Monday, March 14, 2016

Scenes from my weekend!

Happy Monday! Today was so much harder to get up than any other Monday for me. #thankyoutimechange Graham didn't get the memo that he should sleep in a little bit this morning. 5;15 am and he was up ready to go....I have never loved the whole time change thing and with kids I especially don't love it. It was SO dark out this morning when I came downstairs which makes it even harder to wake up! This weekend was packed full of fun! 

For Christmas I gave Patrick tickets to see Garth Brooks! It was on Saturday night. Several weeks ago one of my very best friends decided she and her husband wanted to come to town and go to the concert too. They came down Friday with their darling 3 year old daughter and spent the weekend with us! 

Brooke and I met many years ago when we both worked at Camp Hollymont for the summer. We lost touch after that summer and several years later (post college) I went to vist a mutual friend of ours in D.C. Brooke was living there too and the 3 of us met up and the rest is history. Brooke was in my wedding, has been there for me for every major life event post college and in general is one of the sweetest girls I know. Our husbands joke that we should just keep an open line of communication up at all times because we are constantly texting and talking with each other. #truestory

They arrived Friday late afternoon. We just hung out at home Friday night and ordered pizza. Jack was SO excited to have an instant playmate for the whole weekend. He and Gracie got along so well. 

Saturday we spent a lazy morning at home and then Brooke and I left the guys with the babes and went and got mani/pedis! It was so nice to relax and catch up face to face! 

We got home and had to all get ready for the Concert. We left for Raleigh about 5. The concert started at 7 but we knew there was an opener and figured we would have plenty of time to get something to eat before. This was the beginning of the disaster that ensued. Apparently I've lived in a small town too long and forget that on a Saturday night most restaurants will be packed. I didn't think at 5:45 there would be over an hour wait at the 2 options I had chosen. #fail Thankfully our 'big city' friends were quick to jump on the Open Table app and found us a reservation at a little place downtown. we get downtown we realize that the St. Patrick's Day parade is going on. The street was blocked off.  Parking was off the chain crazy. We finally found a place and made our way to the restaurant...only to get there and realize that no one was serving was just a bunch of drunk twenty somethings yelling really loudly. Plan B fail....on to Plan C...but I had no plan C. By this time Patrick is so fed up with me and just wants to get to the concert. We finally were able to duck into Sullivans and sit in the bar. We had a quick bite to eat and off  to the concert we went. Patrick was sure we were going to miss part of the show since it was 8:15 by the time we got there. Much to our surprise we were in our seats with 5 minutes to spare before Garth came on! 

The concert was so good! He sang all his old songs and we had the best time! He sang until after 11. We didn't get home until almost 12:30 and with the time change by the time I got to bed it was almost 2 a.m. Thank goodness my inlaws kept the boys and we were able to fully sleep through the night! I woke up Sunday so sleepy and dragged all day! 

It was so fun to run into one of my best friends while at the concert. Neither of us realized we would both be there but thanks to Snap Chat we were able to make the connection and I got to give her a quick squeeze! Rebecca was my first friend when we moved to Charlotte in 8th grade and has remained one of my very best friends ever since! We were roommates after college. 

Sunday morning was pretty slow moving and our sweet friends left shortly after breakfast. Jack was so sad to see Gracie go. He wanted them to take him home with them. 

We were pretty lazy all afternoon and headed over to some friends house to grill Steaks that night. We were home early and both boys were in bed by 8! 

I realized that I dressed Graham in the same outfit I had Jack in just two years earlier. I love to put them side by side to see if they favor each other. I think they look just alike here! Although Jack certainly favors his daddy and Graham favors me (yay!)

 I am still not recovered from the weekend. The time change and late night Saturday has really messed with me! 

This cracked me up...I felt this way Sunday morning! Although I was still equally as tired! 

I hope this Monday isn't as much of a doozie for you as is for me, but I have a feeling most everyone is dragging a little! 

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