess but everyone enjoys it and its fun to be together! My favorite are the tea cakes! (recipe coming soon!)

Sunday afternoon I met some friends to go see the local dance studios performance of The Grinch. They put it on every year and its always so cute! These sweet girls did such a great job!

It was a fun filled Christmas weekend!

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  1. Yay for the boys loving santa!!! That's awesome! Love that you had such a great time with family. I hosted a cookie exchange party this weekend which is always fun. Now to keep my hands out of the goodies.

  2. I loved your Santa pictures from Saturday morning and the boys' outfits! So glad they loved Santa this year! And I love that you have a family baking day. My mom wants my sister and I to get together with her and bakes lots of cookies before Christmas so yours has me really excited to get to do it. Happy Monday!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  3. What a lovely weekend! We baked cookies with my parents on Saturday. :) There was a lot of taste testing going on! ;)

  4. I keep hearing about all these family baking days and they all sound like so much fun!!! Your Santa picture turned out great - how fun!

  5. I love the Christmas baking idea. My parents do that and I think I need to bring my girls down when they do it. Great idea. Love date night. So glad you guys got out! I am so happy that they took such a great photo with Santa at the breakfast. Love that. Next year my girls will have a good one again. Ha.


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