Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Graham's birth story {part 1}

I have been wanting to write this down for some time now and have not gotten around to it. I never wrote Jack's birth story down and regret it because I already have forgotten some details. Better late than never with Graham! This is going to be long and if you don't want to read it just scroll through and look at the cute pictures of my tiny babe.

the last belly picture I took...36 weeks pregnant 

My due date was November 18th. I was happy that it was 3 weeks past Jacks birthday and knew the closer I got to Jacks birthday that I would still have time to give him a party and prepare for baby Graham. I went to my 36 week check up on a Wednesday. I remember as my midwife checked me and told me that I was zero everything I told her that I did not want Graham to come too early. I was hopeful that he would not be 6 days overdue like Jack was but I didn't want him here early. Maybe a few days or on time. She laughed at me and said "lets just hope for on time. I'll see you next week!"

I went home and went about my week as usual. I had planned Jacks birthday party for November 1st (his actual birthday is November 5th) so that there would be no way I would already have a baby. I spent that week planning and getting ready for Halloween. I really had just started thinking about what I needed to pack for the hospital and getting the nursery ready..clothes washed and put away. I remember getting ready for bed on Tuesday the 27th thinking about all that I had to do but not worried because I still had 3 weeks at least before he would be here. I was uncomfortable and not sleeping well but nothing at all gave me any inclination that I would be going into labor very soon.

Wednesday morning (the 28th) Patrick woke up at 6 am for work..per the usual. I laid in bed and slept until Jack woke up about 6:45. I went and got him out of bed and brought him into my bed hoping that he would lay and watch tv for a little bit and I could rest some more. As soon as I snuggled up in bed next to him I felt a weird pop. I immediately got up to go to the bathroom and thought to myself that I really had just done the most embarrassing thing...I wet my pants.  I called to patrick "I either just wet my pants or my water broke". My water did not break with Jack so I really had no idea what that would feel like.

Patrick left for an appointment and to head to work after. Jack and I came downstairs and I was fixing him something to eat. It happened again...I really had no idea what was going on. I texted a girlfriend of mine who was also pregnant as well as my sister asking them if this could be my water breaking? It was about 7:15 by this point and both said if it kept happening to call my doctors office. 8:00 rolled around and I decided that it indeed must be my water as it was not stopping and I called my midwife. The nurse said that I should go ahead and come on in immediately. Ha...this is where the fun part starts. I frantically started running around my house like a chicken with her head cut off...I had no packed a single thing. Not for me, not for Graham, Jack, or Patrick! I called Patrick and told him to get home...he was sitting in the parking lot of the orthodontist about to walk in. I said to make it quick and get his butt home. I tried to call my mother in law and thankfully got ahold of her before she got too far out of town. She turned around and rushed over. I some how managed to throw clothes in a bag for everyone and get Jack settled. For those of you that have never had your water's not at all like in the movies. {I always thought it was}. It is not one big gush and then its over...its like a slow yeah...thats gross.

We headed to my doctors office {which is 45 minutes away} they immediately checked me and sent us to the hospital. We got checked in and settled into our room. I was not having contractions at this point so they hooked me up to pitocin. My labor was pretty standard. I got an epidural as soon as the contractions were unbearable. I labored most of the afternoon and tried to take a nap/rest as much as possible.

At 5:45 my midwife came in to check me, telling me she thought I was probably at a 7 or 8. all of our surprise I was at a 10 and she said I was ready to push. This all is such a blur to me and happened so fast. I was not prepared for her to say that and had to wrap my mind around what was about to happen! Next thing I know, 3 pushes and 15 minutes later our precious Graham Winfield was born! He was a tiny little babe weighing 6 lbs 13 oz and 19.5 inches.. a far cry from the 9 lbs 3 oz that Jack was!

I would love to say that the story stops here and everything was wonderful and we were able to enjoy every bit of our new baby and settle into our new normal....however, that didn't happen....right away that is!

I will continue part 2 of his birth story tomorrow!

If you made it thus far into my rambling you deserve a treat! Have a happy Wednesday friends, the long weekend is almost here!

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  1. I love reading birth stories, so thank you for sharing. Can't wait to read the next part tomorrow!


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