Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Graham 4 Month Update

Weight: At his 4 month check up he was 12lbs 3oz! I predicted that he was about 12lbs. I'm pleasantly surprised that he was over...barely. Funny enough Jack was 15lbs 4oz at four months. These boys couldn't be more opposite!
Height: 23 inches
Diaper Size: still in size 1
Clothing: he finally moved out of 0-3 and is now in 3m and 3-6m.
Nicknames: g baby, baby gam, gam, grammy
Health: Both boys have had a nasty cold most of the winter. Thankfully I think they are on the mend. Other than a lingering cough Graham seems back to normal. Still unsure if his reflux is better. I had stopped Prevacid for a few days and didn't notice a great improvement so I put him back on it. Will try again in a month or so.
Sleep: Sleep for month 3 has been good. He finally is sleeping in his crib all night and waking about once for a bottle. Napping pretty solidly in his crib. Until a few days ago....and then the four month sleep regression hit....and sleep has become few and far between. Between this regression and learning to roll over to his back and not being able to get back naps are filled with lots of crying and not a lot of sleeping. Thankfully night time seems to be back to normal with only one wake up to eat and maybe one wake up for a pa.
Diet: Mostly still breast milk! I've added in some formula to the bedtime bottle. I have finally decided to wean from the pump so I imagine he will be getting more and more formula over the coming weeks. I am sure by 6 months he will be transitioned to all formula.
Loves: being held, playing on the floor under his play mat, his big brother, laughing and smiling {all the time!}
Dislikes: nap time, being hungry, wet diapers, the carseat when its not in motion
Milestones: Rolling from tummy to back. Taking an all formula bottle. Spent the night away from mama and daddy for the first time {twice!}  Sitting up in his fisher price sit me up chair.

Over all month 3 was great! Graham you are such a happy little babe. Your smiles and laugh melt me daily. I love looking into your sweet face and seeing a huge toothless grin come across your face. Your big brother adores you and you adore him. We can't wait to see what fun things you do in month four!

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