Tuesday, March 15, 2016

10 on Tuesday- Toddler Phrases

Today I'm linking up with Karli! I absolutely love the stage that Jack is in right now. He communicates well... For the most part. He is silly, fun, and has developed such a cute sense of humor. My favorite things are the phrases that come out of his mouth!

I started to write down the things he says because I want to remember th em down the road!

1/ "meet granddaddy pancate" - Patrick and his dad have a standing breakfast every Tuesday/Thursday and Jack recently started going with them. Now every day he wakes up this is the first thing out of his mouth. I also hear it multiple times throughout the day. The restaurant is right outside our neighborhood so every time we pass I too hear this come out of his mouth. It's so sweet and I love that he can't quite pronounce pancake yet.

2/ "uh ho wat happened" - this one gets me every time. The boy is so observant and anytime anything bad or unusually happens he says this. And he says it over and over and over. Our dog had a mild seizure a few weeks ago and Jack knew something had happened and he was so concerned about it and repeatedly asked us what happened. The first 5 times its cute.. After that it's like "move on kid!"

3/ " Yooook! my make mess all night long"- I think this came about from two different things but it cracks me up nonetheless.

4/ "MOM!" "DAD!" "PATRICK!"- these all go hand in hand. All of a sudden when he can't get our attention he yells these really loudly. He thinks its so funny...I on the other hand do not. You are not a teenager so slow down please...its "mama or mommy!" But I do love it when he says "patrick!". this boy is so funny to me

5/ "My do!"- why do I love it so much when he uses "my" instead of I. He is so independent these days and every thing is "my do! My do!"

6/ "git my elephant pa!"- The boy loves his pa's...but his elephant pa..now that is gold to him. Whenever he is sad or gets fussed at he wants his elephant pa. He knows that it stays in his crib so when he's especially whiney and fussing thats what comes out of his mouth. Sometimes I'll cave and get it..when I need silence in my house!

7/ "nother day" - We started saying "another day" to him when he would ask to do something and it's stuck with now. Now whenever we say "no" he follows it up with "nother day?"

8/ "yes sir re!" -no clue where this came from

9/ "mommy hold you!"- another one of my favorites!

10/ "thats beaudiful" - again...no clue where he learned this but I love it. It melts me when he turns to something and says "thats beaudiful!"

and there you go! 10 of my favorite phrases from my favorite two year old! Does your toddler say anything cute that you dread the day when they stop saying it and start talking properly?


  1. Emily, I love reading your blog! It is so real (sometimes I think you have a camera in my house) as I also have two under two. Our latest phrase is "Daddy truck" or "Daddy truck night night". My husband bought a new truck and Parker is obsessed with it. I think our neighbors think we are crazy because we just go sit in the truck and pretend to drive it! And sometimes the truck has to take a nap because it's tired. Last night, I even threatened to trade it in for a Prius!

    -Emma Anne

    1. Thanks for the sweet words! jack went through that truck phase this fall. he literally would spend an hour outside sitting in and playing in patricks trucks. It became a huge issue every time we walked outside he would pitch a fit if he couldn't get in the truck. hope life with 2 is going well!!

  2. Awwww these are so sweet! As my daughter gets more verbal I can't wait to hear what she comes up with! -- Lisa | Naptime Chai

    1. its so fun to hear them talk and what comes out of their mouths! I truly laugh all the time